100 hobbies for men

100 Hobbies for Men

Having a hobby is a great way to pursue an interest outside of work, home and family. In this article, we’re going to cover 100 hobbies for men. These hobbies are for men with all types of interests, and of all ages and abilities, talents and skill sets. If you’re looking for a new pastime, this article is for you. The list below is in alphabetical order, but this list will cover options for men who enjoy active outdoor hobbies as well as relaxing indoor ones. Likewise, these hobbies cover a range of budgets and time limits.

Animal rescue can be very rewarding

Animal rescue can be very rewarding

Animal Rescue

Whether it’s opening your home to foster animals or helping to feed and find homes for strays, this hobby is a great way to channel your love for animals into a productive activity. There is even a contingent of people who rescue exotic animals like big cats, deadly snakes or unusual insects.


From flea markets to antique stores, auction houses to pawn shops, one person’s trash is another man’s treasure. Quite often, rare collectibles and artifacts can be found and acquired for pennies on the dollar in comparison to their original retail price. If you have exceptional taste but a small budget, focusing on quality heirloom and vintage pieces can net you the best deals. The process of searching out the perfect item and haggling for the best price are the two keys to enjoying this hobby.

Archery is great for all ages and a good way to bond with loved ones

Archery is great for all ages and a good way to bond with loved ones


Ideal for hunters but also men looking for a traditional sport that’s relaxing, like sharp shooting, archery requires a relaxed state of mind and body to hit the target. Practical in the hunt or for fun at the range, archery is a sport that has long been enjoyed by men around the world.

Group of people stargazing

Group of people stargazing


You may not have fulfilled your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, but looking at the stars is something everyone can do. Whether a serious pastime of charting stars or a casual peek through the telescope, this is an outdoor activity that can be serene and captivating.

Family having a barbecue party

Family having a barbecue party

Barbecuing, Grilling & Smoking

Barbecuing low and slow requires patience, skill, and creativity. Whether you choose to compete or just enjoy smoking some ribs for your family, barbecuing can be a leisurely hobby with delicious results.

Billiars and pool is a great group activity

Billiards and pool are a great group activity


Now a televised sport, snooker, pool and other billiard games take skill, strategy and a competitive nature. Something that can be done casually or competitively, it is a great way to meet new people and pursue perfection in a difficult game.

Consider bird watching if you love the outdoors

Consider bird watching if you love the outdoors

Bird Watching

Spotting beautiful birds is one part of this hobby, but there are many ways to enjoy it. Many bird watchers can spend countless hours learning about various species and types of birds, watching their migratory habits and even photographing or drawing the birds in their natural environment. If you’re looking for a way to reconnect with nature, bird watching is a beautiful way to spend a day.


Some do it professionally, but others do it for fun. Not only can blogging be a great way to diarize your thoughts and feelings, but it can serve as a wonderful connection point to an audience similar to yourself. It can be a way to further explore a hobby or a way to seek out a supportive community for those who are ill, dealing with tragedy or simply need to vent. It doesn’t have to be open for the world to read, but it can be a way to show the world who you are. Gentleman’s Gazette started off as a blog to share Sven Raphael Schneider’s passion of classic menswear with others. You can start for free at wordpress.com, but it’s better if you get your own domain and install wordpress.org

Board & Role Playing Games

A great way to spend time with friends and family, there are many game clubs that meet regularly. That or a weekly game with friends or family can be a wonderful way to spend a day. Our favorite board game is Settlers of Catan with the Cities & Knights Expansion for up to 4 people. For more, get the extension and also for the base game. It’s different every time, and you can adjust the balance between skill and luck to your heart’s content.

Consider building your own boat

Consider building your own boat

Boat Making

Some of the most treasured boats on the water are ones made or restored by their owners. There is nothing quite like the feeling a man gets when he has crafted something he loves by hand. If you enjoy boating and building, you will likely love crafting your own boat.

A bonsai tree requires time and commitment

A bonsai tree requires time and commitment

Bonsai Tree Sculpting

Patience, effort and artistry are three traits those who prune bonsai trees need. It takes time and commitment to do it right, and it can be a very rewarding and relaxing hobby for many.

