Get To Know Modest Man, Masculine Style, Effortless Gent & Gentleman's Gazette

Get To Know Modest Man, Masculine Style, Effortless Gent & Gentleman’s Gazette

Get up close and personal with Modest Man – Brock McGoff, Masculine Style – Tanner Guzy, Effortless Gent – Barron Cuadro & Gentleman’s Gazette – Sven Raphael Schneider in this impressive Q&A.

Sven Raphael Schneider: Good, let’s roll!

Barron Cuadro: Yeah

Tanner Guzy: Sweet baby!

Brock McGoff: So, we are going to get to know each other a little bit today.

SRS: Exactly.

If You Had To Choose One Of Your Senses To Live Without, Which One Would It Be?

BC: We were kind of talking about this earlier. I think taste is a good option, because I want all my other senses. I think being blind probably would be the worst, right?

TG: Being blind will be the worst than having no sense of touch. That’d be tough.

BC: That’s hard.

BM: But blind you will have to rethink your whole career.

TG: No, no, no that’s just your pitch. I’m like the blind style guide.

SRS: Alright.

BM:, right?

SRS: Well, I love food so definitely not taste. I think maybe smell, even though I like steak and you know it tastes good. But it’s actually smell, so I think I’d go with that and I never have to smell any farts again.

BM: If you could choose which sense your wife loses? If you know what I mean.

SRS: That’s a good question. Tanner?

TG: Probably smell too for all those same reasons, although I do love the sweet pungent smell of relief.

BM: Yeah, I’d give up taste for sure and just eat more vegetables.

SRS: One way to do it right? I like the taste of green.

TG: I’m sure there’s probably somebody somewhere who has done that where they were just like, “Doctor, scrape of my taste buds. I just want to eat healthy food for the rest of my life. I don’t want to deal with that anymore.”

BM: Yeah.

Michael Douglas in the movie The Game

Michael Douglas in the movie The Game

If You Could Live In A Book, TV Show Or Movie, Which One Would It Be?

SRS: Oh man, I have to think about that one.

TG: I would be Michael Westen from Burn Notice.

BC: Okay, alright.

TG: This is a show that I know is not a great show, but it’s got Bruce Campbell in it. It’s intentionally campy and kind of dopey and I think it would be awesome to be Michael Weston from Burn Notice. I would be a killer spy.

BM: For the record, Tanner has talked about Burn Notice several times.

Michael Westen in Burn Notice

Michael Westen in Burn Notice

TG: It’s ridiculous, right? Like ridiculous, but my wife and I are going through this for like the 5th time now and so this is kind of where my mind is.

BC: I think what would be great will be Neal Caffrey from White Collar.

Everyone: Yeah.

SRS: I think maybe, Michael Douglas in The Game. Having that thrill, that would be amazing I think for the first time.

TG: Also Batman.

BM: Oh yeah! Which Batman though?

TG: Oh definitely like George Clooney.

BM: Oh Clooney?

TG: No, I’m kidding!

BM: Jump, cut. Tanner is out of the video.

Pierce Brosnan at Thomas Crown Affair

Pierce Brosnan at Thomas Crown Affair

SRS: I think Thomas Crown from Thomas Crown Affair.

Everyone: Yeah.

SRS: That for me would be like awesome.

TG: Yeah the defaults are like Bond or Indiana Jones or Captain America or somebody else and but Thomas Crown there’s just a little bit more believability to something like that.

SRS: And honestly, I like the second version more than the first one. A lot of people are like the Steve McQueen one was cooler.

BM: I like the second one too!

SRS: I’m more like the Pierce Brosnan one, I personally like that.

BM: I actually like Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and I know that’s terrible. I like him as an actor.

TG: The movies were bad, but Brosnan was a good Bond.

BM: He was a good fit.

If You Could Get Away With A Crime, What Would It Be?

BM: Boy, I’m glad everybody has to think about this one a little bit.

SRS: Could get away with a crime….

TG: Man…

SRS: Really what the crime would most likely be?

BM: I guess, would it be robbing a bank, would it be a heist, would you kill a man?

SRS: I think I’d like more the smart crime. You know having a nice little set up, maybe like Thomas Crown, setting something up and getting some art.

Sven Raphael Schneider

Sven Raphael Schneider – If I would commit a crime, it would be a smart crime

TG: So a heist.

