How To Tie a Bow Tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie


In recent weeks, we have received many requests from men to do a video on How To Tie A Bow Tie. Since our customers and readers are very important to us, we listen and today, I am happy to show you How You Can Tie A Bow Tie every time. 

It works for beginners as well as bow tie pros and even people who have never tied a bow tie before can tie it easily with this step by step tutorial guide. For a video on more advanced ways to tie a bow tie, including single end bow ties, click here.

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Why You Need To Know How To Tie A Bow Tie

Honestly, being able to tie a bow tie is what separates the men from the boys, and every man must know how to tie a bow tie. It’s like knowing how to ride a bike, how to cook a steak or how to tie a tie – it is essential knowledge. You can also watch the video on youtube: How To Tie A Bow Tie Step by Step.

Pre-Tied Or Clip-on Bow Ties Are Not Acceptable

Only boys at prom wear pre-tied bow ties or clip-on bow ties. You should never wear one because it’s too symmetrical making you look fake and cheap.

The Perfect Bow Tie Is Slightly Asymmetrical

Elegant men like Winston Churchill would always wear their bow tie slightly askew which shows the true character of a perfectly tied bow tie: it is not symmetrical.

Single End Bow Tie Cover PictureSingle End Bow Tie Cover Picture

Single End Bow Tie

Bow Tie Materials

Most bow ties are made of silk, and they usually come in just one or two different shapes. At Fort Belvedere, we offer all kinds of bow ties in silk, wool, linen, blends and in 4 different shapes. On top of that, we offer an extensive black bow tie collection that is unrivalled anywhere. You can match it to your grosgrain, barathea or satin lapels or even go with some more exotic black ties like grenadine, moiré or shantung and even single end bow ties

This is just part one of our bow tie videos, stay tuned for another video on advanced ways to create a unique bow tie look.

Assorted Black Bow TIes in Satin, Shantung, Faille, Barathea & Moire

Assorted Black Bow Ties in Satin, Shantung, Faille, Barathea & Moire

How To Tie A Bow Tie
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How To Tie A Bow Tie
Easy HOW TO TIE A BOW TIE Step-by-Step Video Tutorial that works guaranteed even if you have never tied a bow tie before.
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12 replies
  1. mark says:

    I liked the concept of your demonstration. However, your captions were in front of you demonstration, blocking your name movements. Is there a method of (re)moving the captions?

  2. Sven Uwe Keimling says:

    Thank you Sven! After years of semi-dexterous fiddling about this is an elegant, quick way to perfection.

  3. Hyder Khan says:

    Thanks for the great video sir, what are the rules to wearing a bow tie regarding formality, materials, occasions.

    did you already do an article on that if yes please refer
    If no pls throw some light on the issue.
    Thanks again

  4. Dean Simmons says:

    Great video as usual!
    I was wondering if you could show a video on how to tie a single ended bow tie? I have got one, but so far unable to tie it properly.


  5. Old Trad says:

    Allow me to suggest that the best way to learn how to tie a bow tie is to stand in front of a mirror and have someone who knows how to tie one stand behind you and tie your bow tie. I have done this for several friends, and I can assure you that it works better than any video or any diagrams, no matter how good they may be.

  6. RJ says:

    So I purchased my first bow tie a couple of weeks ago. I tried tying it according to some directions I found…didn’t work.

    I tried this method…voila…it worked just as advertised.

    Thank you Sven!

  7. Steve says:

    I have been wearing bow ties for a while and never knew about this. I had a chance to use this tip recently and it made a world of difference. I tied the bow more quickly and tied a neater looking bow than I have ever done before. Thank you for this great tip!

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