10 tips for better men's fall outfits

10 Tips for Better Men’s Fall Outfits

While most of us in the northern hemisphere are still enjoying the summer weather, now is the best time to think about your upcoming fall wardrobe. In a few short weeks, it will begin getting colder again. While many loathe the colder months of the year, I always look forward to that time of the year because it allows me to wear different fabrics and layers paired with a range of accessories. Here are some sartorial tips for making the most of fall.

Men’s Fall Outfit Tips Video

For the best experience, please read the guide and watch the video because we use different outfits and photos in both.

Beautiful flannel fabric for fall

Beautiful flannel fabric for fall

1. Wear Heavier Fabrics with an Interesting Pattern

My first advice is to go for heavier fabrics, meaning 12 oz / 350 grams or above. The average winter fabric will be 10 oz / 300 grams, but this weight doesn’t drape as well and during the colder months of the year you’ll appreciate the added weight. Personally, I recommend flannel fabrics — grey for business and dark brown or tan for less formal suits. For jackets, go with patterns such as windowpane, glen check, or houndstooth with an overplaid. If you want something very special, have a suit made out of the aforementioned materials — for example, a brown flannel glen plaid suit. Off the rack, you will find garments like that from sophisticated haberdashers, but a bespoke tailor or made-to-measure operation may be the way to go for something unique. Only there will you be able to choose the shade of your grey windowpane flannel suit, and that can make all the difference, especially if your wardrobe has evolved past the classic foundation pieces. Many weavers produce excellent fall/winter fabrics — two that have produced consistently great stuff are Luciano Barbera and Vitale Barberis Canonico — especially their Winter Classics.

Mottled Grey with depth rather than plain solid

Mottled Grey with depth rather than a plain solid

2. Opt for Fall Colors

While summer is great for bright colors, the fall / winter season is made for muted colors: shades of brown, tan, red, purple, mauve, green, mustard yellow and blue will work supremely well, especially if you mix the colors. Of course, you can choose to wear bright colors as well, but ensure you have one vivid item such as a tie, pocket square or boutonniere — and tone down the rest. For example, take a rather bright red tie with printed small geometric patterns,  a paisley pocket square in burgundy and some mauve socks together with a grey herringbone tweed jacket and grey flannel pants — you’ll look fantastic.

Most garments off the rack come in solid colors these days, but for fall, a mottled grey, blue or tan has a warmer character that goes so much better with the season. Even if you look closely at your grey flannels, you’ll notice there are some variations in the color.

Mixing patterns & textures creating understated elegance

Mix patterns & textures to create understated elegance

3. Mix Color, Textures & Patterns

Due to the range of rather muted colors, fall outfits allow you to experiment with pattern, color and texture matching. As you may know, it’s quite easy to overdo it. The art of matching lies in the subtle harmony of all the elements. For example, look at the outfit above. You can see a sports coat in dark blue, mid-blue and brown plaids, a bright purple boutonniere, a faux-madder pocket square in a greenish grey with yellow and orange geometric patterns, a white shirt and white and blue bold striped jacquard tie. Basically, there are three patterns and one bright color but it all works together beautifully, due to the color harmony and the size of the patterns.


Wool Challis Tie in Navy Blue with Small Geometric Pattern – Fort Belvedere


Wool Challis Tie in Mohair blue with Small Geometric Pattern Fort Belvedere


Wool Challis Tie in Olive Green with Small Geometric Pattern – Fort Belvedere

4. Go with Fall Ties

Just like coats, fall ties are more muted in color and classics like real ancient madder silks or wool challis prints make for a great fall / winter outfits. Also, knit ties in silk, wool, or wool blends work well, including cashmere because they create a very different character than a traditional silk tie. Generally, I wear more printed silk ties during the fall but a jacquard one can work too, as shown above. As with all ties, make sure you have the right length because it looks disproportional to have a tie stick out underneath your cardigan, waistcoat or knit vest.

