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Behind The Scenes – Outtakes of Gentleman’s Gazette Videos

You asked for it! We decided to compile a bunch of video outtakes we think you’d find entertaining! Watch the video to see what happens behind the scenes when filming your favorite videos.

You’d be surprised to know that I’m not always the serious type; a gentleman can have a humorous side too!

Behind The Scenes - Outtakes of Gentleman's Gazette Videos
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Behind The Scenes - Outtakes of Gentleman's Gazette Videos
A compilation of Gentleman's Gazette's entertaining video outtakes.
Gentleman's Gazette LLC
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  1. David K. says:

    Fun! I loved hearing your wife often reminding you to smile. Is that the German culture fighting against American expectations? 🙂

  2. Al R says:

    Brown baby buggy, Brown baby buggy, bubbles up through the bog!??? (3 times, very fast!??)….(the blue/blk?…striped suit? Killer!!)….

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