Classic Wardrobe on a Budget

  • Classic Wardrobe On A Budget

No matter what stage you are at in your life, chances are you are on a budget.

The undergraduate or apprentice generally has a very limited budget and every purchase is a major expense and so you can’t afford to waste money on a piece of clothing, because it will take you 3 -6 months until you can buy a quality item again. If you are at this point of your life, it is wise to invest in several core wardrobe elements that are easily combined with other items allowing you to create a flexible and elegant wardrobe on a budget. I suggest you read the following articles so you understand what to do and especially what not to do when it comes to building a timeless, classic, elegant and enduring wardrobe.

The man in his thirties or forties often has a decent income, yet also increased expenses. If you are in this category, you will likely have started building a wardrobe, yet you may realize that you wear some things more than others or that you are not entirely happy with your wardrobe. The articles in this section will teach you what items you can use and what details you should pay attention to so you can get the best items for your budget.

The man who is financially independent does not necessarily have to keep track of his clothing expenses, yet a big wallet does not buy you style. The following articles help you to understand the fundamentals of style and only if you master these will you be able to dress elegantly and in a way that it suits your character.

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