Holiday Gift Guide For Women

The Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies

So far, we put together a gift guide for gentlemen and a Holiday Gift Guide for Young Men. Now, chances are you have a woman in your life as well and so we decided to create a gift guide for ladies this season.
Each year, our team goes through the many products we’ve acquired, tested, and wished for to develop a list of our top picks for our annual holiday gift guide. Over the years, we’ve received many thank you notes from readers and the people in their lives for giving them a roadmap to buying for what could arguably be considered the most difficult men in the world to shop for.

We’ve also received some questions. “What do I buy my wife?” is the most common one. For this reason, it is our distinct pleasure to introduce our first annual holiday gift guide for ladies. Enjoy!

Under $50

Clic Wooden iPhone Case

Clic Wooden iPhone Case

Clic Wooden iPhone Case – $39

With thousands of phone cases on the market, it’s tough to find one that’s as beautiful and artistic as the person carrying it. These real wood cases from Clic are unlike any of the hard plastic or rubber cases you find at the local mall. No longer will she prefer the look of the iPhone without a case, but now, she’ll also get the protection the phone needs during her busy day. Click here to get her one today.

Face Paint The Story of Makeup

Face Paint The Story of Makeup

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup – $18

For the makeup lover, consider this glossy tome from one of the cosmetic world’s most envied artists, Lisa Eldridge. Now the creative director of Lancome, Lisa’s book is already a best seller. That’s probably why Teresa Schneider suggested it for this list. Click here to get the book Teresa personally recommends.

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Notebook – $17

Every woman I know carries some form of a notebook in her purse. Be it to jot down a quick note, hand to the kid for doodling or to quickly write out a list, notebooks are a simple way of keeping things in check. Unfortunately, most of them are ugly. Not so with Moleskine. Sure, they’re not beautiful, but they’re high quality, well made and practical. They’re a perfect stocking stuffer. Click here to buy her one.

One reason to donate to the St Jude Childrens Research Hospital

One reason to donate to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Charitable Donation – Any Amount

For the woman who truly has everything or honestly doesn’t want anything, a donation in her name to a worthy charity is an excellent way to mark the holiday season. Not only will you be giving her a gift, but your donation will go towards something she cares about. For the animal lover, consider donating to the Animal Humane Society or the Wildlife Conservation Society. For the nature lover, the Environmental Defense Fund. Click here to donate to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The Women’sBusiness Development Center helps women fuel the economy through entrepreneurship.

Under $100

The Kindle Glare Free eReader

The Kindle Glare Free eReader

Kindle 6″ Glare-Free eReader – $79

For the woman in your life who loves to read, an eReader is the gift that keeps on giving. Priced under $100, this is one of the few eReaders that offers anti-glare capabilities making it perfect for winter vacations on the beach. Click here to buy one.

Diptyque Gardenia Candle

Diptyque Gardenia Candle

Diptyque Gardenia Candle – $55

The range of candles from Diptyque are flawlessly beautiful and possess intoxicatingly beautiful aromas that aren’t overpowering. This particular gardenia candle is one we highly recommend, and it’s one that she’ll treasure for relaxing baths, a glass of wine and a good book at night or even just to warm up her office with the luxurious scent of gardenias. Click here for one.

Under $500

Pelikan Souveran 600 Pink Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souveran 600 Pink Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souveran 600 Pink Fountain Pen – $499

Not every woman enjoys pink products, so this suggestion is specifically for those who do. This limited edition fountain pen from Pelikan somehow takes a very feminine color and makes it tastefully elegant. The pen is beautiful in all regards, made with the quality one expects from Pelikan and is ideal as an everyday carry pen for women of any age. Click here to get it or take a look here for a wider selection and consider adding some elegant stationary to go with it.

Cashmere Scarf in Solid Sunflower Orange - Fort Belvedere

Cashmere Scarf in Solid Sunflower Orange – Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Cashmere Scarf in Sunflower Orange – $195

Fort Belvedere products aren’t just for gentlemen! However, we’ve noticed that women are increasingly interested in finding high quality, classic products that they can keep in their collection for years. This exquisite cashmere scarf in sunflower orange is no exception, and it’s one of the most popular items in our shop for ladies. This winter, forget the department store pashmina that offers little protection and get her something equally beautiful, but that will keep her warm on those cold winter nights. Click here for Fort Belvedere scarves.

Close Up Business Card Cases with cards made by hand - Top Quality Aniline Leathers with Luxurious Goat Velour linings by Fort Belvedere

Business Card Cases made by hand – Top Quality Aniline Leathers with Luxurious Goat Velour linings by Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Business Card Case – $150

Card cases are one of the few accessories that aren’t gender-specific. The ones from Fort Belvedere are beautiful no matter who carries them. This particular card case is often remarked on by women. If the woman in your life is business focused, this is a great stocking stuffer or gift this holiday season. Click here to get one.

