11 must-haves for fall

11 Must-Haves for Fall

In my opinion, fall is one of the best seasons for classic menswear because you can add additional layers in rich subdued earthy colors which are just a joy to look at. It’s also the start of the season to wear winter accessories such as gloves, lightweight scarves, maybe sweaters, vests, and all those things that just don’t make too much sense during the summer season.

What Are The 11 Must-Have Items For An Elegant Classic Gentleman?

1. Unlined Gloves

I know most people have lined gloves and while that’s fine, the advantage of unlined gloves is that it is very thin and looks very elegant. Also, during the transitioning season, you don’t need a cashmere lining or alpaca lining because it would simply be too warm. At the same time, going without gloves is a little bit too cold so go with unlined gloves, combines the best of both worlds while giving you the chance to add some color to your outfit in an unusual way. Because I had a hard time finding unlined gloves, I simply designed them myself. I went with a very lean, slim cut that is very elegant; I added a button at the wrist to ensure a tight fit and sometimes, I like to wear driving gloves with everyday outfits because they are airier so I get a little cooler hand and it is perfect if it’s not a too cold fall day but more of the warmer fall days.  If you go with unlined gloves, make sure to add a dash of color that is fall appropriate because black gloves simply don’t suit the rich brown, green, orange, and whatever fall tones you incorporate in your wardrobe.

2. Knit Ties

I like them because they have this really nice texture and today, you can find lots of knit ties on the market. Traditionally, the ones with the thickest texture are the cris de la soie ties and they have the crunch in them, you can hear the crunch when you move it back and forth slightly. Traditionally, they were knitted flat then put on a wooden form and sewn together by hand, and that is exactly how we do our knit ties today. Most knit ties you can find on the market are knitted like a sock and they are a lot more flimsy than the texture and the weft of the old school quality knit ties. In terms of color, I suggest to leave behind the pastel colors and rather opt for something like bottle green, maybe a purple, or a bronze rust orange. Of course, you can also go with a tobacco brown, maybe a two-tone shade in cognac and dark charcoal or a yellow. Because they have more texture, you can combine them with casual outfits, maybe such as a cardigan or a sweater but you can also wear them with tweed coats which are very elegant and stylish and very seasonally appropriate.

Suede chukka boots

Suede chukka boots

3. Suede Boots

Now, boots are in general, ideal for fall because they are lined with leather most of the time and they are not super warm and at the same time, they keep you warmer than a regular pair of oxfords or derby shoes. I suggest you get them with a thicker leather sole and you can go with lace-ups. I personally think lace-ups are great with a suede shoe such as a chukka boot. Of course, you can also get different options such as a desert boot in a sand color. I think the most versatile one that you can incorporate into your wardrobe is a mid-brown, maybe a chestnut brown, and the suede just gives it a softer character. If you can only afford one pair of boots, I suggest you go with something burgundy because you can combine it with a suit, as well as all kinds of casual garments. Also, if you want to spice up the look of your boots, you can simply go with contrasting colored bootlaces because that way, it looks like an entirely new boot and you just invest a few dollars rather than having to buy an entirely new pair of boots. If you are not into lace-up boots, maybe you can consider a Chelsea boot which is a classic with an insert and to spice things up, you can maybe add a colored insert.

Navy pants, burgundy vest and tweed jacket - business casual in the fall

Navy pants, burgundy vest, and tweed jacket – business casual in the fall

4. Vest/Waistcoat

The term is used interchangeably and it just adds another layer to your outfit. Usually, it’s an odd vest meaning it’s a contrasting color and it just helps you to create entirely different looks into your existing wardrobe while keeping the budget very low.



5. Tweed Jacket/Sportcoat

If you follow the Gentleman’s Gazette regularly, you know that I love tweed. The beauty about tweed is that it’s comprised of lots of different colors and because of that, it may look like a solid from afar, but in fact, there are lots of different colors combined. Because of that, it is very easy for you to wear it with other colored garments and it always looks like it works really well together. For example, here I’m wearing what looks to be like a darker to medium brown tweed coat but the same color as the pants and it has just a beautiful warm depth of color, therefore, the overall outfit looks very harmonious, elegant, and seasonally appropriate for fall. Personally, I have over 12 tweed jackets. If you are just starting out, I suggest to get what is called a Donegal tweed which means there are little knobs all over the place in a contrasting color, or maybe with a simple oatmeal colored herringbone tweed because it’s a very popular pattern, it’s very classic, and you can combine it with lots of things.

