Donn Mason Underwear Review

Donn Mason Underwear Review

Several months ago I was contacted by Donn Mason, asking us to review some of their underwear, and since I had received several pairs of underwear from a different brand as well, I was curious to learn as to how the “classic luxury” Donn Mason underwear would perform in comparison. Shortly after that, I received a couple of pairs of underwear in the mail. The company has been in business since 2003 and lately they have been increasing their marketing efforts.

Donn Mason Boxer Short selection in woven fabrics

Donn Mason Boxer Short selection in woven fabrics

First Impressions

Unlike other boxer briefs I have bought in the past, Donn Mason´s arrived in a branded cardboard box with a big crest that read “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We all know this phrase and while it is a legitimate statement, I never quite understood what it had to do with their underwear. Was it because Donn Mason is not just your regular pair of underwear or that the box resembled a book? If so, the slogan would be appropriate for anything ranging from prosciutto to ties that come in a book box.

Donn Mason underwear right out of the box

Donn Mason underwear right out of the box

That aside, I received a white pair of trunks and a black pair of boxer shorts. Personally, I am not a great fan of boxer shorts and prefer to wear boxer briefs, which is just personal preference, and so Donn Mason generously sent me another pair of boxer brief underwear. Right out of the box, I was enamored with the soft touch of the fabric. None of my other cotton, spandex, modal, etc. pairs of underwear were so soft, and so I very much looked forward to testing them.

Material, Workmanship & Cut

On the Donn Mason website, the trunks and briefs fall in the category “Knits” in reference to the material. The advantage of knits is generally its greater flexibility but at the same time, they are more prone to pulling threads. The composition of the knit is 46% Modal, 46% cotton and 8% Spandex for elasticity. As I mentioned before, the feel was very pleasant and luxuriously soft. Plain cotton underwear can be crisp sometimes, but it is great in absorbing moisture while all polyester / artificial fiber underwear is smooth but can be  uncomfortable because it does not absorb moisture. Considering this, it seemed like a very good idea to combine the two materials to create the best of both worlds. The workmanship looked just fine, seams were straight, the soft edges on the inside were sewn with an overlock stitching machine and not scratchy at all. The waistband was flexible and snug without being too tight. All Donn Mason underwear is made in the US, but as I pointed out in the past – there is a great variety of what made in the US means. My wife positively remarked on the cut of the trunks and so overall, I was very pleased with the underwear right out of the box.

White Donn Mason knit trunks

White Donn Mason knit trunks

Now, if I had written a review right then, I would have wholeheartedly recommended them even though the price tag of $32 is certainly more upscale. However, at the Gentleman’s Gazette, we pride ourselves on the depth of our reviews, which means that we test our products rigorously rather than just writing unbridled praise about whatever product we receive. In the case of Donn Mason underwear that meant that these pairs became part of my underwear rotation and so they underwent the same washing machine, laundry detergent, and dryer routine as all the other boxer briefs and trunks in my collection. Interestingly, the caring instructions on the label ask to machine wash only on cold, without bleach and to tumble them dry. Personally, I think underwear should be washed warm or hot for sanitary reasons, but to be fair, most underwear on the market says machine wash cold because a garment will last longer and lose less color compared to when it is washed on warm or hot. As a base line, my other underwear has performed just fine being washed at warm despite the label machine wash cold care label.


About three months into the testing process, I noticed some pilling of the fabric, especially in the around the thighs and in the crotch area. These areas experience the largest amount of friction, and so it was just logical to see pilling issues in this area first, however, I was a bit disappointed to see pilling so early in the process, especially since I have underwear that was much older and showed virtually no pilling. The reason for the issue is  the modal fabric. It is extremely soft, resilient, fade-resistant and as I already pointed out, one of the most comfortable underwear materials besides silk or cashmere. When I contacted Donn Mason about the pilling issue, they fully admitted, that Modal is prone to pilling but as a company they decided advantage of the soft touch was worth the pilling. Considering that underwear is very private, I can totally see their point. Nevertheless, it is something that will continue to deteriorate over time, so it is only fair to mention that you have to expect pilling from underwear that contains Modal. That means I would not recommend this underwear for more public use, such as at the gym.

Pilling because of Modal

Pilling because of Modal


Six months into the test I noticed a large hole in one of my white Donn Mason trunks. The hole was 5.5″  (14cm) long and rendered the underwear basically unwearable. I contacted Donn Mason about it and sent them pictures. According to them, they only had one other quality complaint in years. Maybe I just had bad luck, maybe I am harder on my underwear than others, or maybe it’s just like with the biting dog that “has never done that before”. Considering, I never really experienced it, and I take their word it was probably just bad luck. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned in this review because a whole after six months in a $32 piece of underwear is simply unacceptable. Now, mistakes happen, and it matters more about how the company reacts to it. In my case, Donn Mason apologized and offered to have it sent back to them on their dime so they could investigate it further. Now that’s good customer service, and I am sure they would provide me with a new one.

