Gentleman's Gazette Review System & Social Media Buttons

Article Review System & Mobile Theme

Dear readers,

Just recently, we introduced a new theme on the Gentleman’s Gazette. As you might have noticed, we also implemented a review system as well as a mobile theme,

which we would like to share with you in a little more detail today.

Article Review System

The article review system allows you to leave feedback based on a 5 star scale at the end of each article or page.

Vote By Clicking On The Stars

Vote By Clicking On The Stars

The scale reaches from 1 star (very bad) to 5 stars (very good). So, if you do like an article, please vote for it by simply clicking once on the star of your choice –that’s it. It should only take a mere second, and helps us learn about your preferences.

Also, you can help us by liking the article, sharing it on Facebook or tweet it. In order to do so, you only need to click the buttons below the article. We hope it is all very straightforward!

You can send a link to an article to your friends or family by simply clicking the “Email a Friend” button.

In case you are not happy with an article, you can of course vote for it as well – tell us what we can do better and we will try our best to deliver.

In any case, the system is set up so you can only vote once from a computer, so vote carefully.

If you experience any problems with the voting system or the social media buttons, please let us know – we always appreciate your feedback.

Every vote, like or tweet etc.  helps us to grow our site. Thank you for supporting us!

Gentleman's Gazette Mobile Theme

Gentleman's Gazette Mobile Theme

Gentleman’s Gazette Mobile Version

Also, we just recently started to offer a mobile version of the Gentleman’s Gazette for all mobile platforms iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, Android…

By default, you will find a reduced interface when you load the Gentleman’s Gazette on a mobile device.

It should load more quickly than the regular site and hence provide you with a better user experience. In case you find something you like, dislike or would like to have added in the mobile version, please let us know, thanks!

If you prefer the traditional layout, scroll down and you should be able to find an ON / OFF Switch for the mobile theme.

Switch to Regular Theme

Switch to Regular Theme

Apart from that, we wish you all a happy holiday season. During the holidays, we will continue to publish interesting articles on a regular basis, so please check back often, thanks!