SRS: That would be like my kind of crime. How would I do it? Boy, set up a game plan and be very sneaky.

BC: Some Filipinos maybe.

SRS: Oh, maybe.

TG: I would just say that most days, dressing as well as I do is a crime and I get away with it!

Everyone: Oh!

TG: I don’t know what I would do. Maybe a heist? But you know you’re really trying to — is it because you really have to get away with something what crime would be the most enjoyable to commit?

BM: Yeah

TG: I think a heist would be the one then, working with a really cool team of guys and everybody specializes on something there’s all that coordination and everything else that would be.

BC: Some Ocean’s Eleven stuff.

TG: Yeah exactly.

BM: We already have the crew.

TG: There you go.

BM: I would do something like heist too but then take something that a lot of people really like and then just store it somewhere and never say anything about it. Like some piece of art, a really obscure piece of art that a bunch of people go to see it and I just take it and lock it away somewhere.

TG: Nobody gets it.

SRS: Alright.

If You Could Live Forever, How Would You Spend Eternity? What Skills Would You Learn First?

SRS: I think social skills and being able to kind of surround you with great people. Because if you are in it for the long ride, it can get pretty boring if you’re the only one and all the others kind of disappear, you have to learn how to make new friends otherwise you’ll get lonely.

BM: Yeah.

BC: There’s a great event I heard of called The Art of Charm, that talks a lot about social skills.

Everyone: (Laughing)

TG: Yes, they can teach them to you.

SRS: I should sign up for that!

TG: It’s an awesome place!

BC: Sponsored by the Art of Charm!

SRS: We are at the Charm headquarters in LA!

BM: I think I would probably pick a few specific skills and just be like, “Next 50 years, classical piano. 50 years after that like parkour!”

TG: So it’s just like Groundhog Day style.

BM: Yeah like Groundhog Day, exactly.

TG: Or like the Brother’s Bloom, with the girl where she basically collect hobbies because — have you guys not seen that?

Everyone: No.

TG: Oh man, it’s a good one. But anyway…

BM: Burn Notice then Brother Bloom.

TG: No more Burn Notice.

If You Could Take Three Items To A Deserted Island, What Would They Be?

BM: We go with Barron on this one.

BC: Geez, these are hard questions.

TG: Yeah.

SRS: Is this like physical items, you would say?

BM: Yeah.

TG: You can’t have a good attitude.

Everyone: (Laughing)

SRS: How about internet?

BC: Like kindle?

BM: Yeah I guess you could take Kindle but then you would run out of batteries.

TG: Okay, let’s clarify further. Are you trying to get off the desert island or this is where you are now existing?

BM: I guess that’s up to you. I mean, you could take a row boat or something?

TG: Right? Because I think that’s kind of an easy answer like, I would take a speed boat and a years worth of food and a GPS system. It’s like I’m out of there.

BM: Satellite phone.

TG: Right! What if it’s like you have to full-on survive style and you don’t get all the amenities and I want that. I don’t know what else.

SRS: I know it’s not a thing but I’ll bring my wife because I want someone there because being on your own I think will be the hardest part.

TG: Yeah definitely.

BM: Hey, this man got the right answers. I probably would bring my Thursday boots because I don’t leave home without it.

TG: Oh my gosh!

Everyone: (Laughing)

TG: Yeah like the original Boy scout handbook or something where you’ve got all the skills right there where you can draw off of.

SRS: Like survivalist skills. Someone like Ryan Michler will probably be the best.

TG: Definitely.

BM: Yeah.

SRS: Wait. Another question here.

If You Could Be An Animal, What Would It Be and Why?

BM: I would definitely be some sort of bird. Probably a bird of prey because — flight. You have the gift of flight.

SRS: That’s really awesome. Good eyesight.

Brock McGoff of Modest Man

Brock McGoff of Modest Man on choosing an animal – I would definitely be some sort of bird. You have the gift of flight

BM: Yeah like a falcon or something. The only problem is then you got to catch your own food which kind of sucks but I think it would be worth it to fly.

BC: Some sort of like apex predator just so you survive the longest.

TG: Yeah, but it would have to be something — a dolphin is a good one because being a wolf would suck or being a lion would suck because basically as soon as you cease to be functional within a pack, you’re out. So you would want something that’s a little less cutthroat and a little bit more social and cohesive. But dolphins are like well what man wants to be, “I’m going to be a dolphin!”