Big Hole after just 6 months

Big Hole after just 6 months


Just as I was about to send them the trunks with the big hole in it, I noticed a loose thread in my black pair of Donn Mason trunks. I don’t know what caused it, but it is certainly not good if that happens after just a little over six months. Now, of course, that could be another incidence of bad luck, it seems like quite a coincidence that I am only one of two people in years that experiences quality issues and then it is not just one incident but two. Again, I am sure they take it back and send me a new pair, so the customer service is excellent, and they stand by their product, but there still seem to be some quality issues, at least that’s what I experienced with Donn Mason. I will send them both pairs and see what they have to say.

Donn Mason trunk with loose thread in the front

Donn Mason trunk with loose thread in the front


The Donn Mason knit underwear is extremely soft, made in the USA and features a flattering cut. Due to the soft modal material used, they are very comfortable but at the same time, you will experience pilling after just a few months that will deteriorate over time. The big hole and loose thread I experienced could have been some lemons though I can only report on what I experienced and it seems to me as if there are some quality issues. The Donn Mason customer service is very responsive and willing to send out replacement underwear, however at $32 I expect a good pair of underwear not just replacements after six months, because it requires work on the customers end to send the pieces back and as we all know time is money – for some it may not even be worth the hassle to spend 30 mins to pack it and send it back via UPS because they could earn more in the meantime.

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What are your experiences with underwear in terms of quality, softness, and durability? What is your favorite underwear brand?

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Donn Mason Underwear Review
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  1. Raul says:

    My one and only underwear since its debut in 1997 is the white Hom H01 maxi.
    Great fit and comfort, great cotton quality, great longevity (it lasts years before beginning to show wear). Wil not change as long as they will continue to make it.

  2. Katherine says:

    I apologise in advance in case a question would sound too personal, but could you specify how often have you been wearing it. It seems to me, that it is common sense that the more extra underwear you have ( for instance if you wear the sample trunk once a week) the longer each piece will last.

  3. Mario van Grieken says:

    I can well recommend the underwear from an Australian brand, called Bonds. I have several tight boxers of them and they stay soft and in good shape after many times in the washing machine.

  4. Ifan Lamb says:

    Hi there, I read this with interest, as I have been looking for good underwear for so long. I am sick and tired of generic composite stretchy underwear. I would like to find someone that makes tailored, cotton button underwear, that fits, lasts, and feels natural. Not boxers, or briefs, but proper fitted shorts. If anyone out there knows any wear, please let me know.

  5. Chris says:

    I recently tried all cotton boxers (I prefer them) from Façonnable. Wonderful fit, great prints and very nice, smooth cotton.

    That said, my Target brand knit boxers are going strong two years in.

  6. Will Kea says:

    I used to be briefs guy then moved to boxer briefs for the extra room staying away from the boxers religiously. I then took a chance at Brooks Brothers and bought a pair of their $25 broad cloth white boxers and my bias melted. I have had them for over 6 months and add a pair every couple of months to build up a solid rotation. Now I exclusively ware Brooks Brothers broad cloth white Boxers. I wash them on warm and dry them on the permanent press cycle. I find the linen cotton feel very comfortable and have no issues with excessive moisture. I am very hard on my underwear but to be fair, I used to be a Hanes or Fruit of the Loom guy based totally on price. Consequently the concept of being hard on underwear may not be very realistic since the material quality is on the low end to begin with. My advice is to pick up a pair for yourself and test them out but be sure to get the broad cloth not the pin point cloth which is much thicker and akin to wearing a pin point, button-down shirt next to your skin.

  7. Alec says:

    Palmers from Austria is the only way to go. There is clearly demand for better products in the US – it appears that Palmers is opening a store on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Hopefully, they will carry the men’s products.

    In the past six months, I have tried many different run of the mill alternatives to the higher end stuff – mostly bought at costco. At an average price of 3 pieces for around $18, you get what you pay for with Calvin, Champion and so on.

  8. leonard roger gresham jr says:


  9. R. Scott Purdy says:

    Zimmerli. Their fabric is exquisite. I wear UnderArmor boxer briefs when I workout at the gym.

  10. Burtonwode says:

    Firstly….can I just say…I have no idea who Big Fan is….but thank you!! As for what makes them so special? I’ll try and keep it brief (pun intended). – custom printed designs in UK mill – softened in two ways for A peach handle – UK Stitched – unique box for each print design. We try to look after the little details (eg label on the outside to avoid itchyness etc.)

    I’d be happy to donate a pair to put to the test!! We only do wovens though…..

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