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Bobby From Boston – Vintage Clothes For Men

When I watched the video about Sean Crowley the other day, I learned about Bobby from Boston. Similar to Greenwich Vintage

Bobby From Boston Pool Table & Wood

Bobby From Boston Pool Table & Wood

just much bigger and more anglophile – it is apparently a true destination for all men interested in vintage clothing. Some consider it even to be the landmark of Massachusetts men’s shops and others claim that the Ralph Lauren movement was born  in this very shop. Unfortunately, I have never really spent a whole lot of time in Boston, but next time I am in the area I simply must stop by – it seems almost too good to be true.

Where else can you find a men’s vintage collection set in wooden cabinets, decorated with vintage luggage, an old pool table and vintage shoe-shining stalls? Moreover, he doesn’t just carry Americana goods and prep garments but also authentic British stuff, which he imports himself.

If you are ever in the area, make an effort to stop by at Bobby From Boston even if you are generally not into vintage at all – that stingray spectacle case of pair of cuff links may just be too beautiful to leave behind.

Now, convince yourself:


Bobby from Boston
19 Thayer Street, Boston,
Tel.: (617) 423-9299
No Website or mailorder – owner Bobby Garnett prefers to meet the people he sells to in person.
Picture Credit: ecohuckups
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  1. Scott Zuckerman says:

    I bought a Brown’s Beach vest and jacket frrom you that I love .I now need more than any thig a pair of rugged hunting pants size 36 also apair of nantucket reds same size,I really look forward to hearing from you As ever Scott Zuckerman

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