RegenePure Shampoo Review

RegenePure NT & DR Shampoo Review

Several months ago, I was approached by Scott Blaine Hoffman, the man behind RegenePure hair loss shampoos. Personally, I do not suffer from hair loss at all,  but as many men do from time to time,

I occasionally have issues with dandruff. Scott assured me that the natural quality components of his shampoo would not only make hair grow back but  also improve the existing hair and scalp so dandruff should be history from now on. Curious to learn whether his claims were true, Scott provided two bottles of his shampoo RegenePure NT & DR, which I will review today.

Using RegenePure NT

The first thing I noticed about the shampoo was the size of the bottles; at just 8 ounces, it would have been perfectly normal in Europe, but for a Made in the U.S.A. shampoo product it looked rather small. When I used RegenePure for the first time, I was surprised to see that its consistency was more viscous than regular shampoo, and it was a pale, clear blue.  More importantly, it had a distinct but mild smell that I cannot describe because it’s like nothing I have ever used before. Apparently, the shampoo does not contain any synthetic fragrances, so my nose is clearly unaccustomed to unadulterated or natural fragrances. It’s a pleasant, fresh smell that faded quickly after washing. While most store-bought shampoos foam strongly, RegenePure does not, which is likely due to the fact that is does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) a compound you find in most foaming products such as shampoo, toothpaste or shower gel. This is certainly a positive, as Ethylene oxide combined with SLES can result in the compound 1,4-dioxane–a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency known carcinogen. Furthermore, the following article also notes that SLES is connected to slowing the cycle of hair regrowth and prolongs hair loss, another good reason to avoid this chemical.

Apart from that, RegenePure features a range of ingredients that are all more expensive than what you find in other shampoos. For example, lecithin is derived from egg yolks and supposedly helps hair growth. It contains a saw palmetto extract, which has been medically recommended against pattern baldness in Europe. Further unusual components include Emu Oil, which helps to thicken the skin of your scalp and awakens dormant hair follicles according to a study by Michael Holick, M.D., Ph.D. Altogether, RegenePure seems to be made of more high quality oils and extracts than what you usually find. I am certainly not an expert on the matter, and so it is difficult for me to tell how important these extracts are. Hence, time to test it on my own scalp.

RegenePure NT & DR Hair Loss Shampoos

RegenePure NT & DR Hair Loss Shampoos

Personally, I leave the shampoo on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out. Overall, my hair feels clean and my wife has seen a reduction in little scaly spots, so that’s a good thing. So, overall, I think it is a good shampoo that does the job of keeping your scalp dandruff free. However at $20 a bottle, I would expect nothing less.

Hair Loss Shampoo RegenePure DR

The DR in the name stands for Doctor Recommended, and while this shampoo contains mostly the same ingredients as the Regenepure NT, its main difference is the 1 Ketoconazole concentration (maximum over the counter strength). This substance is a anti-fungal agent that is also effective in topical applications for treating seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. A Japanese study tested a 2% Ketoconazole concentration on mice and over a three week period they documented hair regrowth. After repeated tests, the efficacy of Ketoconazole as a hair growth stimulant was confirmed. So, although I personally did not test the shampoo for any hair regrowth, there seems to be scientific evidence that a 2% concentration of Ketoconazole can really help to regrow your hair.Also, based on the more than 170 reviews on Amazon, RegenePure DR helps bald men to grow hair back. Interestingly, a employee of Regenpure tried to leave a comment under this article without any form of disclosure, of course we deleted it.

Overall, it seems to me like it is worth a try, especially since $25 a bottle seems to be a low price to pay if you suffer from baldness. So, if you think you have some bald spots, you might want to give it a try and see how it works on your scalp.

If you want to learn more about the product, take a look at some youtube videos or go directly to the homepage of RegenePure.

What are your experiences with hair loss shampoo in general and RegenePure in particular?

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  1. G. P. Moore says:

    I’ve always had fine, thin hair; I’m caucasian, blonde. After a certain age, my hair became even more thin with more scalp showing at part-lines and a lot of hair falling out when I brushed it. I was told that was normal as we age. I started looking around for “remedies” to re-grow hair, and finally found a “no-poo” method of cleaning hair that was said to completely change the hair’s texture and volume. I’ve been using this method for two years now, and my hair is thicker, fuller, healthier, & much, much shinier than it’s ever been in my life–indeed, I no longer refer to my hair as being thin and fine at all AND I have no more hair-fallout than a child normally does. Several blogs & books give the no-poo recipe:

    Step One: 1 T. baking soda +1 c. water = pour through hair, scrub scalp & leave on while cleaning body;

    Step Two: 1 T. vinegar + 1 c. water = pour through hair, scrub scalp & rinse.

    Step Three: do not comb or brush hair while it is wet; allow hair to air-dry; comb or brush into style & you may need to slightly dampen a comb to have hair placed into a style.

    Hair will stay cleaner longer: I used to have to wash my hair daily & use multiple styling products after using commercial shampoo. I now use no styling products, & I need to wash my hair every 3 or 4 days.

    I’m a woman, so after allowing my hair to air-dry, I brush it, then use hot-rollers to style my hair.

    There is no vinegar smell afterward, hair smells fresh and clean.

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