Bowling is a great sport thats easy to learn

Bowling is a great sport that’s easy to learn


Bowling used to be one of the most popular pastimes. Today, the trend remains strong in some circles. There are bowling leagues and teams for all skill levels, and you don’t need to invest a lot of money or time in many of them. In fact, some bowling alleys offer classes, and a few even give you a free ball for signing up.

Camping can be a wonderful activity alone or with friends

Camping can be a wonderful activity alone or with friends


Getting back to the outdoors is something many men crave. From building shelter and sleeping on the ground to cooking over an open fire, there is nothing more relaxing and masculine than roughing it for a weekend outdoors. It is also a great way to bond with your family and friends while escaping technology, work, and the pressures of daily life.

Canoeing is a very serene hobby if you enjoy the water

Canoeing is a very serene hobby if you enjoy the water

Canoeing & Kayaking

Whether racing, battling the rapids or floating on a gentle stream, learning to canoe and kayak can be very rewarding. There are many ways to do it and everyone from the senior citizen looking to relax and bird watch to the adrenaline junkie can find pleasure in it. Provided, of course, you like being on the water.

Car collecting can be an incredible hobby

Car collecting can be an incredible hobby

Car Collecting

The actual act of buying a Hyundai or Toyota isn’t a hobby, but for those passionate about cars, the thrill of finding them, caring for them and driving them is absolutely a hobby that takes considerable time, investment and effort. Whether you collect supercars, classic cars or muscle cars, there are car clubs and shows that prove why car collecting is such a popular hobby for many men.

Car Racing

You don’t have to own a sponsored Ferrari to race cars. Many cities have boxcar, stock car, and other inexpensive races. Some even have race nights where amateurs can race their personal cars. For those who enjoy the thrill of racing, this can be a very worthwhile hobby worth investing in. Heck, there are even racing schools you can take lessons at.

Car Restoration

Being a mechanic is a job, but restoring your own car from the ground up is a passion. Taking a beat-up pile of metal and turning it into a shining, powerful restoration car is something you can be proud of. Sure, there is an investment, and you may not be able to do everything by yourself, but it can be a hobby you’ll enjoy for years before a single car is fully restored.

Cartooning & Animation

Creatives love this because it combines art with fantasy. The one thing about animation is you are only limited by your imagination. It’s relaxing and a great form of self-expression.

Ceramics & Pottery

It takes care, patience, and a soft hand, not to mention creativity and a willingness to learn. Crafting pottery can be compared to poetry. There’s a reason that scene in the movie Ghost is so romantic. Pottery is a great way to relax and get creative.

Playing chess is not for the faint of heart

Playing chess is not for the faint of heart


It takes a sharp mind to play chess, but it also takes a willingness to practice and learn. Skill, intellect, and strategy all play a role. For the intellectual, chess can be a brilliant way to spend time.

A cigar can be incredibly calming

A cigar can be incredibly calming

Cigar Smoking

Some claim that the difference between cigar smoking and cigarette smoking is that cigar smoking is a passion whereas cigarette smoking is an addiction. While that’s probably not true, most cigar enthusiasts don’t smoke them daily but they enjoy a relaxing smoke. A big part of the hobby is collecting, caring for, aging, cutting and lighting of the cigar.


Whether it’s for your kid’s soccer team or mentoring someone, being a coach is fun, worthwhile and makes a difference in someone else’s life. You’ll also build your leadership and relationship-building skills.

Coffee Roasting

Dedication and skill are involved. Like cooking, roasting coffee can be a thoroughly enjoyable way to pass the time.

Community Activism

Giving back to the community is something many of us enjoy. If you don’t stand up for your community, who will?

Cooking can be incredibly rewarding

Cooking can be incredibly rewarding


From the art of crafting a sandwich to creating beautiful dishes worthy of a Michelin star, cooking is a passion that helps feed your day-to-day needs as well as your personal interests.

Culinary Experiences

Food trips, competitive eating and trying new exotic cuisines are hobbies many men enjoy and one that can take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to the world.


Stay fit and have fun by signing up for a dance class. Be it with your spouse or on your own to meet other people, there is something very fulfilling about learning to dance.

