White Tie Guide

Tailored to fit, “white tie” can give any man a special dignity and distinction as do no other clothes.

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Downton Abbey Jack Ross in Splendid white tie outfit

Downton Abbey Jack Ross in Splendid white tie outfit

White Tie requires full dress which, as its name implies, is the highest order of male civilian attire.  With a patrician pedigree dating back to the English Regency its rules are as rigid as its clothes are resplendent.

The dress code is also extremely rare these days as it is associated with only the most ceremonious of occasions.  Therefore should you find yourself fortunate enough to receive a White Tie invitation it is vital you pay attention to detail as this will likely be your sole opportunity to get it right.  While the less formal Black Tie code provides leeway to channel a variety of looks from 1930s movie stars to modern day superspies, White Tie is a virtual uniform that brooks little deviation.  When executed sloppily it is no more than a magician’s costume.  When carried out skillfully, its adroit balance of militaristic authority and refined elegance elevates the most ordinary of men to Royals and Rockefellers.

White Tie Guide
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White Tie Guide
All you ever wanted to know about the White Tie Dress Code aka Full Dress or Full Fig, the stunning tailcoat ensemble that is the big brother of the Black Tie Tuxedo.
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