5 biggest shaving mistakes

5 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

When it comes to shaving, it’s really easy to fall into a routine and just to keep doing what you’ve always done even though you’re not happy with the results. In today’s guide, we show you how to break with bad old habits and we discuss the 5 biggest shaving mistakes men make.

This video is brought to you in collaboration with OneBlade, maker of the best razor I have ever used on day-to-day basis. By the way, OneBlade has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee “LOVE IT IN 30 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK”, so you can try it risk-free.

How I Started – With A Cartridge System (It Sucked!)

When I was a teenager, my dad showed me how to shave with a cartridge razor system, and that’s all I knew, and so I just kept doing it even though I didn’t like the result and I didn’t like the process. Apart from that, it was quite pricey. However, you don’t know what you don’t know. Fortunately once I did know what a quality shave looked like and how much money I could save there was no way back for me.

We Believe Every Man Should Experience A Great Shave Day In, Day Out

As you might know, at the Gentleman’s Gazette we take shaving very seriously. We even created a 300+ page in-depth guide to shaving. We added videos to it and to get to that result we surveyed over 3,000 men who tested over 150 products so we really could find out what works and what doesn’t. Over the years I learned a lot about shaving, and so we came up with five biggest mistakes that men make when they shave.


Cartridge and disposable razors

Gillette Mach 3 Cartridge razor and disposable razor

5 Biggest Shaving Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Using A Blade That Is Not Sharp

In my opinion, it’s the biggest problem because we’ve become accustomed to cartridge razors and they use dull blades. Do you ever notice that the big marketing campaigns of the cartridge razor systems never mention the sharpness of the blades?

Number of Blades Doesn’t Matter – Blade Sharpness Is Most Important

They usually talk about the number of the blades, the lubrication strip, the handle, the vibration, the light, and whatnot. However, they forget the most important thing – sharpness, because without the sharp blade all the other things are pretty much useless. Of course, with so many blades they have to make a dollar and also if they have a dull blade you have to replace it more often which makes more money especially considering that they usually cost between a dollar or two and eight dollars a piece.

Cartridge Razors Are The Wrong Choice For 99.999999% Of Men

Unless you have very thin hair and perfect skin and I’ve never seen a man who had perfect skin, a cartridge system is pretty much useless. In my experience shaving with a cartridge system also left me with an uncomfortable feeling of ripping my hair and nicks and cuts.

DE Safety Razor: Sharper Than Cartridge + Lower Cost But Tricky to Use

So the next step up from a cartridge system is the double edge razor or safety razor. It’s a kind of razor your great-grandpa probably shaved with, and it’s still around today.

The two big pros of a DE safety razor are that you get a much better quality shave at a lower cost in a cartridge system.

The cons are there are hundreds of handles for DE shavers on the market and just as many blades. The problem is you have to find the exact right combination of the blade and the handle that works best for your face because if you don’t, you end up with an uncomfortable shave. You either have a blade that is too sharp or something that is not sharp enough, and so it requires a lot of testing and a lot of money.

I Wasted Over $1000 Until I Found A DE Razor That Worked For Me

After spending way over $1000, I figured out that for my skin and my hair I needed a very sharp blade and so I went with a Feather blade and a very aggressive razor.

Straight Razor: Sharp But Too Impractical & Time-Consuming

The next step in my evolution to a perfect shave was a single blade razor. Traditionally you have a straight razor, and it’s just the ultimate experience. It’s what you get at a luxury barber shop at the same time it takes 45 minutes to an hour, and you need the right technique, and it’s a huge pain in the ass and unless you truly enjoy shaving it’s not something you’ll ever do.

OneBlade: The Sharpest Razor That Provides The Perfect Shave Paired Convenience & Cost – Effectiveness

Over a year ago, we were approached by OneBlade, and they wanted to work with us on content around shaving. At first, I was skeptical because I had done so much testing of shaving products and shaving techniques, but I didn’t think there could be anything beyond that.

Single OneBlade Is Sharper Than the Sharpest DE Blade

The exciting part about the OneBlade shaver was that it was a traditional handle just like on a cartridge system, but it used single-edged blades that were very sharp. In fact, they were made by Feather, and they were even sharper than their double edge razor blades. So truly it’s the sharpest blade on the market. So you may wonder, aren’t you more likely to get more nicks and cuts with a sharper blade? And in fact, that’s not the case.

More than $1 Million Spent On R & D In Pursuit Of The Perfect Shave

OneBlade started from scratch with zero assumptions about how many blades it would take to get the perfect shave. They spent over a million bucks in research and development and came up with a handle system with suspension and a single sharper blade. Because of its flexible suspension mechanism, the blade continually adjusts to your face, and you are always at the right angle, and you get the perfect shave.

