Herrenjournal Winter 1933

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you – or whatever you may celebrate – and a Happy New Year to come! Since we do not have a white Christmas this year in Minnesota – a shock to us all after last year – I wanted to stimulate some winter feelings with a fashion illustration from Herrenjournal 1933.

Merry Christmas - Herrenjournal 1933

Merry Christmas – Herrenjournal 1933

It shows us a group of tourists on a terrace of what seems to be a (grand) hotel with a nice view of the Alps. The gentleman in the front sits at the breakfast table, reading his newspaper in an Ulster overcoat, plaid scarf and wool cap and, of course, gloves. In the background, two younger chaps are flirting with a blonde lady. The one on the right wears full cut winter trousers, thick socks and boots. His center-vented lighter colored jacket has a belted back and patch pockets, looks great with a big scarf. The pipe-smoking gentleman with a mustache wears a thick sweater, with a likewise big wool scarf; it certainly keeps him warm but prevents him from overheating when going down the slopes.  The younger folks seem to be taking a break from skiing because they wear the typical ski trousers, socks and boots from the 1930’s. With regards to ski clothing, we have definitely come a long way – though it is arguably much more difficult to dress elegantly on the slopes today. In any case, once again merry Christmas and we will continue publishing articles over the next week, so check back often!

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