How to Tie a Scarf

How To Tie A Scarf

Lately, I have been asked by many people on the street how I tie my scarves because they liked the look of my Fort Belvedere Double Sided scarves. It seemed like a perfect idea to teach you my favorite six ways to tie a scarf, and so a video was in order.

So, without further ado, the video How To Tie A Scarf!

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Video Transcript

00:00 – Hello! My name is Sven Raphael Schneider. I’m the founder of the Gentleman’s Gazette and fort Belvedere, and today I’m going to show you my six  ways to tie a scarf.

00:10 – Overall, you could probably find thirty ways to tie your scarf, but I decided to show you my favorite six because they are the most elegant, classic and timeless and you could always wear them with almost anything.

00:42 – The loop tie: Before you start tying it, it’s important to know that you need something that’s at least seventy to seventy five inches long and about twelve to fifteen inches wide. The way you tie it is: You take it the long way, and fold it in half the other way.

01:06 –  So you come up with this. Once you have that, you throw it around your neck. You take the loose ends through the loop.

01:19 – You tighten the loop and you adjust your scarf. You put it in. Voila! The loop tie!

01:32 – Generally, as a man, you want a scarf that’s about seventy to seventy five inches long, because otherwise, your scarves are just too short – they’re not covering you from the elements and, oftentimes, the ends just look ridiculous.

01:49 – For example, here we have an expensive cashmere scarf from Burberry, but it’s only sixty inches long. So, for example, if I want to tie a loop tie, it’s just very short, and when I walk around it’s going to open up and it looks bad.

02:08 – That’s why you always want a seventy to seventy five inch scarf.

02:15 – The loop tie is great for cold winters because you have multiple layers of fabric and it sits very close to your neck so it’s really warm… and it’s my favorite for cold days.

02:30 – The second way to tie a scarf is the once-around chest warmer. I like it very much because it’s elegant and it looks almost like a scarf from the old days of the gentry in the nineteenth century.

02:46 – OK. Open your coat. Then throw it around your neck. [It ]Should be about one third to two thirds. You open it up, put it in your chest… Once around. And then… on the other side of the chest. You close your coat, and that’s it!

03:11 – Voila! The once-around chest warmer! I like it with a double sided scarf because it shows you the different textures, it’s warm enough for the winter, yet it’s not bulky.

03:27 – The third way to tie a scarf is the once-around with a simple knot at the end. You start, again, similar like before: throw it around your neck – about one third to two thirds. Then you tie it around your neck like so and you make a little knot.

03:57 – And that’s it: the once-around with a knot scarf! It’s still warm – sits tightly around your neck – the little knot makes it interesting because it looks slightly different and I like this way to tie a scarf because it’s rather simple, it’s quick, yet with the little knot at the end, it really changes up things, and if you have a scarf with two sides, it helps to bring out the best of both of them.

04:27 – The fourth way to tie a scarf is called the knot, and it’s called that way because it has a simple knot. Here is how you tie it:

04:34 – Throw it around your neck. Take the longer end and form a simple knot. Make sure you go about… this high. Now you simply put the other end through the open knot. You tie it up. You adjust it – up and down – so it’s tight around your neck. Put it into your topcoat or overcoat. Adjust it a little bit if necessary.

05:13 – And you’re good to go! I like it very much for the fall because the knot it not too bulky, lightweight, yet it allows me to wear a scarf and look good.

05:27 – The fifth way to tie a scarf is called the “count.” I like it particularly because it’s very elegant and you look like a count. [Laughs]

05:40 – Alright, throw it over your neck. And, again, like in “the knot,” tie a knot. Pull the knot up. And just like the knot, bring in the loose end all the way up. Now what you do: The longer end goes once under and over.

06:10 – Make sure you kind of open up your scarf like so. Now you put it in there, and I like the count because it nicely covers up the ‘V’ of my coat, so no wind is going to blow in, it warms my chest, and it warms my neck, so I’m covered all around and I look great; That’s why I love the count.

06:35 – Last, but not least, I want to show you the over the shouldwer way to tie a scarf. Technically, it’s not really a tie, since it’s thrown over the shoulder, but here’s how it works.

06:48 – Take the scarf and throw it over the shoulder. It works particularly well with heavy silk scarves that have some texture on their own that don’t just fall over you shoulder. Take about one third on the right, and then just throw it over your right shoulder.

07:11 – Now you see: It’s tight around my neck and I can move my neck and it stays there because it has this texture – strong silk from Fort Belvedere, and if you look at the side, it shows me covered – both ends are about the same length, which is exactly what you want.

07:33 – The over the shoulder is great for evening scarves, with your tuxedo or white tie, and especially with silk scarves that are heavy and textured. Don’t try using some lightweight scarves that don’t have texture, because when you walk, it’s just going to blow off.

07:53 – Obviously, this is not something for very cold winters if you just quickly go somewhere like an evening event in a tuxedo or white tie, because otherwise it’s simply too cold. However with this silk (and it’s double sided,) it’s quite warm, actually, and it really drapes nicely around my neck in these two colors. So, I really like it for evening occasions.

08:21 – Alright, if you now want to know where you can get all these beautiful scarves we used, go to our website and you can shop at your heart’s content. Once you have a nice scarf and an overcoat, all you need is a nice pair of gloves.

08:36 – Here, I actually have the gloves in peccary leather, in chamois yellow, which is an extremely soft and durable leather. We offer them in lined and unlined, so no matter what climate you’re in, you can get some nice gloves. We have them in grey, chamois yellow and brown, so whatever color you need and all these gloves work well with our scarves, so you can have really great combinations that make you stand out from the crowd… Thank you!

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What is your favorite Way to Tie a Scarf?

How To Tie A Scarf
Article Name
How To Tie A Scarf
Learn How To Tie A Scarf in 6 Easy & Quick Ways, find out what to look for in men's scarves and what gloves to combine with them.
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  1. Juan Manuel says:

    Great video. Thumbs up!
    And nice scarves and gloves especially the chamois yellow ones, very elegant.

    • Arnold Steiner says:

      Really enjoyed this video 😉 My personal choice is the “once around chest warmer”. After dealing with brutal winters in New York City, this application of the scarf is the most effective in my opinion. What I like most about it is that you are able to close all gaps of of cold air from seeping into your neck area and insulate your chest area as well. Cold weather finds its ways of getting under warm clothing and especially when there are strong gusts of winds around every corner turned in the city. The other knots just wouldn’t be enough. But on a mild day all the other knots are styles I would wear. Thanks again for the great video 😉

  2. Jack K says:

    Thank you for your advice about scarf tying.

    I usually do Four-in-Hand method because it gives me both volume and more area coverage for wind protection.

    Nevertheless, beautiful scarves and helpful methods.

  3. Patrick says:

    Clove hitch. Works nicely with a two sided scarf or a broad pattern. Stays put very well. The scarf need not be wide and
    use a lightweight cloth, a typical winter scarf will be too bulky (unless you are a hipster going for the cushion-around-the-neck-look).
    Unfortunately I lost the bookmark with a video showing how to tie it (for all non-boyscouts)…

  4. Ed Christine says:

    Thank you so much for the extremely informative and easy to follow video.Your emails are always among the first to be opened and I learn something every time.

  5. T. Kuter says:

    Very interesting video! But I still prefer to tie my scarves like a cravat – especially because mine are much wider, even after folding them in quarter (circa 27 inches).

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