Lovat Green Fabric

Lovat Green Summer Jacket – Apparel Arts 1933

The color green is not utilized very often in menswear today. This is a pity because it is very versatile and it has a nonchalant character.

Ideal greens for summer jackets are Lovat Shades, which consist of mixtures of green, blue and yellow. Below, you can see a American University man in such a jacket, as shown by Apparel Arts in 1933.

A perfect example of the studied negligence that is taken as the standard of good taste among college men

Loavt Green 02

THE American University man is justly famed for representing, as a class, a high standard of excellence in personal appearance. Much of the secret of this distinction lies in the fact that the first thing the freshman learns is the importance of never looking “dressed up,” while always looking well dressed. Recently, the tendency toward an effect of “careful carelessness” has been emphasized through the trend toward rough, almost shaggy, fabrics for town and campus wear. At Yale and Princeton, this type of fabric is particularly favored in the Lovat shades, (mixtures of green, blue and yellow) which give a cooler, more summery effect than the usual heathers, which are comprised of the warmer reds, oranges, and browns. These rough suitings are smartly worn with almost any type of slack, such as flannel, gabardine, ans so forth, and are effectively combined with the negligee touch afforded by the button down shirt and brilliantly patterned ties, like these four-in-hands of Indian Corah cloth.”

One great feature of Apparel Arts was the fact that they often provided fabric samples for the outfits shown in the magazine:


Loavt Green Tweed Suiting Fabric

Loavt Green Tweed Suiting Fabric

Early last fall, fashion observers reported the growing popularity, particularly at Princeton and Yale, of rough tweedy type fabrics for all general knock-about campus wear — in fact for all except strictly town purposes. Worn smartly with either flannel, gabardine or other type of slacks, these rough fabrics of the Shetland or Harris variety showed a considerably increased acceptance on the part of the fashion leaders during the Palm Beach season.”


Ivory Oxford Cotton Shirting Fabric

Ivory Oxford Cotton Shirting Fabric

The button down shirt has been an established favorite among university men for several seasons and its acceptance, during the summer months, extends considerably beyond the limits of undergraduate circles. This shirt has an easy, carefree, almost negligent look about it that is particularly in tune with the mood of the summer season. In cream color, which is the smartest of the plain shades in which this shirt is worn at the present moment, the favored fabric is either oxford or cheviot. And last fall, at Princeton, another new note was established — the use of cotton flannel fabric, with stripings spaced not too widely, made up in this prevailing popular shirt model. The latter fabric is also favored in checks.”


Resilio India Corah Neckwear Tie

Resilio India Corah Neckwear

Four-in-hand ties of Indian Corah cloth, with brilliantly colored all-over pattern effects against white grounds, are already finding a fashion acceptance that is remarkable in view of the fact that they have so recently been produced. They offer a refreshing change from the usual type of simple printed foulard, particularly in combination with the country type of outfit that we have illustrated here. Their acceptance is in line with the trend toward increasing use of color.”


Cashmere Shirting Fabric Rope Stripe

Cashmere Shirting Fabric Rope Stripe

The rough tweedy type of suiting is never seen in any model except the single breasted type. This may be made with flap pockets and the new smart cash pocket, or even in the more sporty type with flapped patch pockets and either half belted or plain backed. They are slightly too heavy for the Norfolk.”

Next time, you buy a sportscoat – think about the color green! It is a great choice for a casual, yet elegant look.

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