BM: Anyone wants to talk about that?

Everyone: (Laughing)

SRS: They’re smart animals!

TG: They’re super smart!

SRS: They’re smart and they have the social components.

TG: Killer whale. There you go.

BC: Alright

SRS: Moby Dick.

TG: Yeah Moby Dick.

BM: Do you have one?

SRS: I like the fox and the sense, you know. He’s kind of sneaky and smart but I don’t like the loneliness aspect of the fox.

BM: Yeah.

SRS: That’s hard. Maybe like a big brown bear.

BM: Ok yeah. They don’t have any predators.

TG: This is true.

If You Could Have One Superpower Or Be One Superhero, Who Or What Would It Be?

SRS: So it wouldn’t be Batman because he doesn’t have any superpowers really. So I wouldn’t be Hulk because I don’t like that necessarily.

TG: You’re not angry all the time?

SRS: Yeah. Maybe superman.

BM: Because he’s got it all!

SRS: Exactly. Why pick?

TG: I was not huge in comics but Spiderman was always my favorite growing up and that’s a good enough set of powers that you can do some real damage but at the same time it’s not so far gone that you can’t lead a normal life and get close to people and do all those other things too. Being a Hulk would suck!

BM: Yeah it would be inconvenient.

TG: Honestly, dealing with the immortality of being a Superman or somebody else would kind of suck too because you would just watch your family and your friends and your kids and everybody else keep passing on without you. Yeah, I would be Spiderman

SRS: Barron?

BC: I think for an individual superpower, I would probably say teleportation just to be able to go somewhere instantly.

SRS: That is awesome.

TG: Imagine if you’re just home right now. (Snaps fingers) That would be pretty great.

BC: Yeah instead of 6 hours of flying. It would be awesome.

SRS: As a kid, I always thought it would be cool to kind of go to the future to see what’s happening. Like now I’m more like I would like to know what it was like in the 13th century. How is it for you guys? More like back to the future?

BM: That’s funny because the next question was..

If You Could Travel Would You Go To The Past Or The Future?

TG: Past.

BM: I’d go to the future. I just want to see.

TG: That’s only like 10 years from now and then it’s over.

BM: But imagine, I wouldn’t go crazy like thousands of years in the future. I would go to 100 years from now. When I was a kid I really thought we would have a hover board by now.

TG: So would you steal the Sports Almanac and come back?

BM: Obviously.

TG: This could be wasted on you young viewers, but that’s a funny joke.

SRS: If you go to the past you could just change things and then change the outcome of the future. A lot of people say “Hey, you know what? Go back and put like a drug in Hitler’s birth town’s bar so you know he wouldn’t, you know. But then maybe someone else will come up and it could be worse. We just don’t know.

TG: Yeah there’s a whole historical theory about that like whether it’s people who drive events or it’s the events that kind of create the need for this person to fill the vacuum if it weren’t Hitler it would have been somebody else doing the exact same thing.

Which Fad Do You Wish Would Come Back?

BC: Slap braceletes!

SRS: Really?

BC: You had one of those?

SRS: Yeah! A whole collection.

Everyone: (Laughing)

SRS: My sister had them. I’d like to have basically dinner parties come back. I think it’s just an art that in our generation a lot of people have just not grown up with it. And so, they’re like, “Hey, let’s meet at the bar.” It’s fun being in your own home and cooking a meal just connects you more and you can have all your favorite liqueur and your favorite drink.

BC: Right.

SRS: I think that’s the best and I would wish that more people would be kind of into that.

The Power Rangers remake

The Power Rangers remake

TG: I miss the kind of innocent hokiness of media from the 80s and the 90s. Like not everything was dark and desaturated and gritty and everything had to be super, like the Power Rangers remake. That’s not the Power Rangers. It’s not this raw, it’s stupid and fun and campy and obviously, that’s like nostalgia for my time as a kid, but when things were a little bit more innocent.

BM: Yeah

TG: I guess that’s not a fad.

BM: You know I think it’s like a fad but more like a toy. Remember pogs?

Everyone: Yeah!

TG: A killer slammer collection.

BM: I invested a decent amount of time and money in that slammer collection. I remember going to TJ Maxx or something and seeing buckets of pogs and they’re like a penny each and I was like, “Oh, that’s my investment.” Yeah, that’s a tough one.