Dandyism is a lifestyle that often starts as a hobby

Dandyism is a lifestyle that often starts as a hobby – by Rose Callahan from I am Dandy


It’s not just about the clothes. It’s the pursuit of an elegant lifestyle. And it really is that: a lifestyle. What begins as a hobby — collecting, grooming, and decorating — can quickly turn into passion and then into a lifestyle. Dandies don’t generally consider it a hobby. It becomes who they are, and it’s exhibited in all aspects.


Practice makes perfect, and darts are one sport where the pursuit of perfection is of utmost importance. It’s a wonderful hobby, and many find it relaxing as well as competitive.


Aging spirits or crafting your own whiskey and spirits has never been more popular. Consider an inexpensive kit to get you started and move on from there once you’ve decided it’s a hobby you enjoy.

Playing and training your dog can be fun and gratifying

Playing and training your dog can be fun and gratifying

Dog Training

A dog is a man’s best friend. Playing with your dog can be a wonderful way to spend countless hours, but working together to learn new tricks will give you and your pal a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s also challenging, so working to train your pup can be very rewarding and fun, and can even translate into a business.

Drone Flying

From aerial photography to mid-air tricks, drone flying is incredibly popular and fun. There are many types of drones at all price points, and it can be fun to build one yourself — but in terms of picture quality, features and bang for the buck, the Phantom 4 is where it’s at.

Entertaining & Event Hosting

From throwing formal dinner parties to casual cocktail parties, developing a theme and planning an event is as much fun as attending one. If you enjoy hosting events, consider making it a regular part of your social routine.

Joining a society of men can be richly rewarding

Joining a society of men can be richly rewarding


Joining a social club, private member club or fraternity can be a great way to meet like-minded men and share in the fellowship and camaraderie of others.


Historic, elegant and daring, taking up fencing is challenging, fun and great exercise.

Film History

From learning about films of the past and present to watching the most iconic films ever produced, this is a wonderful way to spend a few hours as little or as often as you like.

Fish Keeping

It takes great care, attention to detail and effort to keep fish, but having an aquarium can be breathtakingly beautiful. A hobby for many men, this isn’t as simple as buying a goldfish and putting it in a tank. It can often mean a substantial investment of time and money. Anyone who does it will argue it’s always worth it.


Is there anything more relaxing? An excellent way to relieve stress and get in touch with nature, fishing is a hobby enjoyed by many and a great way to bond with your children, parents, or best friend.


Pilots say it’s the best feeling in the world. If you’re interested in aircraft and flying, consider taking lessons. Many people argue that the cost is too high, but you can often find small planes for the price of a car or rent a plane for personal use. It can also turn into a great career, and many commercial pilots started out doing it as a hobby.

Furniture Making & Restoration

It takes time, artistry and skill to craft furniture, but it will last for generations if well made and cared for.

Gardening is enjoyed by many men

Gardening is enjoyed by many men

Gardening & Backyard Farming

Caring for a garden is much like fish keeping. It takes effort but it’s worth it. For those who enjoy it, it is very much a passion and is rather inexpensive to take up. Backyard farming is the latest trend in gardening to take off, and it can be a great physical hobby that also pays dividends in homegrown fruits and vegetables.


Ancestry.com has grown by leaps and bounds by realizing that many people enjoy charting the history of their family. Some do it quickly to create a family tree, but others will spend hours each day delving into the history of their ancestors and learning all about where they came from.

Glass Blowing

Like pottery and other art, glass blowing is not something you can pick up overnight. It is an ongoing experience of learning, but it is very relaxing and great fun to see the results.


The most frustrating and relaxing sport in the world, you either love or hate golf. If you love it or like it, consider doing it more often.


A casual hike through the woods or an adrenaline-pumping climb through the wilderness, hiking can be very relaxing and thought provoking as well as a great source of exercise.

Home Brewing

You may have tried a homemade beer that tasted like swill, but rest assured, not all home brews are bad. Some of the best craft beers started as a home brew. It’s all about how much effort you put into it, and these days home brewing stores are popping up everywhere.

Horseback Riding

Challenging, fun and also relaxing, some people even consider it therapy. There is a very special bond developed between a man and his horse. But you’ll have to try it to understand it.

Hot Sauce Making

For those who enjoy heat, making hot sauce can be a lot of fun. It’s the challenge of crafting a perfect blend of heat and flavor. There is also the challenge of making the hottest sauce you can find and trying to convince friends to test it.

