Winter Fabrics 1930's

Winter Overcoats From the 1930’s

Yesterday, we focused on winter fabrics and in order to give you a better understanding of the beauty of these fabrics, I wanted to show you a fashion illustration.

Winter Topcoats in Plaid And Herringbone With Fur Collar

Winter Topcoats in Plaid And Herringbone With Fur Collar

Mid Grey Ulster Style Topcoat

These two gentlemen also wear a pair of stunning topcoats. First we see an Ulster style topcoat in a bold, mid-grey herringbone weave. If you look more closely at the coat, you will realize why it is just an ulster style and not quite a true Ulster: the coat has just simple flap pockets and not proper patch pockets with a flap. It is also accentuated with a fur Ulster collar, meaning that the collar is as wide as the lapel. Therefore one can easily fold the lapels over in case it gets cold and windy. Personally, I really like flaps on chest pockets since they can really change a look dramatically.  I like this gentleman’s combination of yellow gloves and scarf with a black bowler, grey topcoat and grey fur, although I doubt I will ever see someone like that on the street. Now, I hope, a gent out there proves me wrong!

Dark Brown Plaid Overcoat

The gentleman on the right wears a 6×3 double breasted overcoat with peaked lapels and a raglan sleeve. The checks are very large and the slightly lighter brown overplaid make the fabric more interesting. It is combined with a polka dot green scarf, and a green felt hat in a shape of a Homburg. His hands are protected by brown gloves and he visibly enjoys his pipe. Overall, I think this is a very unique but at the same time stylish ensemble. Interestingly, both men wear a moustache. Lately, I have seen quite a few men wearing moustaches again. While some seem to make fun of it, the Movember movement – which includes the Richard Hannay from the The 39 Steps – seem to be quite serious about it.