OneBlade Provides A Straight Razor Shave Result, But It Takes Just 10% of The Time & Effort

Shaving with a OneBlade is just as easy and convenient than shaving with a cartridge razor however you get a much better result because the blade is so much sharper.

With a OneBlade, I get a shave that rivals the quality of a straight razor shave in a fraction of the time. Initially, the OneBlade cost $400 which is way too much for most men out there. If you think back to the first iPhone, it was costly, and it quickly became a status symbol, and it was just revolutionary new with a lot of R&D in it, and everyone wanted one. As a consequence, the second iPhone was even better than the first one, but it came at a much lower price tag. The same is true for OneBlade.

OneBlade Genesis $399 vs. OneBlade Core $49.95

They went back to a drawing table and created a shaver that is basically 95% of the original OneBlade Genesis, and they call it OneBlade Core. It uses the same super-sharp Feather single blade, and it also has a suspension mechanism that guarantees a secure shave. So at this price point, a super sharp blade that is convenient to use is all of a sudden much more affordable for all men out there.


Various Shaving Products

Various Shaving Products

Mistake #2 – Not Doing The Proper Prep Work Routine

No matter how you shave, you always want to incorporate a proper prep work routine because you’ll end up with a better shave and your skin will thank you for it.

Step #1 Hot Water  – That’s It No Step #2

It all starts with soaking your face in hot water because it opens the pores of your skin and softens your hair. For a real luxury treatment, you can also use a moist towel. I just put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and keep it on my face for roughly a minute or two. It feels amazing! Of course, if you don’t have that extra time in the morning, I suggest you just take a warm hot shower beforehand, and that’s all you need before you shave.


Never use any shaving creams that come out of a can

Never use any shaving creams that come out of a can

Mistake #3 – Not Using Proper High Fat Lubrication

If you think about it, the shave cream lubricant is the only thing that protects your skin from the sharp blade. You need a lubricant so the razor can do its job without nicking or tugging your skin. The truth is there’s no such thing as over lubrication.

Unfortunately, most men don’t lubricate enough. Lubrication in the shaving world comes from fat. So the higher the fat content in your shaving cream, the better it is for your skin.

Canned Shaving Creams, Gels & Aerosols Are Bad For Your Skin

Sadly, most shaving creams and gels on the market today are designed to be just cheap, and so they skip the essential oils in the shaving cream. Instead, they go with chemicals and alcohol which dries out your skin, and often they add air simply, so it looks more than it is. As a rule of thumb, never use any shaving creams that come out of a can because they’re low in fat and they don’t lubricate as well. Ideally, a high-fat quality shave cream should be lathered up with a brush that was soaked in water beforehand because that yields a rich lather and the brush will lift the hair follicles from your skin.

If you opt for the OneBlade Core, I suggest you go with their starter kit which includes the handle, 30 extra blades, a shave cream with a lot of fat that is super lubricant, as well as their repair gel that you use after you shave and a shaving brush so you can lather everything up. The system was designed with all skin and hair types, so it completely takes the guesswork out of shaving.

The entire kit cost less than 90 bucks up front, and you get a stainless steel handle that is coated with an engineer grade polymer, so it lasts and stands the test of time.


Mistake #4 – Focus On The Upfront Cost & Convenience

The mistake most men make is to focus just on the upfront cost as well as the convenience and not on the actual quality of the shave, the cost per shave and the overall value. Most men today don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront and want something that’s easy and convenient, and I don’t blame you. The problem with that low upfront prices that it’s very expensive and a midterm at the long run.

Cartridge Razors Are The Most Expensive Way To Shave & They Provide A Bad Shave

For example look at the cartridge systems, the handle just costs about five to ten dollars and sometimes they even throw it in for free. However, the cartridge itself costs anywhere from $1 – $8 and so you quickly add up the cost if you just shave for a few months. Once I experienced a really good quality shave I couldn’t go back to a cartridge system anymore. So with a quality shave system, you have to invest a little more upfront, but the cost per shave goes way down.

OneBlade Costs Less Than $0.25 A Shave & It’s Better For The Environment

If you look at OneBlade, their single blades cost around $0.65 per piece. Yes, with a starter kit I had to invest about $90 upfront but I got 30 blades included and after a few months I quickly recouped that cost and now I’m just saving a lot compared to any cartridge system on the market.

Even if you’ve already upgraded from a cartridge system to a double edge safety razor system, you may still be better off with a OneBlade.

