Brigg Umbrellas

The Brigg Umbrella

Marketed as “a gentleman’s umbrella” by the British company, Swaine Adeney Brigg, their parapluie is certainly has been one of the hallmarks of an English gentleman. Ever since 1750, the luxuriously handmade canopy-device has been manufactured in London.

Functional elements like a steel frame and silver springs are mounted on exotic wood canes such as tulip, apple, bamboo, hickory, whangee and so forth. Alternatively, you may also opt for leather handles in crocodile, lizard, ostrich or you may even settle on a solid sterling silver handle, monogram included of course.  Just like Francesco Maglia, Brigg also offers an umbrella which is made from a single piece of wood.  Generally, you may choose between three different sizes depending on your height and taste.

Thomas Brigg and Sons received its first Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1893, which was also the first appointment to an umbrella maker ever. Today, Brigg maintains only one store at No. 54 St. James’s Street, London, but they also offer their goods online. In the following video, you will have the chance to see what the store looks like, learn a bit about the history of Brigg and understand why silk is still the number one material for canopies.