Pitti Uomo 87

Pitti Uomo 87

Once again it is Pitti time, and this year men are probably even more colorful than last year. Nevertheless, if you look back at last year’s winter coverage you will probably realize that not many men actually wear most of the outfits seen in Florence twice a year. Read more

Pitti Uomo 86

Pitti Uomo 86 Street Style – Day I

It’s once again time for some outfits from Pitti Uomo 86. If you would like to see more pictures from Pitti Uomo, please click here. Just like in the past, we subdivided the outfits into 3 categories: Young(er)men, Seasoned Gentlemen and Pitti Peacocks. Read more

Pitti Uomo 85

Pitti Uomo 85 – Wearable Looks & Outfits

Many comments from our last Pitti article asked for pictures of more subdued outfits.  So, we put together a series of exclusive pictures taken by Miguel Viera for the Gentleman’s Gazette, accompanied by the usual commentary. Read more

Pitti Uomo Looks 85

Pitti Uomo 85 Outfits

It’s time again, as we always do, to share some photos of men’s outfits from Pitti Uomo. Most things have been said or written about the event, so I will simply refer you to our past posts. Read more

Pitti Uomo 84 Street Style

Pitti Uomo 84 Street Style – Summer 2013

It’s time again for our Pitti Uomo street style coverage. This summer, double breasted suits and blazers in pastel colors with patch pockets seem to be rather en vogue. Also, many lapels are growing Read more