For example, I used to have a Feather blade before with a double edge razor, and it cost me about $0.25 if I bought them in bulk and more if I bought fewer of them. I had to get a new blade for every shave for a great result versus with a OneBlade I can use the blade three to four times because it is thicker and sharper.

Now my cost is between $0.17 and $0.22 per shave, and I get that superior handle with a suspension mechanism, so I rarely suffer from nicks and cuts anymore. At the end of the day, OneBlade is an extremely affordable shave. It’s super easy to use, easy on your skin and convenient. Most importantly, it provides you an incredibly impressive shave, so your face is baby smooth.


OneBlade Core and Genesis

OneBlade Genesis And Core – I think the Core Is The Best Value For The Money

Mistake #5 – Giving Up After Trying A New Shaving System

Honestly, I’ve seen it over and over again. Someone is unhappy with a cartridge system or with their electric shaver, so they upgrade to a different shave system. Now they try it once, and they don’t have the proper technique, they think it’s not working for them, and they go right back to what they know. The problem here is not the system it definitely works. However, you likely have not developed the right technique yet, so I encourage you to keep going. Give it a couple of weeks. Once you’ve mastered that first intro period, you will truly realize how easy and convenient it is for you and what kind of a shave you can get from it.

For example, with a OneBlade shaver you hold it slightly differently than a cartridge razor and ideally you do multiple passes.

First, you go in longer strokes with the grain because it’s more comfortable on your skin and it gets off the long hairs from your face.

With the second pass, you go against the grain in short strokes and always make sure to clean out the blade with hot water in between that way you get a better result than if your blade is clogged.


At the end of the day shaving mistakes are easy to avoid. With a bit of hot water, quality shaving products and a sharp razer like the OneBlade Core Kit, shaving is super convenient and straightforward, yet it’s different than shaving with the cartridge razor or with an electric shaver. I know you might wonder if OneBlade is right for you and I was extremely skeptical at first, however, today the OneBlade is what I use on a day-to-day basis, and I am very pleased with the shave it delivers and the low ongoing cost.

5 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
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5 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
Avoid these 5 biggest shaving mistakes and learn why OneBlade is right for you.
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22 replies
  1. Mark in OZ says:

    Shaving is a time consuming processor you might as well resolve yourself to it and make time for it . We men expect our precious women folk to turn themselves out in a certain fashion and for this money has to be spent . Don’t be a Scrooge on grooming.

  2. Joseph K. says:

    Overall, this is an excellent article – however, it’s disappointing to see a high-quality publication like The Gentleman’s Gazette still repeating the disproven myth about pores “opening” in your articles about shaving. Ask any qualified dermatologist or do an internet search and you’ll discover that because skin pores have no muscles, it’s physiologically impossible for them to dilate or contract in the way conventional shaving advice describes. What happens with exposure to hot water is simply the expansion of the surrounding skin due to heat – cold makes the skin tighten and contract, warmth makes it expand. It’s true that the heat and moisture of steam soften both whiskers and skin, but again, pores absolutely do not open or close. It’s a myth, so it’s disheartening to see it blindly repeated in 9/10 shaving articles. Writers assume that because they’ve read it so many times, it must be true. It’s not true! If writers did some rudimentary research, they’d discover that the skincare advice they’re providing (at least on the matter of pores) isn’t based in fact; unfortunately, it undermines their expertise when they lazily tout such assumptions. Pores don’t open, so you do your readers and yourself a disservice, Mr. Schneider, in continuing to claim otherwise when you’ve been notified in the past and given ample opportunity to confirm whether what you’re saying is accurate.

  3. David S Roberts says:

    I’m a little miffed. From am earlier article on Gentleman’s Gazette which extolled the greatness of a DE razor, I bought a new shaving system for no small expense. Now this article says something completely different. Sounds like bait and switch to me!

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear David,
      As with everything in life, things evolve and companies innovate and improve things. As I said in the guide, a DE shave is still a better quality at a lower cost than a cartridge system, and when I received the OneBlade, I did not believe that it would do a better job than my existing setup.
      Therefore, I am happy to share my latest finding with our audience.
      Maybe a year down the line, a sapphire blade razor will enter the market that is better than anything we have today, who knows. But as things improve we feel it is our duty to our readers to let them know.
      At the time we wrote the other guides, we truly recommended what we thought was best at the time, and we stand by that.

      Where would we end up if we did not have innovation? Should companies not create better products and should we withhold information from our readers?

