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Founder & CEO

As the founder and resident Arbiter Elegantiarium, Sven Raphael Schneider has been sharing his passion for classic style and fine living with Gentleman’s Gazette readers since 2010.

His obsession began at the tender age of 14, and he has since amassed an ever-expanding classic wardrobe, a significant collection of 20th-century fashion references, and a keen understanding of what it means to be a gentleman in this day in age.

Raphael shares his knowledge daily with Gentleman’s Gazette readers in the form of articles, videos, and social media posts. When he’s not interacting with readers or designing Fort Belvedere products, he enjoys cooking, photography, drinking port, exploring the cuisines of the world, and playing with his daughter Louisa.

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Editor & CMO

As a husband & wife team, Teresa shares her work and closet with her husband Raphael. After joining the Gentleman’s Gazette team in 2015, she spends her time curating and expanding content so that readers always have something fresh and new to enjoy.

Her experience with the “Dandy Wife Life” has been nearly 10 years in the making, and Teresa enjoys classic style by adding menswear and vintage touches to her wardrobe and home.

When she is not writing or behind the camera, Teresa enjoys cooking, reading and writing historical fiction, entertaining at home, and playing with her daughter Louisa.


Video Host & Content

A lover of 1930s style and culture, Preston is often described by friends and viewers as “dapper.” If you want to know whether he’s in the office, just check to see if one of his hats is on the rack.

When he isn’t filming videos, he’s hard at work writing scripts and articles and digging through our menswear library to come up with new ideas. Outside of the office, he can often be found on stage, where he performs as a jazz singer — in period-appropriate clothing, of course.


Graphic Design

Simply put, Hannah makes the Gentleman’s Gazette look good! She is responsible for all things graphic design, and her eye for detail has given rise to the modern-classic aesthetic that our readers can enjoy across the website.

When she’s not pushing pixels, she can be found browsing in bookstores or sharing snaps on social media. She enjoys tea lattes and making alliterations.


Customer Service

Andie is a wonderfully kind and caring person who wants you to be happy with your experience at the Gentleman’s Gazette.  Try her, she won’t disappoint you! She takes great pleasure in traveling the world as she likes to explore different cultures, go on food trips and capture everything on her DSLR.

Normally, she’s a coffee person but recently she found her new obsession, bubble milk tea.


Customer Service

Lora spends her days making sure our customers have the best possible experience, on the phone or over email.

A devoted history lover, you can find Lora exploring Asian culinary heritage in her spare time. She also loves fitness classes, dancing, and mixed martial arts, so be nice to her or you may see what she’s learned:)



Behind the scenes, we are very lucky to have tech-savvy Anna use her wide range of skills to help make the Gentleman’s Gazette run seamlessly. Whatever the need, she simply gets things done!

In her spare time, she loves to dance her heart out, go on nature trips, and indulge in cheesy romance novels and TV dramas. Recently, she discovered that she can spend an entire day playing video games.


Social Media

Det manages our social media channels and ensures you see great content. She is a little shy, hence no picture of her ;).

In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her watch-collecting husband and two kids. She is the first to sign up for field trips and is definitely a super mom.

Who we are…

Driven by a lifelong passion for classic men’s fashion and the desire to live life elegantly, the Gentleman’s Gazette was founded in 2010 Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sven Raphael Schneider.

What we do…

Want to evolve from everyday to elegant? Most style guides only scratch the surface.

We give you the information you crave in the belief that knowledge and understanding are paramount to your success. In-depth reviews, articles and videos about classic style give you the confidence to dress and live the way you want, on your budget. In addition, we cover lifestyle categories in recognition that great style is not the only component of living well. Etiquette, travel, interior decorating, and fine spirits are just a few of the many subjects we cover.

Part of my wardrobe

Our philosophy…

Our philosophy is simple: dress well, live well.

This can mean many things to many people. For us, it means challenging short-lived trends, declining quality, and more-is-better attitudes as modern traps for your money and confidence. To escape this unwinnable rat race, we embrace knowledge, timelessness, quality, and versatility as the means to empower you to dress and live the way you want.

There are many benefits of pursuing this philosophy.

Studies show that well-dressed men are viewed as sexier, smarter, more successful, and more well-liked. A classic wardrobe is uniquely positioned to help you dress well, make good investments, and get the most out of your wardrobe. We’re passionate about helping you master the elements of classic style by sharing rich, detailed information that will enable you to build both great outfits and confidence.

Our shop…

Where can I find products worth the investment? It’s a question we hear every day. With many classic accessories all but missing from the marketplace, we created Fort Belvedere to offer the quality, textures, and finishes that are key to looking your best without paying luxury brand prices.

Our Fort Belvedere products are meticulously designed and sourced to be foundational pieces of your wardrobe for years to come. Compliments guaranteed.

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