SRS: Upper Deck Trading cards! The same style right?

BM: Yeah exactly. The trading cards I remember I collected X-men cards. I have like the entire series deck. They kind of like have seasons, like series 2 of X-men I remember, I was convinced that one day that would be worth a lot of money. I don’t think it is.

TG: Probably not.

Who Is Your Personal Hero And Why?

(There was a long 30-second pause)

BM: It can be someone you actually know or someone you don’t know.

TG: Well I think that it’s kind of interesting that we all hesitated with this one because hero-worship used to be something that was so normal. And I think for our generation, it’s not something that we deal with as much because it’s not necessarily one particular person who exemplifies all the things you want to be and all the things you want to be a part of. We more look up to and idealize ideals or accomplishments or other things as opposed to it being one individual person. I’m stalling. I mean I agree with all that but I’m stalling.

SRS: You guys?

BC: I agree with that. It’s hard to say and can’t really think of one specific person. When I think of qualities, like people I’ve looked up to in the past, it’s not one specific person that embodies everything. You just kind of fall from where you want to learn from.

SRS: I’m not a worshipper. When I see celebrities I don’t say hi. I just leave them in peace. Once I do have someone to look up to, someone who is more like elite and uses his status not just to have riches in life but try to kind of create a movement of some sort. I think that’s admirable. Being who you are and trying to make a change, building a foundation. I think that’s pretty cool because you could say, “Hey, you know I kind of had a good life and enjoyed.”

TG: So do you like that whole concept in general or do you like it only if you’re in favor of the movement that the person is trying to get started.

SRS: No. I mean in general I think it’s just a good cause.

TG: It’s just as good as liking Trump. Boom!

Everyone: (Laughing)

BM: He worked it in.

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style and Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman's Gazette

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style and Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman’s Gazette

If You Could Fight Anyone In History, Who Would It Be?

TG: Is it to the death?

BM: Ah no. Let’s say like MMA style like knock down-knock out.

TG: Okay. George Washington, because if I go back to the hero question he’s one who would be really close, like really high up there. I know there is no way I would win that fight but just the ability to be in proximity and to test yourself against something that you hold against such a high standard, I think that would be awesome.

BM: Do you think he would kick your ass?

TG: Absolutely he would! I don’t live that kind of life. I’m a little limp wristed pansy compared to Washington in the way that he had to live. Absolutely he would destroy me.

BM: I would fight my brother just one more time.

Everyone: (Laughing)

BM: Because I’m pretty sure I can take him now.

SRS: “Now I know all that Brazilian Jiu jitsu dude. Watch out!”

BM: One more. We still have time, maybe it won’t happen.

BC: Maybe like the kid who kicked my stomach in 4th grade.

BM: Okay

TG: He probably doesn’t remember it at all.

BC: Yeah.

SRS: Revenge.

BM: That circle. How about you? Who would you fight?

SRS: I don’t know. I’m not a big enough fighter.

BC: Your a lover.

SRS: I’m competitive but I’m more like the brains guy less like you know, I never felt like punching you or stuff.

TG: But those are not mutually exclusive.

SRS: That is true.

TG: Look at the Greeks, the Romans and they very much celebrated the warrior-philosopher and the idea that you can be physically capable and dominant and see violence as something that can be used morally or immorally, and you can also be intelligent and you can use your wit and intelligence both morally and immorally. It’s not one or the other but that they can often function synergistically with each other.

SRS: Maybe someone like Bruce Lee with Kung fu!

TG: Yeah!

SRS: When I was a kid I was always impressed by Shaolin monks and how they could have their mind dominate their body in the sense that they could just put a pot of boiling water in their skin and just control that. So I’d lose right away but I’ll be in awe about it.

BM: Plus you can say you fought Bruce Lee.

SRS: Exactly.

Brock from the Modest Man & Barron Cuadro from effortlessgent

Brock from the Modest Man & Barron Cuadro from effortlessgent

Would You Rather Explore Another Planet Or The Deepest Parts Of The Ocean?

BC: I’m going to go with space travel on that one. Because can you imagine what’s down there? You have no idea.

TG: Yeah we don’t have any more idea what’s in space.

