Chalk Stripe Suit

Double Breasted Chalk Stripe Suit

Unfortunately, not many men wear chalk stripe suits anymore. One of the reasons is probably the fact that they are more likely to attract attention due to their bold stripes. In the case of a double-breasted chalk stripe suit, one stands out from the crowd even more. Thus, it is important to stay away from loud patterns and stick with classic plain colors for the rest of the ensemble.

That being said, I decided to wear a double breasted chalk stripe suit from Ralph Lauren Purple Label today which I really like because of its details. First, I adore the wide lapels, which remind me of the 30’s. Moreover, the coat can be buttoned either 6×2 or 6×1 which makes the lapels appear even wider. In order to be able to button it either way, it is important to have inside buttons on both closing buttons, otherwise the lapels look different in size. The double inward facing pleats in the pants create a little more room, and are therefore more comfortable. Many Ralph Lauren pants feature this kind of pleat. Although one can see double breasted suits usually only in combination with cuffed pants, I decided not to cuff my pants this time. The suspenders, as well as the adjustable waistband, provide the wearer with even more comfort, since the pants do not need to sit firmly around the waist. The little coin pocket is an essential feature in my opinion since you can store all kinds of small things in there without ruining the silhouette of the suit or making noise while walking.

Chalk Stripe Suit Ralph Lauren Purple Label 5

Chalk Stripe Suit Ralph Lauren Purple Label 5

Shirt: Light blue, with a fine open weave horizontal stripe, cotton (made by  Sinsicalchi)

Tie: Grenadine silk burgundy red

Cufflinks: Malachite in Sterling Silver

Suspenders: Vintage in red (by Trafalgar)

Suit: Chalk stripe in navy with beige, 98% wool and 2% cashmere worsted (made by Ralph Lauren Purple Label)

Pocket Square: Light blue linen with white edges

Shoes: Black leather 5 eyelet Oxford shoes (made by Church’s)

Socks: Over the calf blue and red, cotton (Gallo)

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  1. J Clarkson says:

    Which model Church’s are those and on which last? They look very elegant with your 9″ (?) trouser hems.

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear Mr. Clarkson,

      Thanks for your question. These are Church’s Consul IV on a 73 last. If I remember correctly, the 73 was discontinued for several years. The Consul IV was only made on the last 100 which has a rounder toebox. Personally, I think that the 73 last was more elegant than the 100. However, I do not know whether Church’s reintroduced the 73 last again. It might be worth investigating if you like the elegance of the last.

      Regards, Sven Raphael Schneider

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