Donegal Tweed

Outfit – Donegal Tweed

Since the cold days will be over soon, I want to post a winter outfit before the cold weather wardrobe will be stored away. Take a look at the cloth—from a distance it looks like a normal herringbone tweed, however when you get closer, you can recognize the depth of this fine Donegal Tweed.

Donegal Tweed Topcoat Overcoat

Donegal Tweed Topcoat


Donegal Tweed

Donegal Tweed

Hat: From the German hat company, Mayser (vintage from the 60s in a very fine hare felt)
Scarf: Made in England (pure wool)
Topcoat: Made for Marshall Field’s – Donegal Tweed (the style is a mix between an Ulster and a Guards coat)
Gloves: Made by the German company Roeckl (Peccary)
Trousers: Jeans
Boots: Made by Cheaney (Royal Tweed Collection).

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    • le.gentleman says:

      Dear Maestro, thanks for your question. I will write two articles about the Ulster as well as the Guardscoat shortly.

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