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Noteworthy: Arbiter magazine, Rudolph Valentino, Shoe Snob

Today, we want to share Arbiter, the famous Italian magazine, a new book about Rudolph Valentino and the blog of the Shoe Snob.

Magazine relaunch: Arbiter

Arbiter rivista die eleganza No 174 1954

Originally, Arbiter was introduced in Italy in 1927. In the following years it became a respectable magazine for the elegant gentleman as well as for the interested tailor. It featured fashion illustrations, portraits of great gentleman, fashion reports and simply anything that had to do with the fine art of living. Until the mid 1960’s, it maintained its popularity with fashionable men. As with many great publications, Arbiter eventually experienced a slow decline in readership  that  lasted until the last issue was published in 1983.

Now, the man behind the Italian Monsieur magazine, Mr. Franz Botrè, and the Swan Group have decided to revive this great magazine! The first issue arrived this month, attached to Monsieur No. 94. On its cover you will find Luca Rubinacci, the third-generation family member in the clothing trade.

Arbiter Cover No 1 2011 Luca Rubinacci

We wish Arbiter and Monsieur all the best and hope that they will be around for many years to come.

For more information, visit Monsieur’s website.

New Book: Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol- His Life in Photographs

Rudolph Valention The Silent Idol Donna Hill

The ultimate Rudolph Valentino fan, Donna Hill, fabulously created a 240 page book featuring 400 pictures. Once a highly popular actor, Rudolph Valentino died tragically at the age of 31 in 1926. 100,000 people were said to have lined the route to his funeral. In this book, you will find pictures that tell the life story of this silent movie icon. Most of these pictures have been stored away in the private collections and are being published for the very first time.

Valentino was a passionate actor long before he hit the screens, and his passion was also expressed by his fascination with cameras. Therefore, Donna Hill was able to provide great pictures of Valentino’s youth and his life outside of Hollywood and the production set.

Anyone and everyone who is interested in classic men’s clothing should study the elegance of this well-dressed movie figure. Donna Hill’s book is the perfect way to do that because she put all of her 30 years experience as a collector of Valentino items in this masterpiece.

A more detailed review is yet to follow but in the meantime you can order your softcover copy of this book at blurb.

While $60 for a soft cover edition might a bit much, please bear in mind that this book was self published and the prints are of high quality. Consider it a showpiece for your coffee table!

The Shoe Snob blog

The Shoe Snob blog is run by Justin Fitzpatrick, an American from Seattle who fell in love with shoes and decided to become a bespoke shoemaker. With the help of some friends, he was able to find the shoemaker Stefano Bemer in Italy who gave him the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship. In 2008 he moved to Italy and spent a total of 10 months there learning the tricks and secrets of shoe making and (last but not least) shoe polishing. Afterwards, he decided to go to England in order to refine his skill set. However, when visa issuance, work permits, etcetera, took longer than expected, he started his blog about shoes.

I stumbled upon the Shoe Snob Blog a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed Justin’s posts. He blogs about everything that is, more or less, related to shoes. In particular, he provides pictures ranging from bespoke to made-to-order to ready-to-wear. Often, the shoes in the pictures are quite unique and provide lots of inspiration.

If you are interested in shoes, you should definitely pay a visit to the Shoe Snob blog.

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