Sven Raphael Schneider

In today’s marketplace, we know how difficult it is to find meaningful, relevant industry resources to help shape and grow your business. Here at the Gentleman’s Gazette, CEO and Editor-In-Chief Sven Raphael Schneider has successfully mixed a deep understanding of the traditional menswear industry with advanced knowledge of what it takes to for a business to flourish in the fast-moving internet marketplace. Supported by nearly 15 years of menswear expertise, a one-of-a-kind historical menswear archive, and extensive industry connections, Sven Raphael Schneider is ideally suited to help you develop the long-term potential of your internet and/or menswear business.
Mr. Schneider’s competencies include for example:

  • Menswear-related product design & marketing
  • Traditional menswear style, fit, and authenticity
  • Supplier selection, production initiation and material sourcing
  • Photography & lighting
  • Search engine & conversion optimization
  • Email marketing and link building
  • General website management and development
  • Wardrobe consulting
  • Bespoke travel

If you feel that your business could benefit from Mr. Schneider’s expertise, we invite you to contact Us to discuss our personalized range of consulting options.