Shooting and hunting has long been a gentlemans sport

Shooting and hunting have long been a gentleman’s sport

Hunting & Shooting

Whether you enjoy hunting large game, small prey or just shooting a target — even collecting guns can be a very enjoyable hobby that requires patience, perseverance and skill development.

Interior Design

Decorating your home for pleasure, interior design is one hobby many elegant gentlemen enjoy. Half of the fun is realizing it can be a lifelong process and not just a one-time activity. This hobby pairs well with antiquing.


You don’t need millions of dollars to invest in the stock market. There are penny stocks and forex that can be traded for small amounts of money. In fact, you can even open practice accounts that don’t require any investment. But it can be addictive and very risky, so use caution and never bet more than you’re willing to lose.


Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts with the world, but journaling is a way to keep those thoughts or memories private. It’s expressive and can be a great stress reliever.

Knife making is creative and useful

Knife making is creative and useful

Knife Making

From designing and carving the handle to shaping and sharpening the blade, if you enjoy the beauty of a knife, creating your own will result in an unbelievable feeling of pride.

Learning a Language

It may be learning a second language for daily use at work or a foreign one for travels to another part of the world. Learning a language can be fun, open you up to new experiences and it’s challenging. To start, get Duolingo downloaded. It’s free and you can progress quickly at your own pace.

Leather Working

Whether it’s belts, handbags or just scraps of leather, learning to work with leather can be an artistic and relaxing way to spend many hours.

Listening to Music

We get it; everyone listens to music. However, many people do it as a hobby. They immerse themselves in a genre or artist and pay close attention to the nuances others may miss. From music history to the feeling behind the song, listening to music can be an incredible way to enjoy your free time.

Live Theater

Live plays, Broadway musicals, and the opera or ballet; taking in a show is a culturally rich way to spend an evening.

Marathon Running

You can’t just wake up one morning and run 10 miles. Marathon runners train regularly. Running can quickly go from a chore done to exercise to a passion that fuels you and relaxes you. Many claim the pavement is the world’s greatest therapy.

Martial Arts & Boxing

Skill, strategy, and passion. Learning martial arts or boxing is less about learning how to fight and more about learning life skills. It takes discipline, perseverance and years of practice to gain any level of proficiency. It’s a skill many consider a passion.


If you need to relax, there isn’t anything quite like learning to meditate.

Cover Suit Silhouettes 1934

Cover Suit Silhouettes 1934

Men’s Clothing

For many of our readers and all of our editorial staff, collecting and caring for men’s clothing is something we absolutely consider a hobby. For us, owning 5 blazers isn’t a necessity. It’s a pastime, and in addition to the acquisition of apparel, it’s also about the creativity of crafting the perfect outfit, and then doing it again the next day.

Metal Working

Welding isn’t simply reserved for building bridges and pipefitting. It can also be an art and a beautiful one at that.

Model Crafting

From model trains and cars to wooden sailboats and ships in a bottle, many men enjoy the act of constructing a model and building a world around it.


Anyone with a motorcycle will tell you it’s a passion. People aren’t buying them because it’s a necessity. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Mountain Biking & Cycling

The breeze in your face and the rush of the ground moving beneath your feet — riding a bike is a great form of exercise and something many cyclists enjoy.


Climbing mountains aren’t for everyone, but for the true adrenaline junkie, there isn’t anything quite like it.


Beautiful self-expression, relaxation and attention to detail, painting is a hobby you don’t need to be good at to enjoy.

Photography is all about making memories

Photography is all about making memories


Whether it’s on your smart phone or through the lens of a professional camera, photography is a passion and hobby many creatives enjoy. It has the potential to be a lifelong pursuit, and there are many ways to enjoy it. Landscape, fashion, and family photography are just a few of the directions you can take this hobby. Learning about lenses, cameras, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, composition, editing and lighting are sure to keep an aspiring photographer busy. We love the detail of the Nikon D810.

Pinball & Arcade Games

Classic pinball and arcade games have made a comeback, and there are many who enjoy these games and play them competitively. There’s a reason Nintendo is bringing back the original console. People still love classic arcade games.

