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10 Items of Clothing Every Man Should Own

In my experience, most men who want to dress better do not know where to start. Some have very little clothing, other have purchased a ton but it either doesn’t fit, looks weird or is outdated.
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How to put on cufflinks

How To Put On Cufflinks

Many men are intimidated by cufflinks since they don’t know how to wear them properly. Even if they know how to put on a pair of T-Bar cufflinks, they may struggle to put on a pair of chain cufflinks or fixed bar or snap cufflinks. Around the turn of the century, a valet would have taken care of that for you but today, you have to put them on yourself. Therefore, we created a video guide and article that shows you how to put on and wear all kinds of cufflinks, so you buy and wear them with confidence.

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Great Watches under $100

The Inexpensive Watch Guide

Let’s face facts. Not everyone can afford a $50,000 watch. Not everyone can afford a $10,000 watch. Not everyone can afford a $200 watch. That’s why, at Gentleman’s Gazette, we do our best to talk about products at various price points,
rather than just focusing on the most expensive products on the market, because we believe that style should not depend on how much money you have in the bank.

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