Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fall Winter Collection 2012

Ralph Lauren 2012 Fall Winter Collection

In the past, we have highlighted pictures from the Ralph Lauren summer collection and since it created a lively discussion, I want to revisit the designer’s 2012 Fall Winter Collection today.

Velvet Dinner Jacket & Plaid Trousers

Velvet Shawl Collar Jacket with Plaid Trousers

Velvet Shawl Collar Jacket with Plaid Trousers

First, let’s start with the velvet dinner jacket ensemble from the Ralph Lauren Purple Label Collection. The cuffed jackets sits snuggly around the neck and the shirt has a large spread collar with a smaller bow tie. Maybe a slightly smaller and less spread collar would have been preferable? The shirt front features visible shirt buttons and the waistband is covered by a black silk cummerbund. I wonder why we see so many plain shirt buttons on evening clothes nowadays, but they are  probably easier to produce. I also imagine that many men find it easier or simply don’t even consider choosing a shirt that requires studs, but I have a hard time believing that a man choosing this brand wouldn’t mind wearing studs. The trousers are made of a fabric similar to black watch tartan, with a yellow and red overplaid. The fit is quite snug and the crease has already faded. Overall, I find it interesting to see navy blue and black mixed in an ensemble, but it can work.

Tuxedo & Dressing Gown

Ralph Lauren Tuxedo & Dressing Gown

Ralph Lauren Tuxedo & Dressing Gown

This gentleman wears a dressing gown in black with purple polka dots in combination with a tuxedo ensemble. Unlike the other shirt, this on has three black studs which is fine, per see. However, the spacing is so close that it creates a huge gap between the lowest button and the cummerbund. This shirt should have been worn with a vest instead.

Shearling Overcoat & Olive Green Tweed Suit

Sherling Overcoat & Olive Green Windowpane Suit

Shearling Overcoat & Olive Green Windowpane Suit

The gorgeous car aside, I like the combination of the brown shearling leather overcoat with olive green tweed suit with a windowpane. Combined with brown oxford shoes, a dark brown knit vest, a mid-blue shirt, a  collar pin, the paisley tie and the light brown bag really stands out. Now, a snap brim fedora with a band in the same color would be the icing on the cake.

Ralph Lauren Shearling Overcoat & Olive Green Windowpane Suit

Ralph Lauren Shearling Overcoat & Olive Green Windowpane Suit

Stripes & Stripes

RLPL Chalk Stripe Suit with Stripes Shirt & Navy Tie

RLPL Chalk Stripe Suit with Stripes Shirt & Navy Tie

Here, we see a combination of double stripes, which only works because the spacing between the stripes is different: bold stripes with little spacing vs. faint chalk stripes with wider spacing. The coat features the slim silhouette, narrow lapel, high gorge and ticket pocket that are so popular right now. The tie is a bit dark for my taste but it works because of the beautiful pocket square.

Ralph Lauren Bold Plaid Suit

Ralph Lauren Three Piece Plaid Suit in Green with Purple Shirt

Ralph Lauren Three Piece Plaid Suit in Green with Purple Shirt

This bold plaid three piece suit has a nice color scheme ranging from green and brown to faint orange – simply great for fall. Though, most people will never wear such a loud pattern as it is not business appropriate.

Knit Tie, Collar Pin, Purle Shirt, Boutonniere & Plaid Suit

Knit Tie, Collar Pin, Purple Shirt, Boutonniere & Plaid Suit

Personally, I like the combination of green and purple with the muted accessories, such as the knit tie, collar pin, pocket square and boutonniere.


Belt with Vest & Tight Flat Front Trousers

Belt with Vest & Tight Flat Front Trousers

the bottom button of the waistcoat is left undone and is combined with a belt, which looks unfortunate in my opinion. Suspenders would have been much better, and I might add, totally appropriate for this classic suit.

The flat front trousers are simply too tight for my taste, what do you think?


Plain Suits

Ralph Lauren Plain Brown Fall 3 Piece Suit with Slim Peaked Lapels

Ralph Lauren Plain Brown Fall 3 Piece Suit with Slim Peaked Lapels

Dark brown suits are very versatile and hugely underrated, in my opinion. This three piece example with narrow peaked lapels looks very proper, but the fact that it is not in the usual business colors makes it stand out in a very subtle way. It is also much more appropriate for casual events and hence overall much more multi-purpose.

Ralph Lauren Gray Flannel Suit & Blue Winchester Shirt

Ralph Lauren Gray Flannel Suit & Blue Winchester Shirt

The classic gray flannel suit, combined with a blue winchester shirt is nothing special. However, the combination with a bold patterned green & purple tie as well as vintage inspired faux tortoise shell glasses transforms it into an unique outfit.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label – Miscellaneous

Ralph Lauren Fall Winter Collection 2012

Ralph Lauren Fall Winter Collection 2012

The Master Himself.

Purple Sweater & Green Brown

Purple Sweater & Green Brown

Considering the name, it comes not surprising to see more purple items but I must say combined with these dark olive green – brown tones it looks splendid!

