30 Jazz Albums that you should listen to

30 Jazz Albums Every Man Should Hear

I’ll never forget my first introduction to jazz music. The…
February 26, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Leadership - Leading with Margin

Leading With Margin & Why You Should Do It

Learning to live within margin and staying refreshed is vital…
February 23, 2015/by Jason Hotchkiss
Ballpoint Pen Guide

The Ballpoint Pen Guide

At Gentleman’s Gazette, we have a deep appreciation for all…
February 20, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Great Watches under $100

The Inexpensive Watch Guide

Let’s face facts. Not everyone can afford a $50,000 watch.…
February 18, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
30 Biographies you should read

30 Biographies Every Man Should Read

One thing that the most successful, self-made people in the world…
February 16, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
The Prosecco Guide

The Prosecco Wine Guide

We’ve covered many different varieties of wine over the past…
February 13, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Mens Fashion Ads 1937

Vintage Men’s Fashion Ads & What You Can Learn From Them

Looking back in time can often turn out to be quite helpful when…
February 11, 2015/by Sven Raphael Schneider
The Bentley Guide

The Bentley Motors Guide

Bentley Motors is one of the world’s most revered luxury automakers,…
February 9, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Gary Cooper - Gentleman of Style

Gary Cooper – Gentleman of Style

On May 7, 1901 at a small home in Helena, Montana, a prominent…
February 6, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
The Highest Budget Watch Buying Guide

The Highest Budget Watch Buying Guide

In this final chapter of our series on budget watch guides, we’re…
February 4, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men & Women

Gentlemen, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but chocolates…
February 2, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
30 Albums You Should Listen To

30 Albums You Should Listen To

During a quick internet search I figured out there is a little…
January 31, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Tie Clip Primer

The Tie Clip & Bar Primer

Sometimes, the greatest achievements take place on the smallest…
January 28, 2015/by Sven Raphael Schneider
Top WInes for Your Budget

Top Wines Under $1000 / $100 / $50 / $20

We’ve spent a great deal of time discussing some of the various…
January 24, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
The American Watch Guide

The American Watch Guide

Since inheriting the watch that introduced me to the wonderful…
January 22, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Pitti Uomo 87

Pitti Uomo 87

Once again it is Pitti time, and this year men are probably even…
January 18, 2015/by Sven Raphael Schneider
The Underwear Guide

The Underwear Guide

One of the best quotes I ever read was when fashion designer…
January 15, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
The Liqueur Guide

The Liqueur Guide

I’m often asked what the definition of a “liqueur” is,…
January 13, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
President John F. Kennedy - Gentleman of Style

President John F. Kennedy – Gentleman of Style

On May 29, 1917, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born at his childhood…
January 11, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
The Fish & Seafood Guide

The Fish & Seafood Guide

Fish and seafood are two of the most commonly consumed foods,…
January 8, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
The Diving Watch Guide

The Diving Watch Guide

Dive watches are something that many men own but few use. It’s…
January 1, 2015/by J.A. Shapira
Top Resorts of the World

Top All-Inclusive Resorts of the World

With winter fast approaching, many of us will be traveling south…
December 26, 2014/by J.A. Shapira
Trust Fund Guide

The Trust Fund Guide

We’ve all heard of them, but few of us have them. If you ask…
December 23, 2014/by J.A. Shapira
Dress Watch Guide

The Dress Watch Guide

Just because James Bond wore a Submariner with a dinner jacket…
December 21, 2014/by J.A. Shapira

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