The Cashmere Knit Tie

 With the fall season arriving, it is time to dig out the heavier wool and cashmere ties again. Usually, when we think of falling temperatures and leaves changing color, marvelous neckwear in wool flannel and cashmere come to mind… but rarely do we see cashmere knit ties.

Cashmere Tie - Silk Knit Tie - Knitted Cashmere Tie

Cashmere TieSilk Knit Tie – Knitted Cashmere Tie

During summer season, style conscious men will wear a square end silk knit tie, but during the winter, they choose traditional ties with pointed ends even if they decide to go with wool or cashmere fabrics.

Now, Will from A Suitable Wardrobe was so kind as to provide us with a sample of his knitted cashmere ties. These subtly soft beauties come in two lengths of either 56” (142 cm) or 60” (152.5 cm). Unlike most cashmere ties, it has a straight end. The cashmere is loomed by Italian mills and the tie itself is made by hand in Italy. Our 56” version came in charcoal, which goes well with a purple shirt like the one reviewed from IGN Joseph not long ago. He also offers a deep navy blue what he calls Prussian blue.

The tie creates a nice knot and has a plush look to it, which makes it perfect for an understated yet unique autumn outfit. Unlike with other wool and silk knit ties I have seen, this tie has a very smooth, less pronounced structure – just look at the picture to compare for yourself.

To me, it seems like Will’s knitted ties are a mix between a regular cashmere tie, and a silk knit tie – all three are visible in the pictures. The slimmer area of the tie that will sit around your neck is enhanced with a black silk ribbon backing, which enables you to smoothly adjust the tie before you knot it.

Priced at $190, they are certainly not cheap, but high quality cashmere has its price.

You can buy them exclusively at the A Suitable Wardrobe Store.