  4. Al R says:

    Honestly? This was a nice “Fort Belvidere infomercial. BUT the info was considerable & very informative. I will have to reconsider purchase of the system. Thanks!

  5. Gerry Gallagher says:

    Really enjoyed the video and the information on the new OneBlade shaving system, i am in the market for a new safety razor so going to check this out..

    PS. thanks for all the great tips they have without doubt help me a lot, people I work with think i have come into money, am a lot smarter dressed now, it really down to savvy shopping and know-how, so thanks again GG

    Ta Gerry

  6. Constantin von der Lühe says:

    Once again a good informative article by GG.
    I don‘t agree on the straight razor critic.
    For me it has contemplative qualities to spend half an hour with carefully preparing my face, sharpening the blade, lathering and shaving, and with soothing aftercare. And -I assure You- with a little practice the results are unsurpassable.
    I use a Dovo Bismarck 2 straight razor, and I will go on doing so.

  7. Attila Karpati says:

    I don’t believe it. They invented the SE razor again? Because, as far as I see, OneBlade is a single-edge razor, nothing more. Well, with a moving head, but if you have wrist, you don’t need it.

  8. Steve Ruis says:

    Actually the number of blades does matter–the more the worse! Many people do not realize that a knife edge cuts via pressure. The weight and force behind the blade are concentrated onto a very small edge. This increases the pressure at the edge (pressure equals force divided by area of application and when the area is very small the pressure becomes very high). When you replace the single edge razor blade by a double, triple, or quadruple edge blade, you are increasing the area of contact of the edge(s) with whiskers. This reduces the pressure/cutting ability of the edges. So, all of the force is distributed on the single edge of a single edge razor, the force is split onto two edges in a double blade and split into fourths on a quadruple blade. If these multi-edge razors worked as the claim to, there should be proportionally fewer strokes needed to shave. Since there are clearly not fewer strokes needed, the idea is a scam. A double-edged razor, used one edge at a time provides a cleaner shave with less pull than the “cartridge” razors and a whole lot less expensively.

  9. Forrest says:

    Excellent article. Covered some great points. I don’t know about the pore issue. Cartridges and gunk in cans can really mess up one’s face.
    However there is nothing like a straight razor shave. I use a badger hair brush with high fat shaving creme. I also prep my face with cocoa butter. Shaving with two passes, it takes about 15 minutes. Add five minutes for stropping the razor l’m at twenty minutes max. I get a BBS (baby butt smooth) experience. Great things in life are worth the extra time! Then off to prepare my coffee. No plastic pods filled with coffee roasted only God knows when. Rather freshly roasted and ground immediately before placed into my French press!

  10. Jordan says:

    Thank you very much for this article. I found it extremely helpful. I still use the cartridge and want to switch but found the other methods too complicated. I used your link and purchased the starter kit you recommended. Thank you!

  11. Twotone says:

    Good article.

    My advice:

    Get a decent DE razor for $40.00 or less — Edwin Jager, Muhle or Merkur are great values. Get some decent DE blades — Astra SP & Persona are about $12.00 for a 100 — a two-year supply. Dump the goo out of the can and get Poraso, Nivia (in the tube made in Germany) or kiss my face or Trumpers. Get a decent boar or badger brush. The entire kit is less than $100. Watch some shaving videos – Mantic59, nick shaves and shave nation are good.

  12. Tom says:

    One thing I didn’t see is how long will the ‘closest’ shave last? I use a Merkur DE and it definitely gives a closer shave than any cartridge. It’s baby butt smooth. However, if your hair grows fast enough that you could actually shave twice a day… I don’t think dumping your DE for a SE is going to matter a whole lot. I shave my face every day and my head every other day and I get about 4 shave-days per blade side = 8 shave-days per blade at $0.25 per blade compared to $0.66 per blade. I’m sure the Oneblade is a fine razor but I won’t be spending any money for the far off possibility of having the ‘closest shave’ last an extra hour more than my DE. If my DE gives me a baby butt smooth shave and the Oneblade gives me a baby butt smooth shave… how do I tell which is the closest?

  13. Mark says:

    My master barber of 30 years had good advice on preserving youthful skin. Simply douse plenty of rubbing alcohol (close your eyes) on a dry face post-shave, follow with a towel hot as you can stand for about a minute, and finish with your preferred moisturizer. Exhilarating.

    I am a man of 50 yet present as a dashing 35 year old most days.

  14. david c. de young says:

    i have been thinking about purchasing the oneblade. my dilemma is i have about 75 de blades in my medicine cabinet. can they be used or do i need to order the feather blades? are there any other blades available other than the feather?


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