Pipe Making

For the beginner, you can buy kits. As you get more involved, you may learn to craft a pipe from scratch. For the pipe smoker, this is an elevated way to enjoy a relaxing hobby.

Pipe smoking

Pipe smoking

Pipe Smoking

Like cigars, this is a passion. There is a certain feeling one gets when smoking a pipe. An enjoyment that can’t be understood by those who haven’t tried it. There is truly nothing more relaxing for many men than smoking a pipe.

Playing an Instrument

Whether it be the guitar, harmonica, piano or violin; learning to play an instrument takes practice and devotion but can be very rewarding.


Whether it be writing or reading poetry, learn all about why men should take the time to understand and appreciate it in our guide.


A great way to regularly enjoy the company of friends, a poker game can be a source of fellowship and competition. Click here to learn how to host a poker tournament.


Competitive, fast-paced and challenging, it’s a gentlemanly sport that will make you sweat. We love this Gearbox Racquet because it provides great power, feeling and they outlast other brands.


For those who enjoy reading, there is no greater hobby. A good book will immerse you in a fantasy world you’ll never want to leave, and book clubs can bring together reading enthusiasts to discuss the meaning behind their mutual hobby.


Whether it be flipping houses for profit or upgrading your own home, many men keep a renovating job on the go at all times. It may be simple or complex, but it’s a sense of pride to complete a project.

Robot Making

You can buy kits or develop from scratch, but robots are becoming increasingly more popular. Building your own is just as much fun as using it after.

Rock Climbing

Whether it’s bouldering side-to-side or climbing and rappelling down, rock climbing is a fun and challenging hobby enjoyed by many. For some, it’s done on a rock climbing wall at the gym while others get so immersed they put a rock wall on the side of their house. Others still venture to cliffs outdoors.

Sailing is one hobby that will take you away into another world

Sailing is one hobby that will take you away into another world


Fun, competitive and also relaxing, you can learn to sail to race or just to cruise and relax.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Experiencing life underwater like a fish is quite incredible. Whether you want a terrifying encounter with sharks or a relaxing exploration of rocks and tropical fish, learning to scuba dive or snorkel can be challenging and fun.


Creating sculptures is like painting in 3D. It’s an art that requires significant time and personal investment. It can also be very gratifying.


The cold air hitting your face, carving the snow with your skis; whether you ski downhill or cross-country, there is a feeling of bliss and excitement when you battle the cold and glide through the snow.


Some people say it’s a way of life. That there is no feeling like carving the perfect wave. It’s energizing and spiritual for many.

Survival & Prepping

Some enjoy hitting the wild with nothing but their skills. Others spend countless hours prepping safe rooms for the apocalypse.


It’s a great way to keep in shape; it’s a life skill everyone should learn to do, and it’s also fun, refreshing and relaxing for many.

Tennis is a very elegant pastime

Tennis is a very elegant pastime


A quintessential sport for the gentleman, tennis is a great way to enjoy the afternoon.


Hitting up thrift shops, flea markets, and vintage stores is like Disneyland for dandies. It’s a great way to save money and hunt for vintage pieces. Whether it be clothing, furniture or accessories, it can be very addictive.


A passion and hobby for many, it can be a day trip to a town you’ve never visited or a vacation on the other side of the world.

Urban Farming

It could be beekeeping, botany or growing your own food — urban farming has proven you don’t need a field to have a farm. All you need is an interest and willingness to learn. Today, people do it on rooftops in Manhattan, indoor gardens when no outdoor space is available or in their backyards in the suburbs.


Capturing moving memories. It may be creating amateur films, documentaries or just your kid’s milestones and events. Videography and editing are something many people enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive like it once was.

Vinyl Record Collecting

Those who do it argue nothing sounds the same as vinyl. It’s made a comeback and collecting records is something many people enjoy both for the hunt of finding rare and vintage records as well as for actually listening to them.

Volunteering & Mentoring

Making a difference in the world can be one of the most worthwhile and meaningful hobbies any man can have. It’s very rewarding and can be sitting on the board of a community organization or mentoring youth through programs like Big Brothers.

Watch Collecting

Those who collect watches will tell you it’s more than just buying a watch. A timepiece is art, and many men spend countless hours researching, admiring and caring for their watch collections.


