Herbert Stricker is a contributing writer of the Gentleman’s Gazette and bespoke consultant.

Raised in Italy, he was introduced to fine bespoke clothing very early on in his life. On the one hand, his father was very meticulous about his outward appearance and on the other hand the fact that he measured 6’6″ at the age of 14 made bespoke garments a necessity for him. After graduating from Business School in Milan, he returned to Germany, while he has always maintained his strong affinity to Italy.

Herbert Stricker

Herbert Stricker distributes high end perfumes & colognes for a living and hence he travels quite frequently all over the world. As a consequence, he was able to work with many bespoke craftsmen all over Europe within the last 30 years. This experience paired with his attention to details lead to a incredible knowledge in the area of bespoke clothing and custom made products.

For example with regard to tailors, not only did he have suits made for him by Anderson & Sheppard, A. Caraceni oder Max Dietl but also by small hidden gems like De Togni or Colombo.

Apart from that, he is one of the very few who do not just have an extensive knowledge in one area, but in all the areas of savoir vivre no matter whether it is an antique Rolls Royce, delicious wine, haute cuisine, furniture, silverware or cigars. With all his experience, Herbert Stricker is undoubtedly a great addition to the Gentleman’s Gazette.

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Contact: info@gentlemansgazette.com