Style in Cuba

Cuba’s capital, Havana, is full of impressions. Although it feels like you travelled in a time machine to the year 1960, and

Streets Old & Cars in Cuba

Old Streets & Cars in Cuba

many buildings and roads are in desperate need of restoration, this city is overwhelmingly  charming.

People like Pablo, especially, impress with a unique style!

Stylish Gentleman in  Cuba

Stylish Gentleman in Cuba

Smoking his cigarette and chatting on the street, he clearly enjoys life. For Pablo, style not only means wearing his jacket in spite of the oppressive heat, but it is a general attitude of mind, so it does not come surprising to see him carry a chair for a woman on the street in order for them to have a chat.

His outfit works perfect harmony with the city:

Summer Coat & Hat Cuba

Summer Coat & Hat Cuba

Instead of a clean and crisp, white Panama, he wears a coarsely woven straw hat with a flimsy white piping, which, in its shape, reminds me a little bit of a Stetson Cowboy hat. His contrasting shirt collar does not feature any collar stays, and hence it is curled up. Also, the tie is only loosely tied around his neck to be a little more comfortable. In order to make it stand out next to the ID badge and the wooden necklaces, he wears the tie with a certain pin. His single breasted coat is made from a blend of linen and silk in a mottled brown and ivory. The three patch pockets, combined with the notched lapels, underline the relaxed character of the garment. The white pocket square and the pipe in the breast pocket underline the individuality in this outfit. The fact that the jacket seems a little too big does not interfere with the overall positive impression.

Summer Outfit with Spectator Shoes - Cuba

Summer Outfit with Spectator Shoes – Cuba

The full cut ivory pants go not only very well with the dark brown & white spectator shoes but also with the ensemble in general. Interestingly, he wears a green and yellow bracelet which reminds me of Luca Rubinacci et al.

In summary, this is a pleasing and harmonious Cuban outfit that reflects Havana’s vintage aura.