Sean Crowley - Tie Collector Extraordinaire

Sean Crowley – Tie Collector Extraordinaire

Just a few minutes ago, I came across a video of tie collector Sean Crowley on Rose Callahan’s The Dandy Portraits, and I thought I definitely want to share it with you.Mr. Crowley is a tie collector and designer with a taste for unusual items. For example, just take a look at the grey-green checked suit he is wearing in the video – simply outstanding. However, one thing he is particularly into, is neckwear. He estimates to have about 3,000 ties, though that’s just a rough estimate. Obviously, for him it is not about showing off – it’s simply his passion.

The video shows us quite a bit of detail, which I very much enjoyed. It was made by the fabulous duo Rose Callahan & Kelly Desmond Bray from Rarebit Productions. They really understand how to purvey the style of Crowley and his apartment in their video clip- well done!

What do you think of his style?

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  1. Mike says:

    That’s pretty amazing. The style, the clothes, the interior. Even though the shoe and booze collection seems to me like some upper-class messy stuff, if you know what I mean. Like in a positive way.

    I, just like him, love to surround me with nice, old things, that have a story to tell. But of course not in those dimensions.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Corey Young says:

    This is really exciting! I’m on the “old stuff” vibe too! If Sean should ever decide to ebay some of his ties, I think I would probably spend alot of money trying to hoard away his things! Very nice article about a very interesting guy! Thanks for sharing this inspiration!

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