Pattern, Color & Texture Matching by An Affordable Wardrobe

Pattern, Color & Texture Matching by An Affordable Wardrobe

5. Top it Off with Fall Specific Pocket Squares

Again, fall calls for muted squares, although you can also make this a great, bright centerpiece if the rest of your outfit is subdued. Regarding texture, it pays to alternate with the tie. For example, a jacquard tie goes well with a printed madder silk square. Printed ties work well with wool challis squares, and wool ties work well with printed silk. These are just a few ideas for you to play with. After a while, you should develop a sense of what works well. Just make sure to avoid wearing the same pocket square tie combination too often — there are so many ways to create new outfits, even with a few items! Personally, I never wear the same outfit twice, even if it’s just the socks that are different or the cuff links … try to experiment, and you’ll be surprised with what you can pull off.

Poliform Ubik Closet

Poliform Ubik Closet

6. Reorganize Your Closet

Even if you already have a fantastic fall wardrobe and accessories, make sure you can see them, otherwise, you just won’t wear them. For example, take a look at Sean Crowley’s tie collection — layered ties make for forgotten ties.  The same is true for your shirts, sport coats and shoes. Even if you have a small closet, try to organize it in a way so you can see what you have, even if that means that you have to sort through your collection and get rid of some pieces — because what you can see you will end up wearing more.

Oxblood Cordovan Tassel Loafers by Meermin, with red blue striped socks by Fort Belvedere & red Indochino slacks

Oxblood Cordovan Tassel Loafers by Meermin, with red blue striped socks by Fort Belvedere & red Indochino slacks

7. Brown Shoes Are Your Friend

Of course, you can wear red, tan or green shoes in fall, but your most versatile option is definitely brown. Now, Brown “narrows” your color choice down to about 350 because there are so many different shades! On top of that, you can choose different leather textures and finishes. The most classic is the plain box calf finish, but suede is particularly well suited for flannel because both have a certain texture that work well together. Of course, there are all kinds of exotic leathers such as elephant or alligator, but in terms of versatility, a trio of chocolate brown suede derby shoes, a cognac brown full brogue and oxblood cordovan loafers will get you very far because you can combine them with so many things. Antiqued cherry monk straps would also work with many things, but if you are still building a wardrobe keep these three shoes in mind.

Click here to learn how to wear brown shoes.


Blue Cornflower Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Silk Fort Belvedere

8. Wear a Boutonniere

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to create a unique outfit is to add a boutonniere. Perhaps no other accessory will elevate your outfit as noticeably as a boutonniere — because so few men wear them. Since fresh flowers can be hard to come by, silk boutonnieres in smaller sizes are recommended, because big flowers will easily overwhelm your outfit. Click here to learn more about Boutonnieres.

Bruce Boyer in tweed, printed tie, unbottened shirt collar and printed scarf by Rose Callahan

Bruce Boyer in tweed, printed tie, unbuttoned shirt collar and printed scarf by Rose Callahan

9. Wear Silk Scarves, a Trench Coat & a Quilted Jacket

During the transitional period from summer to fall and sometimes even winter, a trench coat will be one your most valuable companions. Not only does it give you a pleasing silhouette, but it also protects you from the rain and works with almost any other garment. While wool or cashmere scarves are the standards during the winter, either double sided silk and wool scarves or just printed silk scarves are perfect accessories for your trench or sports coat. For more casual outfits, a quilted jacket is great for travel because it’s lightweight yet warm when you need it to be.

10. Get an Overcoat

Once January rolls around, even a trench coat with wool lining will not provide enough warmth, especially in the sleeves, and so you should look for at least one overcoat. Over the past few years, we have written a number of definitive articles on various overcoat styles; read them here.


Unlined gloves are some of the most underrated  things for a fall wardrobe. Not only do they look extremely elegant because they’re so thin and there’s no cashmere or alpaca lining, they’re also just warm enough to keep your hands cozy at the same time they also protect your skin from rougher outside elements. Personally, I love wearing unlined gloves during this season especially when I drive, when I walk outside because it always elevates my outfit and adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance. Just make sure you get them in colors that contrast with your coats.


Last but not least, I would like to present a few fall outfits from the likes of Luciano Barbera, Dr. Andre Churchwell  and yours truly.

10 Tips for Better Men's Fall Outfits
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10 Tips for Better Men's Fall Outfits
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  1. Ahmed Sajeel says:

    A truly delightful article, entirely in keeping with what I do and would further like to do. The real pleasure of any wardrobe is in its being season appropriate in the way of fabrics, patterns and colors. And that of course is not achievable through the misleading year-round clothing designers successfully push to afford themselves that next villa at Lake Como.