Challenging and competitive, you can either compete with others or with yourself to outlift your last record. It’s a great way to keep in shape.

Gentlemen attending a whisky tasting

Gentlemen attending a whisky tasting

Whisky Tasting

There is a process. This isn’t pouring Jim Beam into a glass of cola and pounding it back. It’s a passion for fine whiskey. Click here to read our Scotch Whisky Guide for Beginners.

Consider whittling to pass the time

Consider whittling to pass the time

Whittling & Carving

You may not actually be carving something specific. It may be mindless whittling of a random stick with your pocket knife or a detailed handheld carving. However, many men find it very relaxing to whittle.

Wine Making

Like brewing beer, wine making is an art, and you get what you put into it. If you spend a great deal of time perfecting your wine, you can end up with something rather glorious and very gratifying.

Wine Tasting & Collecting

Enjoying a fine wine and collecting rare wines is something many men enjoy. For quite a few, the act of collecting doesn’t always mean drinking it, but finding rare wine to complete a part of their collection. If you want to learn more about wine, click here for our favorites.

Wood Working

It may be carving a bowl, a figurine or something practical and larger. Woodworking is a hobby many men enjoy. It goes back to the desire to create something from scratch and is very satisfying to see the end result.


It’s an excellent way to combine stay in shape with meditation and stretching. It provides a sense of enlightenment for many, and it’s relaxing.


Hopefully, this article has introduced you to a few new ideas for hobbies you may enjoy. What other hobbies do you like or think our readers may be interested in?

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37 replies
  1. Herr Doktor says:

    I’m a little surprised Stamp Collecting or Philately didn’t make the list. It has attracted some very famous hobbyists and I’ve been at it for more than forty years.

    • Matt D says:

      Good catch, surprising I hadn’t thought of it either? Can be quite lucrative. Ironically, I had a client whom considered his stamp collection a “retirement account” and his IRA account, a hobby!

      ( Although he had the occasional run in w/ the IRS over what is/isn’t a cap gain? ) The issue of traveling to exhibits, deductibility of mileage, meals etc. can become, rather thorny.

  2. Alberto Casirati says:

    Very interesting and inspiring list.
    Maybe, it is worth considering the addition of collecting vintage fountain pens and, more generally, writing instruments.

      • Dr. Carroll says:

        Collecting writing instruments from previous centuries is a wonderful way to hold history in your hand and use it in contemporary communication. Fountain pens, mechanical pencils, dip pens and, pencils are all available for collection. Learning the history of the manufacturers and the particular instruments is fascinating. Caring for and carrying these writing instruments is an enjoyable hobby.

  3. Josemar Castor says:

    Very cool list! I particularly enjoy three or four of those hobbies in the list. However I’d like to suggest to my fellow GG readers one that I’ve recently fallen in love with: speedskating.

    • Matt D says:

      What a grand suggestion! Although not entirely without its liabilities? Sharp blades, yikes!

      I do recall in my youth being much more comfortable asking the young ladies for a skate, over say a dance. Lots of pressure on both parties. Skating also affords a gentlemen the opportunity to offer his gloves, scarf, hot chocolate ( and god knows what else? )

  4. JDL says:

    I was taken aback by the assertion that many men don’t have hobbies. My own problem is having too many:

    Motorcycling: Is this a hobby or a lifestyle? I combine it with camping, cooking, fellowship and whisky tasting when I attend big rallys!
    I keep fish, but you didn’t mention keeping birds, just watching them 🙂
    I do metal working, which you mentioned, but the finest part of metal working (to me) is machining which probably should have been on the list. Just two days ago this paid off when I had to remove an intractable screw from the bottom of a cast iron burner on my stove. I milled out the screw, tapped the hole for new threads, cut down a socket head screw to fit with my lathe and reassembled the whole shebang to get the burner going again, which let me get back to the cooking I love to do.
    Down in my basement shop I have not only metal working tools but wood working tools as well, they don’t see as much use as I would like.
    SCUBA diving is something I love, along with spearfishing (to be sporting this should only be done when freediving).
    Video gaming is something for which I don’t have sufficient time, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It also serves as a way for my kids and I to share something.

    The list goes on, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface.. One’s career and life really get in the way of pursuing an all-hobby lifestyle.

