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Fine & Dandy Shop review – New York City

During my last trip to NYC, I had the pleasure to visit the Fine & Dandy Shop. Located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood a bit off the beaten path, the couple Matt Fox and Enrique Crame III found a little, affordable space where they could sell their Dandy accessories to fellow New Yorkers and dapper men visiting from around the world.

Some of you may wonder why we would promote a competitor on our website. Well, I always wanted to enable men to dress with more style and live a more elegant life, and as such we happily to support anybody who has the same mindset. Fine & Dandy is a perfect example of that and the store helps serve the greater purpose of getting more men dress well. So, next time you are in NYC, I suggest you stop by!

Opened in late 2012, the store was just another evolution of Matt & Enrique’s humble beginnings. With an interest in colorful accessories these two started an online presence for Dandies in 2008. Two years later, they started selling their goods at local pop-up gatherings and expanded their product portfolio, which now includes ties, as well as spats in various colors and boater hats – where else can you find that today?! In late 2012, they had the opportunity to open a store, and while Matt is the shopkeeper, Enrique still worked a day job but in January of 2014, he joined the business full time. Together, they have created a remarkable community of chaps who enjoy dressing up with colorful accessories, and I hope they will do so for decades to come.

Fine and Dandy is all about color and self expression

Fine and Dandy is all about color and self expression

For some people their style may be too flamboyant and colorful, but in my opinion style has many facets and on the Gentleman’s Gazette we want to present you with a number of different styles so you can find inspiration and create outfits that work for you. As the name implies, they are dandies and as such they were also featured in the I am Dandy Book, which has been hugely popular around the world.

If you are in the market for colorful pocket squares, ascots in flowery prints, narrow ties with loud patterns, or maybe just a hat or a piece of shaving soap, this is the place to go. They don’t sell entire outfits and only focus on accessories, but that way they can provide a wide range of things. If you can’t make it to New York, browse their website .

Hard to believe but most things are not vintage but actually new

Hard to believe but most things are not vintage but actually new

445 West 49th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.
Open daily noon-8pm, Sunday 1-8 pm.
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  1. Matteo Gesualdo Corvaja says:

    A wonderful shop! Can’t wait to be there when I am going to come to New York City!

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