  2. Daniel Gerson says:

    I definitely need to get me a jacket in the brown or green colour range. For now I have to make due with greys and black in the colder season; a dark grey flannel jacket with pin stripes, a light grey herringbone one with a shawl collar and my favourite black velvet jacket.

    As for the brightly coloured trousers, you have to be prepared to stand out in a crowd with them. I myself have a pair of muted orange trousers and they led to a little embarrassment on my part when an entire concert hall was told by the artists to look at me and how smartly I was dressed. I tell you, my face easily matched the colour of my trousers. To top it off, it even ended up on youtube. You have to love our modern times 😉

      • Daniel Gerson says:

        Oh well, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcWDTsPNhh0

        I usually wear that one to informal late afternoon/evening events. It got some nice details, like black leather buttons and black pincord detailing on the neck and the button facing of the sleeves. If I am not entirely mistaken, it was made by Selected Homme, though I believe that brand is only being sold across Europe. For something “off the rack” it was quite unusual, that is why I bought it.

  3. Gernot_Freiherr_von_Donnerbalken says:

    Although I am still enjoying up to 30°C where I live now, this article really comforts me about the idea that summer will end sometime. It makes me look forward to corduroy pants, checked flanell-shirts and heavy sport-coats.
    Oh, and I must say, dear Sven, that your outfit looks fantastic.
    Thanks a lot for this article and greetings across the Atlantic.

  4. P J Weatherby says:

    Mr. Schneider,
    Spring and fall happen to be two of my favorite seasons particularly the fall season because it is that time of the year when one can try new fashion ideas to express themselves in marvelous way within reason when it comes to their wardrobe.

    The unlimited choices of colors and fabrics seem to be endless added to that fall is the season when we can start to add to our outfit such articles of clothing like scarves and gloves sweaters boots hats, layered combinations and the likes

    What I enjoyed most about this article is the “ten tips for Better Men’s Fall Outfit” offer some fine suggestions to improve as well to embellish our fall fashion wardrobe for instance who knew that weight matters when it comes to flannel fabric or how a boutonniere not only gives an outfit that finished look but also adds individuality to your outfit certainly tidbits of information I shall file away in my archives for future reference.

    I appreciate also how this article stresses the importance of size symmetry and the right splash of color too give your wardrobe that extra punch and equally dynamic as well and oft overlooked things such as pocket squares neckties and I may also include socks all matter to making an outfit look complete.

    The more muted colours of fall for me certainly makes the cooler weather a bit more palatable and as the season changes and the leaves in the trees begin to taken on a multitude of earth tone colours then certainly one can agree those brisk walks through the park are better enjoyed with a stylish wardrobe!

    Mr. Schneider always I express my thanks and appreciation for all the informative articles I truly enjoy and find very insightful.

    P J Weatherby

    • Simon says:

      Thanks for a great article.

      Fall, er, Autumn, is my favorite season for wearing nice outfits. Autumn colors and textures are the best.

  5. Rishi Chullani says:

    This is a great article! Completely agree about going with muted colors during the fall, and it is definitely time to accentuate differences in textures. Woolen ties of a muted color like rust or olive green can go great with a tweed jacket or other textured material!

    My only addition to this would be the use of vests. While alot of men wear vests during the spring, because layering has become more common for men in order to mix and match different textures and colors, the use of vests during the fall can be great for emphasizing our experimentation with both colors and fabric!

  6. Stephan says:

    At this time of year you should be wearing a poppy instead of an ordinary buttonhole, both on this page and the front page

  7. Mark Hewitt says:

    Gentlemen , of all things a man could add to his kit is a good quality overcoat . Spend a few bucks on this character enriching item and go hard on quality . There is plenty of advice within these pages .

  8. ADAM says:

    Thank youu for the article. This is all fantastic info helpful to any man with sartorial sensibility. Suggestions are stellar, owever, where does one locate these stylish gems. I’m essentially a country gent devoid of access to these items. When l was very young l remember the men’s stores and men’s tailor shops in town here in rural Maine. Days gone by.
    My profession does not allow Carhart attire! What does a generously proportioned gentlemando?
    Thank you, pal.

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