  5. Rupert B says:

    Scambaiting is very popular on YouTube, either to post or just watch

    and it is surprising to see dancing on the list. I thought that someone had suggested it as a topic and been dismissed as a spammer

  6. Rick Boothman says:

    No fishing??? Fly fishing is centuries-old and as a hobby, can encompass fresh and salt water, large fish and small, fly tying and adventure trips. Can’t get more gentlemanly than fly fishing.

  7. Graham says:

    Just used the link in the coffee section. Love this blog, use it all the time for reference and inspiration but that was subpar. Those machines use old beans and are not environmentally friendly. Constructive criticism: maybe get a guest blogger who is an expert in the field? I’d volunteer…

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Are you commenting on the coffee piece of this one? I agree, coffe pods are not environmentally friendly but then again, drinking coffee in the first place is not green either.
      We have used guest authors in the past, and the time it takes to get a piece up to our standards does not justify hiring someone. We are only interested in long term contributors who can deliver good content on an ongoing basis.

      • Joe says:

        Depends on the pods. Nespresso is 100% recyclable and they provide a bag to return the pods gratis. Not a cheap way to make coffee but the coffee it makes is excellent and uses as little water as possible. I have the new kind that makes standard coffee as well as espresso.

  8. RobSanDiego says:

    I restore airplanes. I’ve worked on two fighters, a Grumman F4F Wildcat & a Chance Vought F7U Cutlass, and a Piasecki HUP rescue helicopter. It’s a great way to keep history alive and real, instead of something just found in a book.

  9. Gijsbertus van der Heijden says:

    Personally I do enjoy designing and making perfumes every now and then. A quite absorbing and time consuming work it is – developing a complex but well balanced and novel perfume can ask for a few hours of concentrated work a day during a period that in some cases can last days or even weeks – but very creative and satisfying too.

    Moreover, one can then process such a perfume and for instance make an eau de parfum for a lady friend based on it, or an eau de cologne for one’s own use, or a beard balm and moustache wax to be used when grooming the facial hair, or a shampoo and so on and so further. The list of products one can thus make is virtually endless.

  10. GianVihuna says:

    I live aboard sailing yacht, that which included many hobbies…

    I just miss my motorcycle, and the ability to play railways gear in scale, once very popular… and missing from the list

  11. Anders Hamberg says:

    Hmm.. Tried a number of those, quite enjoyed cigars, dabbled in pipe-smoking, have -sadly- not played chess in years, etc.. While one is still fairly new to it, one could probably manage a “Gentlemanly pursuits” article for you about hacking, general horsemanship and the sartorial aspects of things equestrian. If you are interested…

  12. Mina Fouad says:

    What a nice hobbies.. i have many of them but i like to add a new hobby .. collecting the clothes labels ..yes its my hobby when i was 15 years old !..

  13. Simon says:

    ” The difference between cigar smoking and cigarette smoking is cigar smoking is a passion whereas cigarette smoking is an addiction. ”

    Ha – what a joke! I have known people who are addicted to cigars.

    This is not the first time Mr. Shapira has made this claim on this blog – does he get paid by a cigar PR lobby group?

    Love this blog, but the editor needs to filter out “facts” like this.

      • A Man from Earth says:

        In my opinion neither cigar smoking nor pipe smoking should be on the list. A gentleman should care about his health, not acquire an addiction that is unhealthy both for himself and the people around him, under the guise of a hobby…

        • Jason Lee Kimes says:

          Recreational tobacco and alcohol is a personal choice, a great hobby for some, and I believe part of being a man is knowing your limits. If you become addicted to anything, seek help immediately. An addiction to anything can destroy a man’s life.

  14. Joe says:

    Not quite in the Dandy space but Men’s Clothing is definitely a hobby for me. I have not job requiring fine dress and where I live jeans and T-shirt are the norm so I do it because I get something out of it for myself.

  15. Bob says:

    “Marathon running” is far too narrow and should be replaced with “Running.” There are many of us who enjoy running on a regular basis but have, for one reason or another, chosen not to pursue the 26+ mile endurance test otherwise known as the marathon…

  16. Johan says:

    Making men’s clothing doesn’t appear on your list. It can be challenging,absorbing and the rewards are having unique items to wear when you are finished.

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