Quilted tweed jacket with burgundy suede gloves

Quilted tweed jacket with burgundy suede gloves

6. Quilted Jacket

It is so great because it keeps you warm, at the same time it is lightweight and if you choose a length that covers your jacket, you could easily wear it on top without looking too formal. At the same time, you can wear it with casual outfits and you can just put it on when you go to the gas station or get some groceries. It is also lighter than an overcoat and easier to travel with. If you like something that is a little more formal, I suggest you get a trench coat with a removable interlining because that way, you can wear it during the warmer days of fall in the beginning, as well as during the colder ones later on.



You can see lots of 8-panel newsboy caps in Peaky Blinders

You can see lots of 8-panel newsboy caps in Peaky Blinders

7. Flat Cap

It is a wonderful hat. It keeps you warm, it is stylish, it can be worn by younger men, even teenagers, as well as older men, and it just has this typical seasonal appropriate character.it is also less formal than let’s say a fedora hat and therefore, it’s a very easy entry hat. They are also not very expensive and they are usually made out of tweed so they are easy to combine with other colors and it is just a wonderful addition to any fall wardrobe.



8. Wool Accessories

I know most of the time, ties are made out of silk and that is just fine; at the same time, maybe a pocket square in wool, or a tie, or a flat cap, simply helps you to create a softer look in your outfit that is very appropriate for fall or autumn. Unlike silk which is crispy and shiny, wool is softer, much more matte which makes it very suitable for fall outfits. If there will just be one wool item, I think every man should have, it is a woolen pocket square simply because it helps to balance the texture even if you have an entire closet full of silk ties. At the same time, it is less expensive than ties and so it is a great start if you don’t have any wool accessories yet.

9. Corduroy Pants

I know some people may think they make you look like an old professor in College or a school teacher, however, I think corduroy is wonderful for the fall season because first of all, it is very warm and just seasonally appropriate. Second, it has a very nice color scheme and because of the way the fabric is created, it has a different look in different light conditions and it helps to create a soft overall outfit that is much better during fall-winter than it is during spring summer. The great thing about corduroy is that it comes traditionally in lots of different colors, mostly earthy colors such as olive green, brown, tan, and that’s very easy to combine during the fall-winter season.

10. Pastel Dress Shirt

I know most men have white dress shirts but with a tweed coat, it is just too stark of a contrast. Instead, if you go maybe with an eggshell color, something with a pale orange, maybe a pale pink, or pale blue, it really helps to tie the outfit together and makes it softer; the contrast is still there and people would not automatically notice that it is not a white shirt but overall, it is much more harmonious-looking.



Sven Raphael Schneider in a Sweater

Sven Raphael Schneider in a V-neck Sweater

11. Lightweight Knitted Sweaters

Usually, you don’t need the heavy woolen cashmere sweaters until later in the season and so you want a finer knit just to help keep you warm, at the same time, you want to look stylish. Because the knit is thinner, you want them close to your body so it is a very flattering silhouette. If you want to wear a tie with it, it’s a great opportunity, just make sure you get a v-neck sweater because with a crew neck, it almost covers the entire tie knot and it is just a look that is not favorable. In terms of colors, stay clear of black and navy sweaters because they are simply too dark. Likewise, stay clear of very light and bright sweaters because they are just too bright and they don’t work with the rest of your fall wardrobe. Instead, go with maybe a burgundy sweater which is very versatile, maybe a medium blue, something in brown, oatmeal, bottle green, maybe orange. All these tones are really well with fall.



11 Must-Haves for Fall
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11 Must-Haves for Fall
Are you all set for the fall season? Check out these 11 items you should include in your fall wardrobe so you look dapper.
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  1. Daniel O'Neill says:

    As a newcomer to the style of a gentleman, these articles are great! You provide excellent information and I just wanted to say thank you!

