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Creed Royal Oud – Persian Palace Meets Indian Agarwood

After we introduced you to the fresh scent Creed Aventus earlier this year, we are happy to present Creed Royal Oud. Although the scent will not be sold at stores until October, you are now able to exclusively purchase this scent from the Creed Boutique in NYC.

Since we already covered a little bit of the history of Creed last time, we will dive right into the scent.

The Inspiration for CREED Royal Oud

CREED Royal Oud Fragrance

CREED Royal Oud Fragrance

Creed Boutique, USA was so kind to provide us with a bottle of Royal Oud, the latest addition to the ever-growing fragrance family of Creed. The flacon was packed in a white Creed Logo embossed paper box with gold and black accents. On the inside, we find a clear glass bottle with labels and cap in black and gold which houses the Royal Oud scent.

SadAbad Palace

SadAbad Palace

The inspiration for this imperial fragrance originated from the Royal Persian Palace,  the SadAbad Palace in Tehran, with all its marvelous wood, leather marble and gold elements. Oud, also known as Oude, is not just a fantasy name but much rather the name for Agarwood, or the oil which is extracted from it. Generally, Agarwood is found throughout southeast Asia but Creed used a special oud oil from the Indian Agarwood. Maybe that’s the reason.

A Truly Royal Scent

CREED Royal Oud Fragrance

CREED Royal Oud Fragrance

When I smelled Royal Oud for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised: it smells rich, sumptuous and sophisticated, but it is not overly heavy. With its subtle, elegant sweetness, I can perfectly understand, why it advertised as a unisex scent. My wife also immediately agreed that it would be perfectly appropriate for both men and women to wear, yet complex enough to stand out from other unisex scents.

Compared to Creed Aventus, the Royal Oud smells more majestic and round, with a little bit of lemon, and a good portion of precious, exquisite wood with a hint of spice. Aventus, on the other hand, seems to be a little lighter and clearer with more citrus notes. It is definitely more of a summer scent for warm days, while Royal Oud would be perfect for formal evening occasions when paired with a tuxedo, or mixed with the heavier suits of fall or winter.  In my mind, Royal Oud smells similar to Le Dandy from d’Orsay, but the wonderful agarwood and cedar scent that makes it standout.

  • Top note: First, I can smell a hint of lemon zest and some bergamot
  • Heart note: Cedar wood
  • Base note: very elegant smell of Indian oud oil and sandalwood
CREED Flacon

CREED Flacon

I have worn the scent a couple of times for evening occasions, and it always lasted for several hours. After about 4 hours the fragrance becomes less dominant, though the wearer’s sensitivity to the scent surely dwindles with time.

The bottle of Creed Royal Oud is currently sold only in 2.5 fl. oz (75ml) bottle and retails for $300 at the CREED Boutique. However, part of the proceeds is donated to the dedicated nonprofit organization, Global Giving, which provides health care services and immunization for Indian children in need.

Royal Meets Royal Oud

Moreover, this summer the Creed polo team, which is headed by team captain and company VP, Adam Brecht, has been playing under the name CREED Royal-Oud. With these ties to the polo game, it does not come as a surprise that Creed deposited a collection of Creed Fragrances (including Royal Oud) at the Foundation Polo Challenge at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William won the Cup, by the way, after scoring 4 out of 5 of his team’s goals and received the trophy including a kiss by his wife.

Creed Royal Oud Millesime

Creed Royal Oud Millesime

Regardless of these celebrity rumors, all that counts at the end of the day is the scent itself. In my opinion, Royal Oud is a truly elegant scent, that I will happily wear for years to come. Even though you could always pass it on to your significant other, it is probably best to order a sample first – but I am fairly certain you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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    It sounds wonderful! Perhaps too sweet for my taste but I shall most certainly sample it when possible.

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