Country Style with shoulders slimmer than in the 20s with Thom Browne length

Ralph Lauren Polo Fall Winter 2012

Since our Ralph Lauren Purple Label coverage provoked some food for thought for most, I thought I would also post a few pictures of the Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 collection. The general trend in suits is an extremely close fit, not only in the shoulders but also in the waist, the seat and the legs. which, on a separate note were also very short. As one reader remarked, this style direction is mostly appealing to young people who are increasingly exchanging their t-shirts for suits. While I do not like this tight silhouette, I am more than happy to see that people buy it who formerly would not have been interested in dressing up.

What do you think about this? Why are teenagers or those in their early 20’s more attracted by a tight fit rather than a wider, more classic and timeless cut? Do they only wanted to distinguish themselves from their fathers and grandfathers or is there more to it?

Apart from that, fair isle sweaters seem to be omnipresent, just like scarves. Do you own and wear fair isle sweaters, or are the samples here too colorful for your taste? I look forward to your comments below!

In any case, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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  1. nik ismail almurtadza says:

    I like the sweater,but unfortunately the trousers(hanging from the hip )are not my choice.


  2. W. Adam Mandelbaum Esq. says:

    Why do the young favor such tight suits? Because they have little or no idea about classic dressing, that’s why. Some of the photos of these Ralph Lipschitz, oops I mean Raph Lauren models are excellent examples of what not to do–e.g. the socks with the chalk stripe suit! (Not to mention a club tie would be more appropriate with a less formal ensemble). There is a difference between sprezzatura and spits a tourist when it comes to dressing.

  3. Konrad Härter says:

    As one of these “young” guys i can say that it just follows the general trend to very slim cuts. I also prefer more italian styled suits, since one can easily get the impression you took your cloth from a male relatives wardrobe when wearing something wider. I think very slim cut jackets are flattering, but the trousers sometimes just … look as tight as a yoga pants. You should be able to see the crease in them.
    The other thing is: In my radius you don’t see anything else than very slim suits. Commercials and stores in the pricerange of a young gentleman seemingly fail to “inform” about classic styles.

    Greeting from Munich

  4. Ahmed Sajeel says:

    Let’s be fair … The objective of dressing well is to look good, period. And that corresponds directly to an individual’s physique. Much as the modern slimmer cut is less than flattering to most builds, so is the high-waisted generously cut pair of classic trousers. And truth be told, how many amongst us enjoy the proportions of the gentlemen from ‘Apparel Arts’ illustrations … and this is where tailoring figures the most, in having clothes made to suit your own form. Looking good remains the quest

  5. Lendyl Garcia says:

    I think that these slim fitted suits enable one to feel like themselves and look like themselves and not be drowned in the clothing. One must wear the clothes and not the clothes wearing them. Additionally neater fitting suits enable finer details to show better. The long and short of the matter is that suits must be made to fit one’s physique so that they look their best! Look closely at the physique of these guys and now try to imagine them in anything bigger! Oh by the way, I think the chalk stripe suit is the best look in this display!

  6. Arsch Sharma says:

    I think that a man must dress comfortably. Ensembles as those pictured above, should combine style and comfort.

  7. Tom Erzen says:

    I’m really sorry but this last F/W collection is as always with RL a bit hit and miss. It’s what people who design clothes for the brand think wealthy people in the English countryside wear.. Could not be further from the truth (I know ,I used to live there). The Fair Isle jumpers are a nice touch but nobody in their right mind would wear tweed jackets so slim and tight ,just not comfortable and especially not stylish.

  8. Leon Hemsley says:

    I don’t believe young people actively seek out tighter fitting clothes. I get the impression they just want to wear “the label” who’s ever it might be at this point in time. In the near future if another more iconic fashion designer came up with a different style of rubbish and if a so called celebrity could be seen wearing it then that would be the style to be seen in. If fashion designers created classics that lasted as long as the traditional cuts have done then they would be out of work. It is in their interest to come up with short lived designes. Skimpy clothes save on material costs too.

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