Roland Iten Belt Buckles

Roland Iten – Mechanical Luxury Belt Buckles

Just recently, we reported on the Excellence Run. One of the craftsmen visited during this trip was Roland Iten from Geneva, who produces mechanical luxury pieces for men. Now, watches are usually the first thing to come to mind upon hearing the words mechanical luxury, but Roland Iten provides something completely different: belt buckles.

Of course, one might wonder what mechanical options would actually improve a belt buckle, but Roland Iten emphasizes: “a man who wears a solid gold horological machine on his wrist is not wearing it because it tells time. He wears it because he likes to celebrate the core values of tradition, unique craft and timeless beauty. These are the same core values built into the belt buckles that I create and they are appreciated by the same discerning client.”

Personally, I think he definitely has a point, though creating a watch that shows the time accurately is mechanically complex while a belt buckle can be mechanically simple and still fully serve its purpose. Luckily, looks go beyond purpose and it is really fascinating to see somebody create unique pieces of mechanical beauty.

Being Swiss, Roland Iten has always been surrounded by the world famous watch making industry, which is known for delivering accuracy. Inspired by this level of craftsmanship, he carried over the idea of accuracy and beauty of precious metals to his belt buckles. Each Roland Iten belt buckle is crafted from an individual design, and subsequently crafted from solid gold & titanium or solid gold & stainless steel. Each piece is then decorated and engraved.

I hope you will enjoy the video about the different luxury accessories by Roland Iten, which he describes as Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen.


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