Butler Luxury Hanger Update

Butler Luxury Hanger Update

When Mike Cregan from Butler Luxury first approached us, he told me they wanted to produce the best hangers, period. As I mentioned in our review, I am always skeptical about such bold statements

because it is very difficult to keep them. One aspect of yearning for perfection is to constantly try to produce something better or improve a product and be innovative. As such, I was pleased to see an updated version of the Butler Luxury hanger that I received in the mail. In my opinion, this color goes much better with closet systems because they are silver most of the time, in addition to being less susceptible to swings in general finish trends. While the shape of the wood was identical, the metal hardware was now chrome silver and the hook had a knob rather than a potentially unfinished edge. The revised version will actually feature matte silver nickel hardware instead of chrome, which may look even nicer.

Also, I saw a number of pictures of different styles and prototypes. On top of that, Mr. Cregan is currently working on an improved shirt hanger, so there are a lot of things in the works and I look forward to all the new improvements from Butler Luxury. Now, whether it is the best hanger in the world, I do not know, but it is the best I have seen in appreciate that the folks at Butler Luxury continuously try to improve their product by listening to their customers, and by now you should know I don’t just say that because they advertise with us. It’s apparent by the changes that Butler takes their promise to produce the best hangers seriously.

I am particularly excited about the new hanger improvements as I am currently redesigning my closet & wardrobe system, and in the coming months I will make sure to document the process. Effective storage of suits, jackets and accessories protects your investments, and at the same time, it enables you to create great outfits since you don’t overlook the things that are buried in garment bags in the depths of your closet – my current dilemma – so stay tuned!

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