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We’re Hiring… 2 Youtube Personalities

Do you love our videos?Do you think you would be great in them?

We are looking for TWO dynamic personalities

…to join our YouTube team alongside me to present our content to a global audience. It’s an opportunity to live your passion for style in a creative setting where your ideas matter.

You’ll be a key part of our growth on YouTube and a face that viewers will equate with authority on men’s classic fashion and lifestyle.

Ace Marks Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers


Do you love… ?

Classic menswear, a gentleman’s lifestyle, and sharing it with the world?

You know the difference between a Neapolitan and a Savile Row suit and you aren’t afraid of being the most dressed up person in the room?

Do your friends make fun of you because of the way you dress but do they ask you for style advice as soon as they have to attend a black tie event or interview?

Do strangers often compliment your outfits on the street?

Do you want to be on camera?

Do you have a thick skin? (YouTube comments can be mean!)

Are you willing to share your life with our viewers?

Are you the quintessential gentleman / lady online and offline? (we have zero tolerance for racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, or discriminating behavior of any kind)

Are you interested in a long-term career, within our growing company?

Do you take action, and can you work well independently and with minimal oversight?

If your answer is yes, then this is the job for you!

Why not turn your lifestyle into a career with the Gentleman’s Gazette?

Minneapolis Skyline

Minneapolis Skyline

Where are you located?

Ideally, The first candidate would be located near Minneapolis, Minnesota and would film in our local studio.

The second candidate would be ideally based in New York or London or any other epicenter of men’s style. That being said, if you are knowledgable in classic menswear, and good on camera, we are happy to work with you. So please apply even if you do not live near one of the ideal cities.

You would need to find a local space or studio for filming, and a video assistant to assist in studio/location production

What You Would Do

    • Pitch ideas for video content
    • Write pre-production scripts
    • Film YouTube videos, at our studio/your studio, or on location
    • Act as a brand ambassador for Gentleman’s Gazette & Fort Belvedere
    • Supervise video editing process
    • Engage with our YouTube audience in the comments
    • Act and dress as a gentleman / lady in your daily life
I look forward to working with you

I look forward to working with you

Who Would You Work With?

You’d be working directly with me, our content manager and our video production & editing team.

Certificates Not Needed

We care more about what you can do and have done than the certificates you have. No formal training or education is required, but the following skills are desirable:

  • Engaging personality
  • Basic understanding of video production & editing
  • Knowledge of classic men’s apparel and accessories

How to Apply:

  1. Film a 5 minute to 15min video telling us why you want to work for us! Use whatever video equipment you have available – even just your phone. This video should include:
    1. Your location
    2. Your availability
    3. Why you love classic men’s style and a brief summary of your personal style
    4. Why you think you would be a good fit for the Gentleman’s Gazette YouTube channel
    5. Something about a topic relevant to GG viewers
  2. Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video
  3. Share the link with us in the form below
  4. Qualified video applicants will be contacted for an interview
  5. If hired, the applicant will begin with a trial period
  6. Pay is negotiable (we can’t pay Hollywood rates but we want you to be happy, I am sure we’ll find a solution)
  • Enter your email address here
  • so I can call you.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
We're Hiring... 2 Youtube Personalities
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We're Hiring... 2 Youtube Personalities
Do you love our videos? Do you think you would be great in them?
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23 replies
    • Blake Branvold says:

      I saw their reply to a comment asking this question earlier, and I believe they said something around two weeks. However, if they don’t find the right person, they will continue the search for longer

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      We do not have a deadline but we understand that some people will take a week or two to film the video. That being said, if we have excellent applicants in week one, we will start the interview process with them.

  1. Harshit Arora says:

    I shot a video, but didn’t edit because I read the website. Does anyone agree, that if gentleman’s gazzette starts to cater to the younger audience it will attract a stronger viewership. I am young, and we cannot wear suits everyday. We require a channel where someone talks about casual outfits and how to wear them like a gentleman.
    I believe a gentleman is one who can adapt to any requirement, and dress for the occasion. I believe that a gentleman is one who can wear an outfit to the point that he is the best dressed in the room, even if it is just a t-shirt and jeans.
    If you think of finding a person for your team of gentlemen, who can talk about the young man’s style and cater to the younger crowd, please post about it and I would love to send you a video and apply.

  2. Eric Seabury says:

    I would very much like to audition for the job, if it’s still open.

    I live in Dallas, Texas and I am able to travel, anywhere, on the weekends.

    I just turned 50 and I believe one of your future employees should be of this age, while another could be younger. Only because men my age are at the point in their lives where they have matured and want to be a well-dressed gentleman but don’t know where to start.

    I will search your site to see if I could still audition but any information would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Daphne, Prop Forward says:

    Does “we have zero tolerance for . . . sexist . . . behavior of any kind” not conflict with stating in the same line and several other places that the post is open only to a gentleman?
    Cheltenham Ladies College Water Polo First XI

  4. Charles Hausmann says:

    I have always thought about starting a style blog or YouTube channel. My particular area of specialty would be men of age. I am 70 and have been interested in men’s fashion all of my life. I am usually the best dressed man in the room because I believe that you can never be over dressed. I am a professor and professional musician so have had a lot of stage and classroom experience. If it is not too late I would like to apply. I currently live in Houston, Texas but have lived in other states and traveled the world performing.

  5. Nikita Kurguzov says:

    Dear Sven,
    So excited to actually see who gets hired! No matter who it is, I trust that your choice would bring fresh and amazing personalities to the website and channel, I am really looking forward to the results and all the great content that will come with new people!

    I do hope my video reached you as well, absolutely fascinated to participate in this competition, so to speak. If the video/audio quality wasn’t on par with the expected material, I can understand as I’ve rushed the production quite a bit. Could always record a second video with better quality if you would be interested, just really don’t want to spam you with too many videos, that would be too much, I think.

    In any case, I am looking forward to any feedback and/or results of this selection process, as well as future content which I am sure will absolutely rock! Thank you, Sven, and Happy Easter to everyone!

    All the best,
    Nikita Kurguzov

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Hi Nikita,

      We received your video, thank you. We will review all videos and get back to the applicants. No need to rerecord, we just try to get a good understanding of the personality at this point.
      Please give us a few weeks 🙂

      • Nikita Kurguzov says:

        Hello Sven,
        Thank you for the reply! Glad to hear that and I completely understand! Will continue to upgrade my style in the process, just in case


  6. Isumaru says:

    I am making a video now but i didnt quite catch the last point “a topic for GG viewers”
    Can you please help me understand that if it is not so much trouble
    Thank you

  7. Ira Meyer says:

    I’m not able to work for you as I’m a full-time law student with some clubs and whatnot to boot, but I live in New York City and would be happy to help do things pro-bono on the weekend if there’s anything that you need someone on the ground here for.



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