Vintage Evening Wear

Vintage Evening Wear Black Tie and White Tie with evening overcoats 1920

The wearing of evening clothes implies nothing more among people of social standing or inclination than the desire to be clean, neat, and as attractive as possible when they meet for social purposes.

Vogue’s Book of Etiquette 1925

Vintage is For Clothes Lovers

This section of the Tuxedo & Black Tie Guide is intended for stylists, academics and perfectionists who wish to understand or recreate the minutest detail of historic evening wear. Euphemistically speaking, it is the course material for a Master of Black Tie degree. Pragmatically, it is a repository for the copious background information I have gathered during my years of research that, while fascinating to enthusiasts, had to be excluded from the History section to keep the average reader from lapsing into a sartorial coma.

The material initially included here is the most relevant for supplementing the Guide’s primary sections. Because the remaining information is so extensive yet pertinent to so few people it will only be posted in response to reader requests or personal caprice.

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Vintage Evening Wear
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Vintage Evening Wear
Want a Masters degree in black tie? This is the section for you. Here we focus on vintage period black tie from various decades and pay extra attention to details.
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