Outfits At Sea

Outfits At Sea

A cruise is one of those occasions where you have more than enough time to relax and enjoy your life to the fullest. At the same time, you can think about your style and the outfit you want to wear for dinner. Because you are in an enclosed space, you will always meet the same people, which means you can’t wear the same outfit every day. At the same time, you have a limited amount of clothes, so you have to be creative and create new look with the help of differing accessories.

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The Importance of Accessories

Although many sun worshippers on deck wear hardly anything at all, there are numerous other places on board where it is adequate to present oneself in proper dress clothing, for example, when you are reading in the library, taking a walk on deck, or especially, every night for dinner.

Since most people will only have a very limited selection of their wardrobe available on a cruise, accessories are of utmost importance. Just think about the armada of ties, scarves, pocket squares, ascots, cuff links, informal shirts, vests, and so forth that you can pack if you skip on one suit! Considering that you have all the more time on a cruise, you will most likely come up interesting outfits that you would never have dreamed about at home. So, when in doubt, take out a jacket or suit and substitute it with accessories.

Wear Colorful clothes!

A cruise ship or a yacht are ideal places to wear colorful combinations. This does not mean that you should dress exclusively in Hawaii shirts all day and look like a parrot. Much rather, you should leave your navy and charcoal suits at home and wear colored shirts in bolder stripes or colorful bow ties instead. Also, shorts and polo shirts in yellow, green, blue, or red can look quite pleasing when at sea in warmer climates.

An off white, light blue or rust brown colored jacket could can be the basis of a versatile, interesting and unique cruise wardrobe. Likewise, white and lightly colored pants made of flannel, gabardine, fresco or seersucker are a great choice for a cruise, especially if they are paired with spectators or other lightly colored buckskin or canvas shoes. Moreover, all kinds of caps (other than baseball hats) are a fantastic way to create a unique outfit. At the same time, they are more practical than hats since they are less likely to be blown away by the constant breeze one would experience at sea.

Evening Wear at Sea

In the evening, you should dine with a tuxedo. If you own a white dinner jacket, this is the place to wear it! Colorful evening accessories like a cummerbund, pocket square or even bow tie may look particularly debonair when on a cruise.

My Summer Outfit at Sea

Shirt:  Light blue & dark blue striped shirt with two button cuff (made by Sinsicalchi)

Coat: Ivory cotton & linen blend with pleated back (made by Ralph Lauren Purple Label)

Pocket Square: Dark blue silk with red pattern (made by Turnbull & Asser)

Pants: Heavy linen in royal blue (made by A. Caraceni)

Shoes: Brown Norwegian shoe (made by Mannina)

Hosiery: Lightweight over the calf cotton sock in red and blue stripes (made by Fort Belvedere)