CHI Air Digital Touch Ceramic Hair Dryer

CHI Air Digital Touch Ceramic Hair Dryer

CHI Air Digital Touch Ceramic Hair Dryer – $130

A high-quality hair dryer is something many women want but few own. They know their stylist’s hair dryer uses does a far better and faster job but haven’t made the upgrade yet. If the lady in your life relies on her hair dryer daily, this is a great gift option for her. Click here to get the same one stylists use and recommend.

Men's Manicure Set leather pouch in high quality leather in red & black with contrast stitching - Fort Belvedere

Manicure Set leather pouch in high-quality leather in red & black with contrast stitching – Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Manicure Set – $125

Small, well made and elegant, this manicure set fits snugly into any travel kit and is perfect for any woman who likes a nice home manicure. Its beautiful black leather case with red detailing makes it appropriate for men and women alike. Click here to get it.

Under $1,000


Various wines from different wine clubs

Various wines from different wine clubs

90 Point Rated Wine Club – $969

There are dozens of wine clubs, but few that exclusively feature highly regarded and well-critiqued wines. It’s really hit and miss. However, this 90-point wine club will send you wine every month of the year, and all of them will be bottles highly praised by some of the top wine critics around the world. You won’t have to worry about serving something that should have an Arbor Mist logo stamped on the bottle. Click here to subscribe.

The new and much larger iPad Pro

The new and much larger iPad Pro

iPad Pro – $799

The largest and most technologically advanced tablet from Apple has finally arrived, and for the tech-savvy woman in your life, this is a perfect gift. Watching movies is easier, going over paperwork from the office is a breeze and having a tablet the size of a laptop makes online shopping a dream when you can see the finer details up close. My wife doesn’t leave the house without her iPad and yours won’t either with the new iPad Pro. Click here to get her one.

Under $5,000

Givenchy Medium Antigona bag

Givenchy Medium Antigona bag

Givenchy Medium Antigona Bag – $2,295

It’s been said that every woman needs at least one staple black bag. This medium handbag from Givenchy is classic and elegant without the tackiness of having its logo plastered all over it like some other designer handbags tend to do. Exquisite craftsmanship and quality materials make this a bag she’ll cherish for many years to come. Click here to buy one.

Tiffany Co Elsa Peretti Pendant

Tiffany Co Elsa Peretti Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Pendant – $1,400

When the Italian designer teamed up with Tiffany to create a line of jewelry, the one requirement seemed to be that simplicity was the mark of beauty. This particular pendant is simple and yet eye-catching. It’s a remarkable sculpture that’s sensual and yet sophisticated. Tiffany even describes it as having a mysterious allure. The snowflake obsidian sits on a 26″ sterling silver chain and is perfect for all occasions. Click here to order one online today.

Under $10,000

Cartier watch on wrist

Cartier watch on wrist

Cartier Tank Solo Dress Watch – $8,152

When it comes to fine timepieces for women, there is a vast selection of styles available, from various manufacturers. Some women tend to prefer a very slim dress watch whereas others opt for the more modern ‘boyfriend’ style. However, for the most elegant women one company, came to mind: Cartier.

The Cartier Tank is one of the most prolific and readily identifiable luxury watches in the world. They start in the sub-$3000 price point if you’re okay with quartz. For something automatic or mechanical, you’re usually going to have to spend more than $8,000. This particular one is a very feminine and elegant Tank that works with a variety of outfits and dress codes. If you have the budget, it’s well worth the investment. Click here to get one.


There are so many wonderful gifts that you can find for any woman in your life. Of course, in the end it’s the thought that counts. What are some of the most thoughtful gifts you’ve given? Any, in particular, you would recommend for other men to buy?

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Holiday Gift Guide for Women - Gift Ideas For Her
Unique gift guide with ideas for her and men looking for the perfect gift for the women in their lives.
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  1. Alessio says:

    With money you do not buy a good taste. And this is both a famous rhyme and an ammonition to the writer. Another article that is useless and trivial. How can they let you pubblish this garbage?

    • John says:

      Yes, another of the type of shallow article as little more than an excuse to push Fort Belvedere and Amazon which is making me think seriously of unsubscribing not long after subscribing
      (I think there is a typo and ammonition should be admonition)

      • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

        You are not forced to read anything here. WE have more than 700 in depth articles, yet John and Alessio choose to ignore most of our articles and then read a gift guide and complain that it is trivial… This gift guide provies exactly what it promises, not more and not less.
        Ironically, this guide was very popular with our readers. So if you know you do not like gift guides, don’t read them and focus on the other guides we have.
        You are not doing us a favor of being on our email list, and since I would hate to bother you with emails you do not like, I removed you both.

    • J.A. Shapira says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you find this gift guide for women useless and trivial garbage. We wrote it to help the gentlemen who read this site that have requested such guides in the past. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone. Enjoy the holidays.