  2. Matthew Babbage says:

    I find these articles helpful, refreshing and look forward to reading them. My job does not require a suit but I like to wear one several times each week the rest of the week I put together separates so it looks like I am always wearing something new.

    Thank you.

    • Jeffrey Williams says:

      Bwahahahahahahaha. I chuckled at your comment about looking like a schoolteacher. Some days I wear an ensembe as you have demonstrated, with a vest, jacket, bouttoniere, etc. Sometimes I wear khakis and boots with a Stetson hat. Not all of us appear like we just walked off the set of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Keep up the great work.

  3. Doctor Hix says:

    You may have written opposite to the fact, but, to show wearing a ‘white/cream coloured’ Cricket-sporting-style “V neck Hand-Knitted styled” jumper/sweater (incorporating another colour on the sleeve/on the body of the jumper/sweater) is just plain (completely) incorrect old chap! How do I know? 1. I’m English and used to play high-level standard Cricket (Cricket being the major sport/reason these jumpers/sweaters/cardigans were ‘used/incorporated/became a fashion statement’ for breaks in between bowling, a. mainly from waiting around in the field of play to bowl next, so that one did not become cold, due to the ‘sweating’ action induced from ‘usually’ fast seam bowling; b. or waiting in the ‘slips’ … a position on the cricket field … which requires one to remain warm, yet not overheat ~and ‘sweat’ too much, causing a possible chill in the lower back muscles when the action is at a more leisurely pace~ in case a sudden dive, jump or fast chase after a loose ball is then required; or c. the various colours or patterns on the Cricket sweater/jumper usually indicates which County or University one is representing, often accompanied by an emblem on the jumper itself … i.e. most British people would know about the “War of the Roses” and which County has adopted their chosen coloured Rose, as worn on the Cricket jumper of the County Player representing those Counties now, which has also made the colour system highly fashionable by individuals who represent their University, College or County, or even support (as a fan) such ‘institutions’. 2. My Father even represented England back in the 1950s/60s, so one knows when to wear the accompanying attire. The Cricket season has never been predominantly an Autumn (Fall, as is deemed ‘North American language’) sport. Only ‘World Tours’ to Australasia and other sub-tropical continents/countries (South Africa) due to TV monetization have ‘pushed’ the Cricket-look-jumpers/sweaters/cardigans into view, during this ‘typically, Off-Season” (pertaining to the Cricket jumper/sweater). With the Australian/South African climate being so warm at this time of year, as well, one would not tend to typically wear this type of thickly knitted look, right here and now. Therefore, old chap, I’m afraid you’ve missed ‘the ball’ on this fashion area. Other than that Sven, as always, an informative article. However, maybe for future reference, you don’t always have to be in as many photos as you try to be in (when just showing the correct ‘garment’ would have sufficed here). Also, I am afraid old chap, this type and colour of Cricket-styled jumper/sweater would not be appropriate with the colour of trousers being worn. Also, I take it you have ‘photo accreditation rights approval’ for when you use such photos as featured with, example, the ‘Peaky Blinders’ here in this article? How do you always easily obtain clearance on such iconic photos, as that, for instance, from Tiger Aspect Productions and Steven Knight with these types of pictures? I would love to know. Continued positive energy and abundance Sven. Keeping it cool, Doctor ‘Hix-in-the-Mix’®

    • Simon says:

      Wow, you really caught Sven out with all those fascinating cricket details. And then the double whammy with the line about getting rights off Tiger Aspect for photos from the tv show. You are very clever. Can you please explain to me what the English mean when they call someone a “pratt”?

  4. Dan Durham says:

    I enjoyed the video and found it filled with great ideas. If I could add one additional thing it would be a corduroy sports coat. They come in various colors and are easy to mix and match with jeans or dress pants.

  5. Christopher says:

    You lost me with those “flat” caps. One should never wear them unless one wants to look 90 years old. They just don’t look good on anyone.

  6. Alexander_F says:

    Got almost all of the checklist together. I guess my wardrobe should be fine for autumn. With terms to sweaters, I may add that dark purple is surprisingly versatile aswell while adding a little twist.

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