Purple Plaid Tie and Burl Box with Mother of Pearl

Purple Plaid Tie and Burl Box with Mother of Pearl

It seems like bold tie patterns are popular with Ralph Lauren this season. This version in the picture looks odd because the lines are not properly lined up at the tip.

Leopard, Plaids & Checks - Too Much

Leopard, Plaids & Checks – Too Much

I am happy to see the pattern mixing spirit of the women’s collection has not spilled over to the menswear collection, because this is simply too much, isn’t it?

Ralph Lauren Tattersall Shirt & Military Inspired Tweed Coat with Metal Buttons

Ralph Lauren Tattersall Shirt & Military Inspired Tweed Coat with Metal Buttons

Last but not least, I want to draw your attention to this military inspired tweed coat. The metal buttons and huge cuffs could be part of military overcoat, while the shape of the flaps reminds me more of livery than anything else. Overall, quite interesting, though I dare say that the tattersall shirt would look better with a less-spread collar. I’m not terribly fond of the frayed trouser look, are you? It reduces the overall polish of the outfit significantly.

What do you think of the latest Ralph Lauren Purple Label Collection?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Lendyl Garcia says:

    I think the last combination looks the worst as the colors in my opinion don’t go well at all! The textures are also off and as was mentioned the collar should have been less spread and finally the trousers are not flattering at all! The best look was the olive green tweed suit! Great color combination and great fit. Love the shoes too.

  2. Peter says:

    Love it all! Just wish I had the budget. The Dressing Gown is fantastic and RL always does amazing 3 piece suits!!

  3. Vali says:

    I like most of the looks but the three piece plaid suit is the only thing I would really love to own. It’s too bold for me to wear all the pieces together but as separates I could think at a nice number of different outfits I could create with pieces in my wardrobe

  4. Gernot_Freiherr_von_Donnerbalken says:

    While some of the ideas proposed by the outfits are in fact quite dapper, as for instance the olive green tweed suit with a fur coat, I dislike the far too narrow lapels of all coats presented here. The bold plaid suit could look great, as the combination of the green suit and the purple shirt is perfectly balanced by the green knit tie and the flower on the lapels.If only it was in the right size for the model, chances are it would even appeal to possible costumers, but like that, it just looks just an adult trying a suit he wore when he was 14.
    I can’t stop wondering what the responsible photographers were thinking they did disfiguring both the outfits and the handsome gentlemen wearing them by simply not taking into account the sizes.
    Nevertheless I want to express my thanks for this article. Besides the nuisances I’ve given an account of and for which rather the photographers are to be blamed, it was inspiring as usual.

  5. Bespoke Lawyer says:

    Unfortunately it is not the photographer. Wonderful clothes but terrible fit. Of course, fit no longer matters. Ralph Lauren has proven style beats substance.

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      I guess, it is also the consumers fault for not knowing what a good fit is. Companies not longer have an incentive to produce high quality goods because they cost more, and most people do not see the difference between the qualities, they just go by brand and status.
      In order to maximize the company’s profit they only sell things that are good enough and talk about ultimate luxury etc…and people believe and buy it.

  6. Henry de Winter says:

    The Bugatti is wonderful!
    The bold plaid waistcoat is way too short even with suspenders!
    Same with the brown one. Peak lapel has an official look but not on brown.
    I wonder if they wear brown shoes with the suits!
    I agree on the dressing gown/ tuxedo ensemble!
    I don’t like military inspired clothes!
    No comment on the women’s collection!
    On the whole I agree with Freiherr von Donnerbalken and Bespoke lawyer and Mr. Schneider’s answer to their comments.

  7. Ahmed Sajeel says:

    Tastefully done as always. I have tremendous respect for Ralph Lauren, as he almost always remains unaffected by the trivialities of fashion. Of course one can find glittches here and there, but the overall effect is … rich

  8. Ahmed Sajeel says:

    The brown and olive suits are my favorite … Business appropriate as they may be but charcoal and Navy suits in fashionable cuts and similarly accessorized almost lack character

  9. Paul Pinkham says:

    I find the tight fit of suits to be unattractive. That being said, a manager of a ready-to-wear clothing store told me that suit sales are up 300% to younger men. The reason…..the tighter fit. I look at it as a start for younger men to discover style. Ralph Lauren has always captured the essence of style and marketed it well. I like the effort to get my sons out of jeans and t-shirts.

  10. Stephen says:

    In the shearling overcoat and green suit, I love the look. Altogether adding to the gentlemenly visage is the man holding onto his lady’s handbag, awaiting an afternoon departure for a weekend trip somewhere cool?

    I say this, because Heaven forbid that is his bag…

  11. frank says:

    The last picture looks as if someone has looked at a kilt and kilt jacket, and just lenghend the jacket, and taken the fringe from the apron of the kilt and put it down the trouser leg.In my opinion works on the model, [not sure about the shirt collar ].

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