Victoria Knot How To Tie a Tie

How To Tie The Victoria Knot

The Victoria is one of those tie knots that is often favored by men who prefer a non-chalent look and who want to add an element of casual sprezzatura to their outfit. In today’s video, I explain how to tie the knot, what shirt collar to wear it with and what you should avoid so you look dapper.


Welcome back to our series on how to tie tie knots! Today, I’m going to show you how to tie the Victoria knot.

The Victoria knot is to the Four in Hand knot what the Kelvin knot is to the Oriental. In more simple terms, the Victoria knot is a simple four in hand just looped around once more. This tie knot is often favorited by rakish men who really want to add a much bigger knot. Sometimes you’d also see both layers of the loops, just to create a little more relaxed, casual look. Although similar to the Kelvin in the sense that it’s looped around once more, it’s bigger than the Kelvin simply because you have half a loop more of it.

Today, I’m wearing a really thick jacquard silk tie by Fort Belvedere, which even adds to the size of this knot. The more you loop something around, and the bigger your knot gets, the shorter your tie gets overall. If you use the same tie, and you tie an Oriental knot, you can wear it with a low rise pair of pants or if you make a bigger knot like the Victoria, you should wear it with a higher rise pants.

So without further ado here is how you tie the Victoria Knot. Begin with the blade side up, seam side down. Slim end is on your right, wide end on your left. The slim end should be much shorter and about one and a half hands up from your waistband on the trousers you’re wearing. Now, wide end over the slim end, pinch with the left hand, loop around.

Now you have it in the front, you have to do it once again, loop it around once more. Now the wide end goes through the hole, up and pull it tight then down through the knot. I only pushed it through the top layer of the knot. If you want a dimple now, just pinch it slightly up here and pull it through gently. Once you’re happy with the look, pull it up.

Now adjust the collar, you don’t want any wrinkles on either side and when you pull, sometimes the knot shifts to one side so always make sure to adjust it. Voila! The Victoria Knot. Because of its size, this type is not suited to classic collars. I would say have at least a medium spread collar or better, a more wide spread collar like the one I’m wearing right now. I think this is ideal.

If you want to wear a collar pin, a collar bar this is not the knot for you simply too big. Instead, go with the Oriental or the Four in Hand. I’ll show you how to tie those here. Once you tie a tie with bigger knots like this, the tie gets automatically shorter so if you’re a shorter guy, you may want that however if you’re a taller guy and the tie looks too shorts, it’s not proportion anymore, and it looks bad. So what you should do then is get a tie that is extra long to accommodate your height. Fort Belvedere offers ties in three lengths, short, regular, and long so every man can wear the knot he likes and get the right length. If you enjoyed this video, and you want to learn more about how to dress, please sign up and these videos will come right to your inbox. Thanks!