      J.A. Shapira | Editor
      Gentleman’s Gazette, LLC

      • Alessio says:

        I am not talking about pushing any product or about any advertising, but i noticed that in the last month the quality some articles was very low. a real example is the article about who are the best dressed professional worker, and I was not the only who noticed that it was written at least not for european men. In the actual article, it’s even worse: how can you suggest to make as present to a woman, the iphone case, the Ipad or the moleskin agenda? besides my opinion (that is that they are useless) I think that this article was written by hurry and just pubblish any something. I read here every day and I can t stand articles like this because it streech with the usual tones and the usual taste. I repeat, i read everything in this site but sometimes I can’t help to leave a negative comment (since, they are very few, 2 in particular in contrast to every good feedback i leave here). Maybe sometimes also a writer could do some “mea culpa” and reconsider different from the holy bible what he had written.

        • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

          Based on your comments and user account it looks like you have been with us for a while, but you have not read everything here on the site. We made changes to the articles about professions and clarified things. Also take a look at the archives, especially etiquette for a gentleman.
          This guide was inspirational, and I am European myself and it would be foolish to think that all Europeans are the same. For example and an Englishman, an Austrian, A German and an Italian are all very different.

  2. Matthias says:

    Usually, this site prides itself for being about timeless fashion and quality, as opposed to labels and designers. The list contains several items which price simply does not reflect the material quality and craftsmanship involved. For me, the most offensive thing is the 1400$ “designer” pendant, which is made up from maybe 15$ worth of silver and snowflake obsidian. Given the extremely simple design, I would say that you can order an absolutely undistinguishable piece at any jeweller’s for less than 50$, saving 1350$ without sacrificing any quality.

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      This is a guide for women, not men. Do you think women buy a purse because of the craftsmanship? Absolutely not. You are free to buy whatever you want but keep in mind what women want. Go ahead and buy the $50 and see her reaction.

      • Matthias says:

        Wow… I feel very sorry that the women you know are the way you describe them. I know that this image of women as expensive “investments” for men is also still conveyed in the media. I assure you that my wife is concerned not about the price of an item, but about its worth.

        • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

          Dear Matthias, this has nothing to do with the women in my life but with the fact how women purchase on a global scale. Women’s fashion is very different than men’s fashion and much less focused on quality but rather the design. Whether that is good or bad is an entirely different discussion.
          Also, this is supposed to provide some inspiration. You know your wife best, and if she likes the quality item for $50 then get her that.
          The fact is, a lot of men do not know what to get, and so we try to help. If you don’t need any help, fantastic!

  3. Cole says:

    I very much appreciate this article, thank for you spending time to put together this collection of items. I see that in all of your articles you are very meticulous, and detailed in your history, characteristics (shoe articles), and where to buy them. I love this site, please do not be discouraged at these negative comments, these are not committed members (would you say members?) of this website, nor are they true gentleman. Again, I appreciate your articles and please continue writing
    Have a nice evening !

  4. Michael says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the purpose of these types of articles is to both inform the reader and inspire ideas tailored to one’s own tastes. Matthias seems easily “offended” at the cost of some items, although he extols the virtues of “timeless fashion and quality”. I would encourage Matthias to bear in mind that certain labels have survived through the years based on quality and therefore garner a higher price. My wife has Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada handbags, which I purchased for her, but she also carries off-brands. Sven is correct in saying the primary purpose in her desire for these bags is fashion, but i personally would not have paid those prices for shoddy work and the craftsmanship shows. She’s had her designer bags for many years and they look as fresh as the day she received them, whereas the off-brands are continually being cycled through because they don’t last.

    Anyone on a site like this would likely agree with Alessio’s comment regarding taste being beyond purchasability, but I would counter that quality is not. I wear an original Breitling watch because of the quality, not because of the recognizability of the brand. Many that see it have never heard of the brand. The look of a knockoff may be similar or even undetectable to some, but the difference in quality and feel is undeniable. Matthias claims the quality of certain items doesn’t justify the price, to which I must respond by asking: have you actually held the items you question?
    The article is pretty much what many sites publish this time of year. If you don’t like what the author writes, suggest other topics or items, give constructive criticism, or just don’t surf the site. Pretty straightforward logic: if you don’t like it, don’t look.

  5. Kristin Hughes says:

    I thought this article was helpful for gentlemen. It gave a variety of price ranges and great ideas.
    I am a women who enjoys the finer things and am always looking for new ideas. I am not shallow, just know what I want and like.

  6. Simon says:

    Mr Shapira’s articles about expensive things always seem to have links to allow you to purchase those costly items.

    I suspect that if you buy using the link provided, GG gets a cut of the sale.

    If that helps pay the bills and keeps the site running, then fair enough.

    You don’t have to buy, or even read the article.

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