10 tips for better men's fall outfits

10 Tips for Better Men’s Fall Outfits

While most of us in the northern hemisphere are still enjoying the summer weather, now is the best time to think about your upcoming fall wardrobe. In a few short weeks, it will begin getting colder again. While many loathe Read more

Corduroy Guide

Corduroy Guide – How To Wear It,What Cords To Buy & More

Often considered the poor man’s substitute for velvet, corduroy is actually a very wonderful fabric that is made from cotton which is woven to lie parallel to each other, so it forms individual cords that almost appear to be separate and attached. Read more

overcoat-terminology topcoat Trench Coat Body Coat Greatcoat

Overcoat, Topcoat, Greatcoat, Body Coat – Terminology Explained

In the past, we have written various guides about  topcoat & overcoat styles. Read more

Dress Code Primer

The Dress Code Primer

The way a person dresses is often the first thing to be noticed and subconsciously judged. Is that fair? Certainly not, but it is the way humans work, so instead of fighting one’s DNA it seems smarter to understand how the system of clothes and dress codes work to your advantage. Read more

Gentlemen of Style: The Kingpins of Peaky Blinders

Gentlemen of Style: The Kingpins of Peaky Blinders

Like a rough sea, Peaky Blinders captures the audience in its crashing waves and drowns you in the grittiness of post-war England. Read more

Quilted Jacket Guide

Quilted Jackets Guide – How to Buy, History & All You Need To Know

Although it is still cold outside in most parts of the northern hemisphere, you may already yearn for sunny spring days and with it a change of wardrobe. While a trench coat is often the right topcoat, Read more