High Armholes

High Armholes on a Suit

A lot of men dislike wearing a coat because they feel uncomfortable and limited in their movement. In order to prevent that, one important aspect is to cut the scye—better known as the armhole—very small. That way, the coat does not move around too  much even if you reach out for something or raise your arms.

Outfit - high armholes

Outfit – high armholes

Shirt: White with Club collar and collar pin (made by Sinsicalchi)

Tie: Silk, blue Jacquard pattern (made by Charvet)

Suit: Black-white Glencheck with beige overplaid of tropical wool (made by Mario Caraceni)

Pocket Square: White linen (present from a friend which was bought in Florence)

Shoes: Black leather 5 eyelet Oxford shoes (made by Church’s)

Socks: Gray over the calf socks with purple shadow stripe (made by Gallo)


Caraceni Outfit

Caraceni Outfit

Prince of Wales Check with Overplaid

Prince of Wales Check with Overplaid

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