touchscreen lamb nappa gloves guide

Men’s Leather Touchscreen Lamb Nappa Gloves Guide

I don’t know about you but I use my phone an awful lot; whether it is to communicate with people, checking my emails, checking stats, or whatever it is that you have to do.

The phone is something I touch multiple times a day. Personally, I love to wear gloves because they elevate my outfit so they are not just functional when it is cold outside but also during the transitioning season when I go with unlined gloves.

Tired Of Being Unable To Use Your Phone When Wearing Gloves?

The problem I have whenever I use my phone, I have to take off my glove. If it is really cold, my hand gets cold, and then sometimes, the touchscreen does not react to it as well anymore and it is just a big hassle.

So our goal at Fort Belvedere was to create a glove that is nice but at the same time, having a touchscreen ability. We really love our soft supple lamb Nappa gloves and so we first started by adding a touchscreen solution to the inside of the glove and tried to work that way. The problem was it would sometimes work, and sometimes not, and it was quite frustrating.

Because of that, we never sold them as being touchscreen sensitive even though some of the gloves actually work. Because it was unsatisfactory, we switched to adding the touchscreen ability to the tanning and dyeing process of the leather and now, it works like a charm. I can scroll with a touch of the finger, even the glove itself is touch sensitive so it does not matter if your hand is cold or warm, it would always work.

Burgundy Touchscreen Gloves by Fort Belvedere

Burgundy Touchscreen Gloves by Fort Belvedere

Introducing The Fort Belvedere Touchscreen Gloves

You can actually type or swipe, you can move around, navigate, zoom in, and using our gloves on a screen now is pretty much like using your bare hand. Now obviously, that is a huge advantage and personally, I love it and the downside is the leather is much stiffer than before and it is not as soft and supple. Unfortunately, at this point, there is nothing we can do about that so it is either you get a soft and supple leather or you get a touchscreen sensitive leather.

Because we realized that not everyone wants a touchscreen sensitive glove and some people appreciate soft gloves more than others, we are offering both kinds in our shop. To gauge interest, we started with our burgundy gloves that you can find in a touchscreen version and a non-touchscreen version so if that is popular and we see there is demand for it, we will extend that and offer more gloves all with touchscreen and without.

Of course, the finishing, the details, and the fit of our touchscreen glove is exactly like the ones from our regular lamb Nappa gloves. That means they are all hand cut in Hungary, they are then hand-sewn in Hungary by experienced sewers, all the piping, and the leather is all the same, you have the quirks in the middle of the finger that help you keep your fingers moving.



Men's Leather Touchscreen Lamb Nappa Gloves Guide
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Men's Leather Touchscreen Lamb Nappa Gloves Guide
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