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the style of bertie wooster

The Style of Bertie Wooster

When we think of menswear and the Wooster name, Nick may come to mind, but another Wooster represented dandy style nearly a century earlier—P.G. Wodehouse’s literary creation, Bertie.

A decade before he headlined the American medical procedural House, actor Hugh Laurie played Bertie (alongside the inimitable Stephen Fry) in Jeeves and Wooster, a television adaptation of Wodehouse’s works. The UK serial ran for twenty-three episodes from 1990-1993 and is well worth watching, not just for its top-shelf comedy but for the wardrobe of Bertie Wooster, which provides an outstanding visual introduction to the classic British style of the Golden Age.

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how to keep socks up

How To Keep Socks Up All Day & Why Yours Are Sliding Down

In another recent video, we discussed how to prevent shirts from coming untucked and another really popular question we get asked all the time is “How do I stop my socks from bunching up on my ankles or in my shoes?” and “Why do my socks slide down and how can I stop that?”

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