BC: Right, I guess so but I was thinking like I’ve read a cool documentary or single documentaries of stuff that’s like 20,000 feet below the sea and there’s nasty shit down there.

TG: Right.

BC: But like in space you just don’t know so you’re kind of open, hopeful.

TG: What I think part of it too is that it’s less scary if it’s out there versus just like right down there.

BC: Yeah. There’s no concept too of what out there is.

TG: Exactly.

SRS: Yeah, space definitely.

BM: So would you go if somehow you were selected, you could bring your family or the people closest to you and you were selected to go to Mars or somewhere else to like start colonizing, but you couldn’t come back. Would you go?

SRS: No.

TG: Probably not.

BC: I don’t think so. I think there’s a team already being put together or applicants already in the works for people who’re the first people going to Mars, which is just crazy right?

SRS: You could take risks and stuff but at the same time like I enjoy life! I’m not like, “Hey, this so shitty here I need to kind of get out. I need to leave and go to US because I’m like religiously..” like no, I’m happy!

How Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

BM: I would direct this one toward Tanner.

TG: Quietly and brutally.

SRS: Are you one of those like survivalist?

TG: I’m not.

SRS: Has a basement full of canned goods and ammunition and all that stuff?

TG: From your perspective, probably. But actual perspective not even remotely.

BC: Would you be more of a loner or would you find a tribe

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style – finding a tribe during a zombie apocalypse

TG: Definitely find a tribe. I wouldn’t necessarily think that you had to try to recreate Western civilization as we know it in order to get back to being happy. But I would definitely want to have a group of people with a system in place where you could thrive, not just survive but thrive in that situation. I think the only way to do that is if you have other people with you.

BM: I feel like I’ve watched enough Walking Dead that I’m like pretty ready.

Everyone: (Laughing)

TG: That and your BJJ skills, you’re ready.

BM: Not saying I want it to happen, but you know.

TG: You can handle it.

SRS: I’d be totally unprepared. We had a neighbor and he grew up in Africa and he always had drinking water supplies and stuff like that. Yeah… it’s not me. I’d be dead pretty quickly.

Everyone: (Laughing)

BM: But impeccably dressed.

SRS: That’s right.

TG: You’d be a great looking zombie.

SRS: It’s like the guys in the Titanic. They know they’re going down but they played music, that would be me.

BC: I would be the same as you. Definitely find a tribe and then find my place within that tribe and whatever my strengths might be just helping people dress better. The usual.

Everyone: (Laughing)

BM: Helping survivors have more effortless style.

BC: Right, exactly!

TG: How to prepare a lean wardrobe.

How Would You Want To Be Remembered Or What Words Would You Want To Be Put On Your Gravestone?

TG: I know I want to go, I think part of it for me is because I have a legacy within my own family. Not like that there’s a family dynasty or anything else like that. But I see myself as just one kind of link within the chain and then it’s my obligation to continue to pass that on down to my own kids and at the same time I still want to be I guess patriarchs kind of the best word for it. Like I would like to be remembered as a patriarch within my own impact within my lineage within my family.

SRS: I like to be remembered as someone who helped people be more stylish and getting the classic style on the front. That would be awesome!

BM: On the gravestone, I think I would probably put something like “be happy” or you know, don’t be sad. Just something to help anybody who was sad about me not being there to not just feel sad anymore. I think when you leave, no matter what you believe, when you leave you’re not going to be sad right? The people who are still around are, so I probably just want to make sure that no one was sad that I was gone so have fond memories rather than sad feelings.

Barron Cuadro from EffortlessGent

Barron Cuadro from EffortlessGent and on how he wants to be remembered.

BC: I can be selfish on this one. I want to be the guy who creates, who is the beginning of the chain of generational wealth in my family. I think that would be really cool to say that, “Oh my family is set and so are their kids,” and hopefully their grandkids. Be that guy.

TG: Well your name is Barron.

SRS: That’s a good start.

BC: Nice.

BM: If you want to learn more you can go to

Everyone: (Laughing)


TG: But really guys if this si something you enjoyed seeing, leave comments below and maybe we’ll do something like this again. We’ll be happy to answer questions that you guys ask of us and I don’t know.

SRS: Yeah we can do a live session. Check questions or what not.

BM: Yeah next time we’ll do a live for sure.

TG: We can make some great content bros.

BM: Alright sign off! Later!

BC: Bye guys!

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