Sven Raphael Schneider is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Gentleman’s Gazette LLC. He aspires to make the Morning Dress Guide and Gentleman’s Gazette the essential resource for savoir vivre and heritage craftsmanship, where enlightened peers from around the world can gather to engage one another.

Born and raised in Germany, and now residing in the US, his interest in style began with a collection of fountain pens at the early age of 14. Recognizing the true value of a well-made pen, Mr. Schneider developed expert knowledge which ultimately evolved into interest in all fine menswear and accessories. He has since amassed a collection of vintage suits, as well as a large library of essential works on apparel from the 20th century. His critical eye, passion for detail and enthusiasm for history make him an up-and-coming authority on traditional elegance. His work puts him at the forefront of the movement to bring classic style and workmanship to the next generation of sartorial enthusiasts.

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