Coat with Pleated Back

Ralph Lauren Ivory Sportscoat With A Pleated Back

When it gets warmer outside, it’s time for summer materials like cotton and linen. That’s why I like to wear a sport coat made from a blend of these two materials in a panama weave, which is similar to a plain weave, only coarser. However, this time I will not focus on the texture of the fabrics, but rather on the back of the coat. It has a belted back and a deep ‘action’ pleat, which makes it really comfortable to wear. Take a look at the short video for a brief demonstration.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label summer coat

Ralph Lauren Purple Label summer coat

Shirt:  Lightweight, bold, white and green striped cotton with French cuffs (made by Sinsicalchi)

Cufflinks: Vintage amber cufflinks  (flea market find from Budapest, Hungary)

Coat: Off-white cotton/linen blend (made by Ralph Lauren Purple Label)

Pocket Square: Dark blue silk with pattern (manufacturer unknown)

Pants: Heavy linen in royal blue (made by Mario Caraceni)

Shoes: Brown leather 5 eyelet captoe oxford (made by Church’s on the Old 93 Last)

Hosiery: Lightweight, over-the-calf cotton sock (made by Gallo)

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