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Apparel Arts Summer Fashions 1935

Today on the Gentleman’s Gazette we will take a look at a number of summer fashions illustrated in Apparel Arts 1935. As in the Herrenjournal, Apparel Arts featured numerous and very detailed fashion illustrations that always captured the spirit of the location.

In 1935, Apparel Arts published an article about the importance of various summer resorts across the globe and their influence on men’s summer fashion at the time.

Firstly, let’s look at what fashion illustrator, Fell Sharp, captured from various cities in 1935.

  1. The young gent on the French beach wears a ribbed crew neck bench shirt while he is setting up the umbrella.
  2. The London city gentleman has a mustache, brown pork pie felt hat, off-white coat with a pale blue summer shirt and white-orange striped necktie and, of course, he is enjoying his pipe.
  3. The young chap wears a brown windowpane jacket, which he has combined with a yellow club collar shirt, red tie, white sweater, grey flannel slacks with matching socks and brown wing tip oxford shoes. The outfit is topped off by a cap – I can safely proclaim that this would be much too hot for me in the summer!
  4. This man wears a sand-colored gabardine sports jacket with patch pockets and side vents next to the armhole, which provide comfort and room for movement. These vents are definitely neglected nowadays, and are usually only seen on bespoke garments. Recently, I spotted them on the new RTW line by Leonard Logsdail.
  5. Most men in the US would certainly object to wearing these white ribbed swimming trunks but, back then, they were perfectly normal.
  6. In Monte Carlo, you could find Espadrilles for men, these rope soled beach sandals are indeed very airy but do not provide any support. As such, they are suited exclusively for beach wear or short distance walks.
  7. In the evening, one could easily pull off a white dinner jacket with shawl collar and red boutonniere.
  8. Finally, the equestrian fashion favored the shepherd’s check jodhpur trousers that summer season.

  1. The second illustration shows us a man who wears a red knit polo shirt with navy and white horizontal body stripes. The pants are made of rough linen and have an interesting light brown color. On his feet, he wears espadrilles – what else!?
  2. The gentleman in the middle wears a brown three-button suit with notched lapels in an earthy brown. The green broadcloth shirt features a white collar and is worn with a madras bow tie as well as a panama hat with a a brim that is curled up all around (like a Homburg hat). His brown suede blucher shoes go very well with everything.
  3. On the very right, we see a man in a double breasted grey flannel jacket with rather long and rolled lapel and side vents, which just started to become popular back then. Before the non-vented jacket used to be most men’s favorite. The off-white slacks are cut quite full, and the medium blue broadcloth shirt has an unpinned medium pointed collar. The navy striped club tie fits in well, as do the dark brown snap brim hat and the brown and white captoe spectator shoes. Of course, I also like the boutonniere, though I think the blue, red and yellow pocket square is definitely not the best choice. Considering that the red carnation is rather prominent, a more subtle pocket square in light blue or light brown would have been better in my opinion.

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