Sven Raphael Schneider - The Dandy Portrait

Yours Truly Appears On The Dandy Portraits by Rose Callahan

Whenever I travel, I sincerely enjoy meeting people. No matter old friends, new acquaintances, like minded clothes horses or just interesting people, I am always up for it. Last time I was in New York City, I wanted to meet with Rose Callahan since I admire her work greatly. If you have not heard of her yet, you’ve been missing out! Fortunately, Rose’s compendium of stylish portraits can be found on her dandy blog.

So, on a cold day in January, my wife and I met Rose and her fiancé Kelly for a coffee. It was very interesting to learn more about their free lance work as a photographer / videographer team. One of their projects was the video of Sean Crowley, and another video chronicled their extensive trip to Europe, where they profiled a number of dandies in London and Paris. Among them were notable personalities such as Hugo Jacomet and Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola.

Brown Glen Urquhart 3 Piece Suit Hussmüller München

Brown Glen Urquhart 3 Piece Suit Hussmüller München

As such, I feel very honored that Rose wanted to take a few pictures of yours truly that day. I was wearing:
Suit: 1960s bespoke suit from Hussmüller München, a renowned German tailor at the time — note the paddock button placement that allows to either button the lower of the two buttons or both.

Shirt: Modern Tailor – salmon colored twill which goes perfectly with brown
Pocket Square: Robert Talbott off-white silk with bordeaux piping,

Socks: green wool with shadow stripes – Fort Belvedere
Shoes: St. Crispin – buckskin suede in chocolate brown
Tie: Knit silk tie, vintage

Cufflinks: 14k Yellow Gold with Malachite – Fort Belvedere

Yours Truly in NYC

Yours Truly in NYC


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  1. Ahmed Sajeel says:

    Inspiring Mr. Schneider … must instantly call my brown-on-cream Glen Check suit on duty. Immaculately done and the DB waistcoat is what truly makes this ensemble.

  2. Gernot_Freiherr_von_Donnerbalken says:

    I can’t resist joining the compliments, both to your appearing on Dandy Portraits and to your great outfit.

  3. Gernot_Freiherr_von_Donnnerbalken says:

    What I find most remarkable about that outifit is the shirt. I wouldn’t have thought that light salmon would turn out so well and before all so discreet, as in the pictures in the shirt’s review, it looked much more flashy than it does worn in combination with that brown suit. It seems to be quite a considerable alternative. Thanks a lot for this inspiration.

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Yes, there is so much more than plain white out there. Although white shirts will always be a staple in my wardrobe I think men should wear shirts in colors other than blue, pink and white as well.

  4. Cheung says:

    I really love the fabric of your suit. At a glance your knit tie looked like some inspirational pattern fro Missoni. A nice combination to appreciate the past.

  5. Arcangelo Nocera says:

    Dear Raphael,
    the pictures of your three piece suit are timely tuned with a recent debate on Our website in which we discussed about the centrality of the waistcoat in this kind of outfit. Indeed both the jacket and trousers should be realized around the vest (and not vice versa) and serve this piece that when the jacket is open ,as also demonstrated in one of your pictures above, stands as the main focus of the whole ensemble.


  6. The Shoe AristoCat says:

    Hi Sven,

    Looking very dapper Dandy. Congrats to you. I like the DB waistcoat . Rose has done a great job. Now you are also included into the Dandy Hall of Fame by Rose.

    The Shoe AristoCat

  7. Michaël Hanna says:

    This is my first post, so I would also like to compliment you on this excellent website (I have been reading the articles for some time though). That’s a beautiful suit, and the pictures are great. The only thing that seems slightly off to me is perhaps the bordeaux lining on the pocket square. Then again, in real life it might have looked slightly different.



    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear Michaël, Thank you for leaving a comment, it is always appreciated. Colors look different on every monitor if they are not calibrated with a color correction tool. So what you see may be different from what I see, which I turn could be different than the real color – lol. In any case, thanks for your kind words.

  8. Jonathan Belmares says:

    I die for this suit not only cause its a three piece which is one of my loves but its also plaid and then the db waistcoat. I also agree that a salmon shirt works wonderfully with plaid i have a brown 3 piece suit with a salmon pink/orange depending windowpane pattern.

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