Ways To Lace Shoes - The Derby Shoe

Ways To Lace Shoes – The Derby Shoe

Last week, we showed you How To Lace Oxfords the Proper Way, and today we’ll show you a video of how to lace Derby Shoes but there is actually quite a wide range of ways to lace and tie your shoelaces. According to renowned shoe lacing expert Ian Fieggen, there are almost two trillion ways to lace a shoe using just six pairs of eyelets! Read more

Crockett Jones Factory Visit

Crockett & Jones Shoes and Factory Tour

Crockett & Jones ‘Makers of the Finest English Leather Shoes’ – no small boast, but certainly C&J’s claim is one to be examined seriously. This famous shoe company’s long history has been distinguished by royal patronage, Read more

Hallmarks of a well made quality shirt

The Dress Shirt Guide – Making & Hallmarks of a Quality Shirt

While menswear is not immune to the natural evolution and cyclical nature of the fashion industry and its trends, there are a few wardrobe essentials that have endured the test of time and are actually reaping the benefits of a revivalist Read more

Karl-Edwin Guerre from Guerreisms

Guerreisms Karl-Edwin Guerre Interview

Style can be very different, and to reveal the extent of the variety out there, I recently profiled are Mark Seitelman, and today I’ll further introduce Karl-Edwin Guerre from Guerrisms. Read more